APRIL 9, 2009 11:32PM

What Raised This Up (erratica)

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When the pieces of the outburst 

have all settled on the floor

and the echo of the shouting 

isn’t ringing anymore

That’s when it’s time to wonder

if there’s any gain at all 

in screaming into empty space 

and flailing at the wall

What brought this on

what raised this up

what sort of trap was set?

A trigger loaded years ago

came to collect its debt

A line in stone

a line in sand

in water then in air

If only all the injury 

could have been sent there

but here it is trapped far too deep 

for any quick excision

Again a violent storm’s blown up

to darken and blur vision

When does it end

when will it mend 

when is the story finished?

Another day, a better one

but in a life diminished









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read it, it's a poem

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Very powerful, hatchetface. Thanks for posting it.
I really like this one - what a wonderful, touching poem! Great work.
Ok, so I read it, understood it, enjoyed it, related to it (sadly) and now I am commenting. I think I may be on to something...
Better red than read, no wait, better read by a yellow dog than red by, hold on, it's better to read by red light, forget it. (thanks)

Thanks Coyote. I regard my poems as filler in between "real" posts. I guess practice makes...marginally better.

April showers, that's how it works. Keep at it!
Filler? Like vermiculite (hydrated laminar magnesium-aluminum-ironsilicate)? Or Styrofoam™ peanuts (don't you just love those at the ball game)?

Cool new avatar by the way.
There's both magnesium and aluminum in vermiculite? Who knew? (Don't breathe the dust) People eat styrofoam at ball games? Wow , I've been living in a cave! I'll bet the profit margin is huge on a lahj budded pup-con or whatever they're calling it. ; )
Pup-con! I just spewed my coffee.
ouch. I remember this.
Hey Coyote, glad I could help. Pup-con is pissah with lotsa buddah!

Hey SciChi, Which of the hundreds of screaming and breaking shit episodes are you recalling?
Oh ayuh, wickid pissah!
They're each too special in their own way to recall just one. :)