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MAY 27, 2012 11:37AM

"I don't feel like a hero."

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Peace has never been as popular as war. Few are those who openly question the reasoning for going to war, few are those who do not openly question the need for peace. Some even just give up, calling war merely a fact of life like a Spring rainstorm. But war is very much manmade and thus very much optional.

Memorial Day is a time false patriotism gushes from all quarters. If you wish to call yourself a supporter of your country then you must support what helps your country to survive. War profiteering, summary executions and baseless invasions are the hallmarks of the downfall of a paranoid and corrupt society. That would be us! Blowing sunshine up someone's ass doesn't make you a patriot.

Polling for our Afghan war is at an all time low. Lip service is paid to an exit timetable to keep the gullible and willfully ignorant at bay. We've staked ourselves to the idea that war somehow magically makes us safe and at this point I think most people are terrified at the prospect of peace, that we'd then be doing "nothing" to protect ourselves. Of course, the best way to protect yourself is to not be going around the world fucking people over. Just a thought.

America does not want to admit she has been wrong. Wrong to wage her wars in the Middle East. Wrong in her stated motivations. Wrong in the blood she has put on her hands. A price will be paid for that. For as long as the lie is allowed to continue the more it will consume us: more war, more bills, more denial. It's not enough to say "I don't support the way this war is going." We must say we support peace at all costs.

When is comes to the human costs we find who are supporters and who are users. Some of the most vocal "supporters" are nothing more than predators on the backs of veterans like blood-sucking demons. A soldier's life means nothing to them. Better a dead soldier than to admit their god of war to be wrong. And that is why it is so very painful to their facade to see actual veterans they claim to "support" spit in the face of that false god.

Veterans symbolically discard service medals at anti-NATO rally

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Nearly 50 U.S. military veterans at an anti-NATO rally in Chicago threw their service medals into the street on Sunday, an action they said symbolized their rejection of the U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some of the veterans, many wearing military uniform shirts over black anti-war t-shirts, choked back tears as they explained their actions. Others folded an American flag while a bugle played "Taps," which is typically performed at U.S. military funerals.

"The medals are supposed to be for acts of heroism. I don't feel like a hero. I don't feel like I deserve them," said Zach LaPorte, who served in Iraq in 2005 and 2006.

LaPorte, a 28-year-old mechanical engineer from Milwaukee, said he enlisted in the Army at 19 because he felt there were few other options. At the time, he could not afford to stay in college.

"I witnessed civilian casualties and civilians being arrested in what I consider an illegal occupation of a sovereign nation," LaPorte said.


"There's no honor in these wars," said Villatoro, before he threw away his medals. "There's just shame."

Could you ever imagine our President ever saying there's no honor in our wars? Or any politician? Some say the government is not listening to the people when we do not pull out of a poorly polling war but that's not true. No one who stands for truth and peace can be elected in this day and age. We'd shoot him down - both literally and figuratively. Below are some samples of comments to the above article, all of whom who consider themselves patriots I'm sure.

Shout and cheer and call them heroes if you want. Or, if you'd rather, put your selfishness aside and listen to what they have to say instead.

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heroes don't lie

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We now resume our regularly scheduled shooting.
I commented on that article, too, on Yahoo.

To the people saying they didn't know any vets who thought like that, I pointed out that they wouldn't. Because those vets don't join the VFW and the legion. They don't hang out with other vets, as a rule, because they want to forget about their time there and what they did. To them, these aren't "glory days."

I pointed out my own experience of being raped. I don't tell anyone about being in the military because I don't want to be thanked for my service. MY service consisted of putting two rapists in jail. I can't imagine if I had actually had to kill a civilian. This was bad enough.
I think it's disgraceful that you pasted in that phony Afghan or Arab child victim of Islamist/Taliban militias into your defeatist post trying to give the impression that Amerikan forces did that. Amerikan forces don't do that kind of thing you liar! You are a disgrace and a traitor Harry and you will be tried for defeatist/negative thinking...wink
I think a lot of people were being disingenuous in their statements, phyllis. They are in the wrong, they know they are in the wrong and they live in constant fear of exposure.

CA, you will never be as clever as you hope you are.
CG, I channel surfed onto the ending of the Dirty Dozen movie Friday night. Realized war movies would be all over the tube this weekend. Good guy violence vs. bad guy violence ... the thrill of watching the jingoistic kill. War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. "Security", "American interests" have been stretched to give cover for gratuitous (a/k/a profiteering) mass homicide and genocide. There was such talk years ago about communism's dominoes. It is the US/NATO knocking over dominoes! I just saw the statistics on a Bill Moyers segment on torture, how many US Dems and Repubs approve of torture and we are talking about was it 70% for DEMS and my jaw dropped to the floor. WTF? We live in a spiritual dark age that continues to darken. Heart of darkness age. Was it Bill Naiman who proclaimed in an article about those noble vets returning their medals in Chicago that with 2 million vets now in the US reality will begin to seep into what passes for a global American identity, apparently mostly exceptional and denying collective EGO now behind our identity and very little awakened communal heart. thanks for this. antidote to memorial day weekend war porn! best, libby
Thanks, Libby. I thought it was a beautiful gesture by the vets. True heroes keep an open mind to the truth instead of running away from it like most of the American populace. I enjoyed your piece on the NATO protests as well.
Quite frankly Harry, I agree.

America is an empire just like the rest.
And empire that needs constant conquest to keep the revenue flowing in the keep the vast bureaucracy afloat.
The facts the American military bases are located near ports, rivers, and other strategic sites has meaning and relevance.
I saw a comparison of a map of the British, Roman, and America empire.
The view was stunning.
Same ole, same ole.
Pointing out problems and truths is what we write for, isn't it??
Even if it is ugly and hard to admit.
Mission, we are a teetering empire who won't admit it until we finally fall. Great plan, huh?