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December 31
I was born when Halley’s Comet last appeared overhead and named accordingly. Since then, I've become a writer, artist, and columnist. In addition to Open Salon, my work appears frequently in The Huffington Post, All Things Healing, Gender Across Borders: A Global Feminist Blog, and several other publications. I blog daily at my site HayleysComments.com I recently published my first book, "I Know Why They Call a Shell a Shell." The book is about domestic violence, a topic that I am very vocal about. It chronicles my journey away from tumultuous love affairs by weaving stories of her past with stories from literature, music, and visual art of both modern and classical significance. Find me on Twitter @HRoseStudios


FEBRUARY 8, 2013 2:53AM

Kick Me in the Balls?

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Ya, so I will be using my new blog Happily Never After to post ridiculous things I find on online dating profiles as well as some stories about my own dating disasters (and believe me, I have plenty of those).... Thank God I have a good sense of humor. Though I'm another year older which means I'm about thirteen eggs dryer and still single with no prospects or knights in shining armor on the horizon, past the horizon or even beyond the horizon when I'm viewing it through binoculars. I try to laugh about these things. Ha. Ha. Aren't they hilarious? Anyways....


This guy is pretty funny. Below is an excerpt from his Plenty of Fish Profile.


Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.45.03 AM


Hmmm. I believe we (you and I) read that right... That this man is indeed seeking a nice lady to "hit him in the balls."  You learn something new every day don't you? According to him, "Yes, people are into that." Who am I to judge? Thinking about it for a moment, I've come to realize there are lots of guys I'd like to hit in the balls!!!

Below is a picture he posted of himself. Since the picture is lacking a face, I am not particularly sure if he specifically is one of those guys I'd love to punch in the balls, but I figure after a few dates with him, I could easily change my mind...


Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.46.48 AM


Below I've also posted an extended view of his profile. It says he doesn't have children. Well thank God for that one... Besides I'm thinking ball injuries could impair one's ability to produce little ones. I'm not a medical doctor, so I can't say for sure, but it's certainly a shame, how guys can be so careless while women like me are forced to watch our finite supply of eggs slowly progress towards the negative...


Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.41.26 AM


So what are your thoughts on this?


More to come-in the meantime pick up a paperback copy of my first book "I Know Why They Call a Shell a Shell: Tales of Love Lost at Sea" is now on sale for $9.99 ! Get your copy today by following this link.



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I don't know Hayley, I don't like to make fun of people. I know it is pretty ridiculous what some people ask for but in this information age that is what we are finding...people have kinky ideas. When you get deep into people you find out why they are the way they are. Instead of putting them out for ridicule I would like to see you get to know them and find out what makes them tick. They could become good friends or at least teach you something.
hey girl, how long has it been since you had a really good adventure in bed, anyway?
hey, not trying to be defensive or sarcastic or anything. if you hate guys so much, you could always try it with a woman.
ps I tried one of those snarky comment things in my blog once against open salon women. I admit, that was a mistake.
Takes all kinds to move the world! OUCHIE!! :D
Z wasn't making fun of him per se- just presenting something that is not of the mainstream in a comical light

vzn- I'm mad at an ex bf right now- didn't mean for it to be aimed at the entire male species LOL
and HOW LONG has it been since you were with the exBF? get out and enjoy life girl =) ... heck you remind me of my sig other who still talks about her bfs.... geeez man
a week ago- maybe I will use that in my next post...