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FEBRUARY 13, 2013 4:11AM

Debby Is No Friend Of Mine

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Debby Is No Friend Of Mine,
No Friend Of Mine,
No Friend Of Mine,
Debby Is No Friend Of Mine,
"With you I can't be fine!"

Debby Is A Friend Of Yours,
A Friend Of Yours,
A Friend Of Yours,
Debby Is A Friend Of Yours,
"My tongue will lick your spurs!"

Debby Is No Friend Of Hers,
No Friend Of Hers,
No Friend Of Hers,
Debby Is No Friend Of Hers,
I Took The Needle From Her Purse.

Debby Is No Friend Of Mine,
No Friend Of Mine,
No Friend Of Mine,
Debby Is No Friend Of Mine,
"With you I can be fine!"


She crawled slowly from her room to find footsteps on the moon.

"There's no getting away...there's no getting away..."

She painted lipstick smile clown upon her wedding goon.

"Cover your dismay...cover your dismay..."

Her killer drove through the night to make his presence soon.

"I must run away...I must run away..."

Insect rabid roaches gnaw her gold festoon

"I'm too sick to say...I'm too sick to say..."

Before the killer's cup of life she did fairly swoon.

"Death's the only way...death's the only way..."


Reynolds swept his second floor apartment balcony nude and completely erect in the chilly wind. Mrs. Johnson pulled into the parking lot with her daughter. They noticed Reynolds right away as they made their way up the stairs.

"Good evening, Mr. Reynolds. Feeling a bit randy, are we?"

"The chilly weather drives me out, sure enough. Thank God it's not like the old days when we had to hide everything."

"Yes, indeed! Liberté! Liberté! The past has gone away."

"I heard they finally demolished the last prison. I shudder to think of them!"

"My daughter Annette had a role in "The Funny Money Play". She says she can hardly believe it was ever true!"

"Ah, you mean the play where people cut up pieces of paper and pretend they're worth something - even to the point of killing one another!"

Annette was adamant: "There's no way to survive that! They wouldn't even let children eat. The monsters!"

"It happened, my dear, it happened. It was a holocaust of souls."

"I just don't understand it. Why would people do that to themselves? Why not be free?"

"They did not believe they could be free, not realizing that only that belief imprisoned them. Mad times, certainly."

"I sure am glad I live now! Dishonesty is no one's friend."

"We all are! Those who made an enemy of truth are gone forever. Time cleanses all."

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