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DECEMBER 3, 2012 1:50AM

Robert Greenwald Is A Traitor!

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Bunch of selfish assholes who don't understand
what it takes to achieve world peace.

Robert Greenwald's latest ravings are titled "U.S. Drone Strikes Are Causing Child Casualties". To which I can only say, DUH!" It's war! You get to kill all the kids you want! Oh, I know there's some sort of stupid, childish Geneva Convention restrictions but that's for pussies and this war is not like any war before so all rules are off!

Besides, joysticks kills are kinda fun!

Of course, the only people digging up these facts are troublemakers and muckrakers. Truth is not a requirement for morality, jerkwad! Start upsetting folks and it takes away our will to murder. Then where would we be?? You'll be singing a different song when angry terrorists come crawling through your window! Those are our two choices. Which one you gonna pick, smart ass??

I'll also have you know Mr. High And Mighty that I happen to be an impeccable liberal! I once handed out flyers in the '68 Kennedy campaign. Wanna argue with those bona fides?? I thought not, Johnny come lately! So I know a liberal when I see one and if our President sees fit to blow somebody to pieces that's fine with me! Jesus take note, there's a new sheriff in town! Denigrating a man who's bringing peace and stability to the world is simply not responsible.

A new hero to save us! We get to stay greedy!

People like to paint us lefties as weak on terror but fortunately there's many like me who are pragmatic enough to realize principles have no place in today's world. You can only have principles as long as everyone else does, moron! Just as soon as we get these terrorists back in line we can start giving a shit again about personal freedom and other optional constitutional rights. Habeas corpus is for losers! Suspend it or we die!

Sadly, there are a few misguided souls who believe we actually cannot kill our way to victory (worked in WWII and Vietnam, assholes!) and they make these ludicrous arguments that Americans aren't upset about the drone strikes because no one cares about Arab children. Oh, pshaw! Hypocrites we are not! We deeply regret the death of any child in the world and we're just as willing to sacrifice our eight-year-olds as we are foreign eight-year-olds.

Just ask any American! He'll tell you right off that if some inconvenient kids are around when a terrorist is targeted for termination (love the cool military jargon!) then bombs away! And he'd be just as passionate and willing if it were his own child to be blown to smithereens. He'd march right over to that first grade class, pull little Susie out and proudly proclaim, "I'd gladly trade her for a terrorist to be named later to keep America free!"

Americans love a winner! Patton told me so!

Feeling postively gay about the war!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, I beseech you. Surely you too have a small child as a relative and I call upon your patriotic heart today to prove your love for this great country and list the name of a child you'd sacrifice. This is war, no time for wussing out! It's not like you gotta kill the brat. Just give us a name and show us some of your American guts! Yee haw!

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