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December 31
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OCTOBER 24, 2011 2:31PM

Meet Ginger! Our Second Rescue Animal of the Week!

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 Meet Ginger or Ginger Pye as mom, Kathy Knox, lovingly calls her. Ginger was rescued with her sister Gracie. The two sisters were found living on the streets of Houston, Texas.

When Ginger and Gracie came home, it was already a full house and they were greeted by two other rescue dogs, Sparky and Rosie and several feral cats. Sadly, a few of the dogs have since passed away, but Ginger is still a happy girl and loves playing with her kitty friends. Every morning, first thing, Ginger goes to the patio door to see if the cats are there.

Though Ginger is getting older, she is still very energetic and sometimes acts like a puppy! She loves to go for walks.

Ginger is definitely a mixed breed, and though mom doesn't know for sure, she suspects she might be a corgi mix with probably a little chow because she has black markings on her tongue. Ginger is a real sweetheart.


Her mom describes her as funny and quirky and loved by all who meet her. Ginger doesn't only love socializing with dogs and cats. She even made friends with a calf when she and mom visited a local farm!

 Photos courtesy of Kathy Knox

At The Veggie Stand, we're creating a new weekly feature “Rescue Animal of the Week.” If you (or any of your friends) would like your pet to be our next Rescue Animal of the Week, please provide us with the following information by emailing it to me at HRH@TheVeggieStand.com

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Love the picture of the cats and the dog and you for doing this..
Its not such a Manic Monday when Hayley is around..:)
Haha, thanks! Thanks Linda! I have fun doing it I'm glad you appreciate it! :)