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cheshyre grin

cheshyre grin
Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come
January 01
The One True
An ill-favoured thing, sir, but mine own.
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NOVEMBER 13, 2009 9:54PM

I Know Why You Love Me

I know how eager everyone is to bestow the title "Mahatma" (great soul) upon my name, but dear ones, I know why you love me.

Because I'm always funny 24/7

Because I'm cute and can write
songs as well as the Bee Gees

Because I'm an uber hot sex toy

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NOVEMBER 10, 2009 7:26PM

Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

On this day in 1975, The SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior, taking all 29 aboard to the bottom, never to see the light of day again. Gordon Lightfoot immortalized the sinking in his song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. His words are accurate and the story… Read full post »
I know what's chic. I know what sells. I know what makes the crowd cheer in holy confirmation. You want a Political Answer. You want a Military Answer. You want an Economic Answer. You want an Answer To The World!

You ca-an't have it!

You want a leader you can… Read full post »

Oliver Cromwell, ass kicker

On Tuesday, 30 January 1649, Charles I was beheaded. England stood kingless and declared a republic ruled by parliament. Yippeeee!! Power to the people! The world is fixed!

Well, sorta. See, no cure can be implemented for assholes. (Since you say you don't believe/…

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The seas have been stormy lately, reflecting darkly black clouds moving in from the horizon. So as I have done in the past, I sought solace in the Japans, the land of dreams. The year is in its twilight as was the day I visited. I met with oldRead full post »
NOVEMBER 5, 2009 1:36AM

"Dear World", A Letter From God

Dear World,

I never said:

to put poison in your air, land and water

money was a necessary concept

to believe in religion

to invent Republicans

dreams are unimportant

not to pass HR676 and provide unconditional care

that Harry wasn't an idiot

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NOVEMBER 3, 2009 1:57AM

A Small Smile at the Shelter Today

Hey, wassup?

Normally, I don't let my feelings show around here. Too many people with too much bullshit on their minds looking to fuck things up. But even in the world I live in are Moments of Mercy and I was in one, settled halfway across the break room divan,/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 2, 2009 2:31AM

The Curious Case Of Lt. James O'Neal

Honor. Duty. Commitment. Those are words the military likes to throw around - have to if you're going to kill people in the name of justice. But like everything else, it's just a respectable facade for dirty deeds. We think God is just really dumb, I suppose. But it's half… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 1, 2009 2:30AM

From A Butterfly's Wings Drops An Haiku

Jailed man's angry voice
Vainly shakes God's iron bars
While cell door unlocked


 Angry artist paints
Mona Lisa on the moon;
Humanity lost.

Broken gate still down,
Twenty years ago, same way;
As this end of days?

Moon Man's victory! 
Prisoner is free at last!
Until first boner.
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OCTOBER 29, 2009 6:25AM

Rashomon: The Human Condition

As I ponder the world today, I think of all the insanity I see.  From a million homeless children in America to billions of lives lived in hopeless de facto serfdom to even seeing this displayed here at OS:


These are two obvious scams that we see, shrug and pass… Read full post »

OCTOBER 25, 2009 8:25PM

Are We Blind To What's Happening?

We all know...

it's wrong to base a society on greed
(but we have to cater to our idea of human nature!)

it's wrong not to allow people to work
(but we must never change our system!)

it's wrong to murder families around the world
(but we haveRead full post »

OCTOBER 16, 2009 4:11PM

The Flower In The Battlefield

A truce had been called in the Neverending War. But like anything written on paper but not in men's hearts it held only the value of its ink. The two sides faced off against one another in Grand Illusion, suffering under the pretended peace that starved their war lust… Read full post »
OCTOBER 14, 2009 7:35AM

Mind Scribbles

Why Wall Street always wins:

Pleasing herself, little Suzy brought the last slice of cake to her sister - though having had none herself. No one told her to, no one taught her to. She just did it because she wanted to, a natural human instinct.

Suzy's mother, however,… Read full post »

I read about this lunacy of Bible editing over at HuffPo and marveled at how once again true life has trumped even the best satirical minds. It's just difficult to make one sink so low and to think so little of one's fellow man. Is it possible to underestimate a/… Read full post »

Defeat The Press

I try to stay away from TV talk shows. It might be different if everyone were drugged with truth serum beforehand - or at least drunk - so we could hear the true unfiltered voices within. Instead we get some really finely polished bullshit delivered in tailored suits and/…

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OCTOBER 2, 2009 1:41PM

Would You Speak If You Were God?

Elmer sat on his front porch forlorn and stroking his shotgun. He didn't get to fire his gun "no more" and that cut him to the core. Each day he pined away for his glorious shotgun blasts of the past, the "only times I done felt alive." But no… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 7:16PM

Harry Jumps Off The Nakatomi Plaza Tower

"I'm sick of you people! I'm sick of this world! I'm sick of me! I'm sick of everything! It's not going to end - not now or ever! You people got no clue what's in store for you. You're gonna lie to yourselves till the end. Well, have at… Read full post »

Mountain winds blow cold,
Frozen snow in midday sun,
Fingers touch the sky.

It's buried deep within the human psyche now but there were two types of power in the Ancient Days of our fragile formation. The most obvious was the military - but that was for external security. For internal security, life was held in the communal granaries. Back then, famine… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 9:26PM

She Found A Way Out

First she rang me, then she found a way out. To the paramedics in the ambulance she was just another overfed, suburban housewife taking pills for thrills. They didn't know her dreams had died or the wondrous soul she brought into this world, they didn't know who she was atRead full post »
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SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 3:01PM

For Yom Kippur, OS Atones

First Check out the Most Viewed Feed:


Not one zombie on there!!!!  *takes bow*

But also check this:

That would be me in the Number 1 spot, back and badder than ever!  However, switch to the 4 hour view and the post falls to page… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 1:20PM

Yom Kippur: The Judas Touch

John was the wild man who always did his own thing. Fucking fearless, a man of unconventional wisdom. Many are those in this world who first look to their fellow man to know what to think, feel and even what to wear. John did none of those. He explored… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 12:15PM

She Rang Me

She rang me today. I wondered why my heart raced when I heard the phone. It was that magical feeling of the old days. I fought it back, admonishing myself for wishful thinking from a simple ring. But my instincts had proven right.

It was Her.

Panicked to the… Read full post »

"Damn, Harry, you sher do put alotta work in that bloggin o' yours! They pay you much for that?"

That was Negative Ned speaking and he wasn't driving towards a compliment. Everybody knew where he was going with it as I could already hear the snickers. I also knew… Read full post »
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