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JANUARY 14, 2009 10:02AM

Keith Olbermann's Mama Needs To Slap Him Upside the Head

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So, why does Sarah Palin think Keith Olbermann is evil?

Let's contemplate that question after we finish chuckling at the classy way in which he closed out "Countdown" last night:

"But, apropos of Palin, I can't remember who said this, but it came to mind: What's the difference between a governor of Alaska and a pitbull? You can train a pitbull to occasionally keep its mouth closed."

(On the split screen, Rachel Maddow begins laughing.)

"Do you know who said that? Because I can't remember."

"No, I can't. No, that’s new to me. Is that the safe thing to say here"

"I think so. I didn't, that's not mine. That’s somebody else's."

We get it, Keith. Palin's a bitch. Hillary Clinton, bitch. Palin needs to shut her pie-hole and go away now.  

But after hammering on these themes for more than a year now, can you give it a rest?

Or at the very least: get some therapy, dude.

Am I being overly sensitive? Probably. This year was really the best of times and the worst of times for women in presidential politics. There was an reasonable amount of good, solid coverage and commentary on Palin, Clinton, Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. But much of this was buried under an avalanche of coverage on how they sounded, laughed, dressed, mothered, and otherwise conformed or deviated from how women were "supposed" to behave.

I'd like to cut Olbermann some slack here, to think than when he makes comments like this, or like he did back in April when he was quizzing Howard Fineman on how to get Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race by saying that she needed: "somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out."

Our language is, after all, filled with prejudices: against women, against men, against racial groups, ethnic groups, socioeconomic groups, and religious groups. Jumping on every little thing would be like trying to drain the ocean with a teaspoon.

At the same time, if you don't speak up when the people who fill your airwaves or your newspapers or your blogs use what you know in your heart is the kind of "coded" language designed to keep a person in their place, you can't sit around scratching your head and wondering why we have so few women, so few African-Americas, or so few Latinos controlling the levers of power in our democracy.

As for Keith.....oh Keith..... I suggest printing up a little sign and pasting in on your mirror: "What would Edward R. Murrow do?"

Because I'm sure, being a man of his time, old Ed was as sexist as they come, but I'm equally sure he wouldn't have used it as a cheap shot on the air. He had more respect for his audience than that.

**Addendum, 3:01pm EST. I'm going to make a couple of notes here, as some comments (below) show me I need to clarify some of my positions, and it's simpler than responding to each one of you individually:

    1) Many women understand the subtext of "jokes" about "training" a woman to keep her mouth shut. Others don't see a problem with it. I'm in the group that DOES see a problem with it. It's like pornography -- I know it when I see it. Other people will draw the line differently.
    2) Keith Olbermann has a long history of piling on women and belittling them as dumb, trashy, slutty, or otherwise objects of ridicule. It doesn't really matter if that person is Sarah Palin or Paris Hilton. He fills hours of his program each year to this kind of coverage. He's spent two hours on Palin since the day after Election Day -- almost none of it actual news, but rather a platform to vent his speen on how dumb and irrelevant she is. It's just not appropriate behavior for a self-described "journalist."

    3) Women are still a novelty act in American politics, and what is done to one does affect all. What 2008 showed is that even strong candidates, like Hillary Clinton, can be diminished if the focus is kept on her behavior, whether or not she cried, how she laughs, if her experience "counts," if she's "manipulative," and so on -- things that are cannot be factually proven or disproven, but are based on our cultural stereotypes about women in general. For weaker candidates, like Sarah Palin, the tactic is devastating. The thing about ridicule is that you can't really fight it. You're just "whining." Shut up. Go away. The tactic worked this election cycle, and it will be deployed again.    

It's been quite a year for rants so far: why Obama should give a petit Inaugural, the never-ending war between Sarah Palin and the media, Sanjay Gupta and the battle over fat, Gaza and the battle for Israel's soul among them.

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YES! This kind of coverage is what drove me off AP and directly into big Salon's arms.
"At the same time, if you don't speak up when the people who fill your airwaves or your newspapers or your blogs use what you know in your heart is the kind of "coded" language designed to keep a person in their place, you can't sit around scratching your head and wondering why we have so few women, so few African-Americas, or so few Latinos controlling the levers of power in our democracy."
Thank you for saying that, I swear some days I feel like I'm reading too much into things. It's nice to have someone outside my head verify.
For the most part, I am not very struck by him and I think he does as much damage to the left as papa bear does for the right. I honestly never looked at him as sexist but I am kind of naive that way. But have you seen his thing on Prop 8? Just look for it on YouTube. It's quite good and heartfelt.
Katina, I completely agree with you. Ranting lunatics of any stripe do damage to the cause, whether you're on the Right or the Left. For a while I thought, How nice, we have a loud mouth on OUR side! But now he's just kind of tiresome. I watch Rachel Maddow more often, but lately I don't even watch (now that the election is over and I've come down...)
never seen it before- Thanks Katina
I think Olbermann is silly. I think he hurts himself with his mouth a times. I think he is very headstrong though. He's not the type who can be told anything. He was that way long before he did his pseudo-news program. Once while Olbermann was still with ESPN, and Cal Ripken was about to break Lou Gehrig's consecutive games record, Olbermann suggested that Ripken voluntarily sit out the game before tying the record. This was one of the silliest things I have ever heard a news person say. It was very emotional, and it points probably to something psychological, and completely senseless. I dont think Olbermann does the best thinking all the time. But I dont think for a second that he is intentionally racist or sexist. I dont give racists or sexist any slack at all. None. Not one scintilla. But Olbermann does not strike me as being remotely against women. His high octane silliness may make irresponsible comments come out of his mouth at times, and that is an issue on the airwaves. But I think applying sexism to him is a stretch. Keep in mind, Olbermann is largely responsible for Maddow being where she is now. He was her biggest supporter. I know that does not disqualify him. But I think opposition to women in the public sphere, as long as it is not a rule, must be expected. It is not sexism.
Bill, I disagree, but you got your battles and I've got mine.
I'm surprised that anyone here actually believes that Keith Olbermann actually has a mother ... perhaps he was raised by pitbulls???
Great post. Rated.

The always stimulating Camille Paglia has a wonderful column on the main page about Palin, which is also spot-on.

Last night I saw a split-screen presentation of Palin and Caroline Kennedy giving unscripted interviews. Palin was composed, positive, and concise. Kennedy, with hands flapping back and forth in some sort of launch attempt, couldn't match subject and predicate to save herself. But never fear, there's always, "you know" to buy extra time, and she bought a lot.
I'm a big Keith fan, but you're quite right- he has been sliding into smirky smarm of late. Gloating does not become him.

But I gotta cut him a little slack -- he was one of the few to speak that which could not be spoken back in the day, back in the day when calling out the fool who would be king got you labeled a wimp and a traitor, back in the day when he was channeling Murrow rather than BillO.
Keith Olbermann is mentally ill and a serious misogynist. It's quite amazing how the left embraces him.
Funny how when he takes on Bush or Billo I don't mind him and sometimes cheer him on. But when he took on Hillary so harshly he lost me and a lot of others. I now see him for what he is --a liberal obsessive, egomaniac who has a problem with strong women. At least he's liberal.
"At least he's liberal. "

Is that an endorsement or an indictment? Never assume the constituency of your audience.
That's my endorsement. I find it the best thing about him.
Perhaps if she would keep it shut on a National level and quit talking to tabloids (I just saw her on another one not 15 minutes ago) perhaps he could let it go. I for one feel the same as he does. There are 49 other Governors who get an nth of the coverage she does. She lost, she's home now, she should Govern.

Sorry to disagree, but it's respectfully.
I have to disagree here. I find Olbermann amusing, if bombastic, but I don't see his statement as sexist.

Palin, to my view, has had a difficult time exiting stage left, as she (arguably) should have done. I think I get it--the kleig lights are hypnotic--but I'd argue that she's doing herself and her political future great harm by continuing to seek out the spotlight. She's saying stupid things publicly, and she's coming off as an attention whore.

And perhaps I'm blind, but I'm not seeing the "code" here either. I get concerned when poking fun at a politician is considered out of bounds because she's a woman.
Hi Greg,

I'll respectively disagree back at ya. :-)

First, Palin is a politicians, and when politicians see a camera, they go for it. It's in their DNA. It's like saying "she should really stop blinking."

Second, just because she says something, it doesn't mean the media has to air it. She hasn't actually done a lot of "national" media since the election -- basically, she did an interview with Greta Van Sustren on FoxNews and Esquire. I'm sure she's had more offers than that. She's done local media that's been picked up by wire services and the networks -- but she's the Governor, she's not supposed to keep a low profile.

This latest kerfuffle came from a) an interview she did with a conservative filmmaker, excerpts of which went viral on YouTube and b) excerpts of that upcoming Esquire magazine.

Airing or commenting on the YouTube video, in particular, is an editorial choice. The media could have just as easily ignored it. But they didn't, because as much as they claim to be holding their noses, they know she sell. As long as she put the asses in the seats, so to speak, they'll keep putting her out there.
In this case, yes, I think you're being overly sensitive. Palin herself was the first to bring up the pit bull comparison, so I think the joke is fair game. You can't get up in front of the entire country and say, "Hey, look at me, I'm a pit bull with lipstick!" and later complain when people make jokes comparing you to a pit bull.

I realize Olbermann committed a mortal sin by choosing to champion a man rather than Hillary in the Democratic primary, but I think it gets a bit tiresome to accuse him of being a misogynist any time he's critical of a female.
Well, Olbermann fan here. After Lou Dobbs, sitting on the fence and snarling at both sides, FOX, which is a non working channel for me, and the overwhelming mess of right wingers who appeal to that backwoods demographic, he is a fresh of breath air.

He actually gives thorough attention to his topics, doesn't shriek or interrupt to rant and shrill when he has a guest, and has been spoofed by Ben Affleck.

Palin is the one who is trying to stretch out her 15 minutes of fame, oblivious to the fact that she and her family are social and moral train wrecks who need to clean up their acts.

The press can't just ignore her when she insists on grabbing the last lumen of limelight. But they don't have to tolerate her, either.
Olbermann is loudmouth and can be boorish. But I disagree that he is sexist. The Pitbull comparison was first used by Palin on herself. I don't see why it should be off limits for others to pick up on it. Also- Palin did overstay her welcome. She is playing out her little drama/traumas on the national stage and promoting her 2012 run, at a time when we have a serious national crisis going on. Keith is right she needs to shut her mouth and disappear.
Keith is just plain entertaining... and his rants are pretty fun to watch..and many are right on target. As others have mentioned here, who else has any passion except for Stewart and Colbert? Yeah, Keith is obsessed with Billo, and Palin is a close second. Given that they are of different gender, isn't it fair to say that Keith is just crazy (a little) and obsessed witth certain characters, rather than sexist? Not wanting to pick a fight here, but Palin goads the world into coming back at her, and it does.
I'm a fan of Keith's too. He's a welcome antidote to the vicious 24/7 fright-wing news channels. He's not perfect, but then again, who is?
I was hooked on this channel during th election season. I no longer watch Keith or Rachel, or Hard Ball. I am a happier person because of it. Cable News is simply brainwashing. I used to enjoy Rachel, but the last time I watched she not Keith was the one that made me change to a movie. I won't be returning soon but CNN is way worse and Fox, makes me almost blow a cork.
You have your logic backwards, mon ami. Were Keith not to bash Sarah Palin he'd definitely be a sexist. Palin is a self-serving, insulated and ultimately destructive twit - just as our 43rd President is and just as Billo is, people whom he also relentless bashes. Were he to except her from that same bashing, then he'd certainly have woman issues.

So if you want to accuse him of "twit-ism" that would be a fair statement. I hate people who fuck up my country too. Maybe the more relevant question is why you take his comments personally?
"The press can't just ignore her when she insists on grabbing the last lumen of limelight."

Of course they can ignore her. There are six billion people on this planet. Something interesting or important happens every minute of every day. What we get is Obama-Palin-Obama-economy in crisis-Palin-guy who couldn't even fake his own death-Obama-Gaza, for a few seconds-Obama-Palin...ect.

Again, she brings the audience. Plus, she's complaining about the press here, so, of course, they can act all morally outraged and offended as an added bonus.
Olberman is a liberal Rush Limbaugh. He isn't paid to pull punches. As for Palin, she took a huge pounding by the media, lost. Leave here alone. She'll probably go away the way the losers do in presidential elections. Otherwise it makes people look sadistic. Like sore winners. Kicking someone when they are down.
Hi Heather,

Agreed. K.O. goes too far, Chris Matthews goes too far. Their coverage of the election , esp. election night was not nearly as good as CNN. There is coded language. What hyblaean said.
Heather, again, respectfully, and thanks for your confirmation of the Palin situation being perpetuated by the media, like Olbermann. But I can't defend her. I mean after all, have you listened to her closely? She's NO Hillary Clinton when she speaks. Hell, she's not even Roger Clinton for that matter.
I love Olbermann and Maddow for the freedom they've been given by their cable shows to report on things we just won't see on broadcast channels. "You can't make this stuff up!" is a phrase I hear in my head every time I watch them. Yep, they're probably what most would call lefties, but I'm thinkin' we need new 'labels' these days. Left/Right, Good/Bad, Good/Evil just don't cut it anymore. I am humanist, and realize that Those On Other Channels have a right to their opinion. We need smart people on TV, not just pretty people. Keith and Rach get my vote for smart every time. Check out Amy Goodman on Democracy Now (Link TV, cable) for intelligent world news. I just can't understand the whole Palin thing at ALL (why she was chosen, why she opens her mouth before thinking, why she can't complete a sentence, why a photo op in front of turkey slaughtering, you name it). I think Hillary has handled herself very well in the face of decades of crosstalk about her - she knows the game. 'National' media? YouTube IS now National Media! Welcome to the new millenium!
Great post!
The comment was specifically about Sarah Palin, and projecting it onto all women is ... well, it's the kind of thing Sarah Palin does. Sarah Palin keeps on talking and saying incredibly stupid and mendacious things, and digging herself deeper into a hole, not because she's a woman, not because she's from Alaska, but because of who she is as an individual.
Just to toss in a little additional info, I did a rough count at a "Countdown" fansite, and according to my rough estimate, since the election, Olbermann has devoted almost two hours of his precious airtime to Palin -- 62 in post-election November, 18 minutes in January, and 30 minutes so far this January.

From a look at the transcripts, none of it has actually been "news" in the sense of giving people information on topics that they need to navigate through life. Most of it was devoted to gratuitous shots at her, APROPOS, as would say, of nothing.

Again, I just can't understand why she doesn't sleep with an autographed photo of him under her pillow!
Palin's appeal explained.

1. She stands for everything Evangelicals stand for.
2. She tells Evangelicals exactly what they want to hear.
3. She's attractive.
4. She sees herself as a victim, just like Evangelicals.
I disagree with the notion that Palin should not be covered. She is running for president with a substantial backing within the Republican Party. And however poised she may be when she says them, the things she says are nonsense. She said during the campaign she was free to speak her mind. She recently contradicted herself, saying she was muzzled by the campaign.

I agree with your assertion about language. K.O. would be more effective if he took a deep breath now and again, and chose his words more carefully.
Give it rest. The guy is an entertainer not Edward R Murrow. He knows it, NBC knows it, and most viewers know it. If you want just the facts, watch Brian Williams or Dragnet. As far as a sexist, some of you see that in any guy who criticizes a woman. Hillary got her ass kicked by the voters, not Keith. Palin is a pathetic opportunistic incompetent. Keith called it as he saw it. Get over it and watch CNN.
Opposition to Palin's candidacy is hardly misogynistic. There were thousands upon thousands of better suited women for the job. Probably several of you are better suited for that job. You could argue that advocating FOR Palin is misogynistic. She is everything wrong about women and professionalism.
"Hillary got her ass kicked by the voters..."

Yeah, I know. She only got 1,896 delegates, 222 shy of a win, and only 45% of the 4,234 delegates available. Just a mere 17,493,836 popular votes to Obama's 17,535,458 popular votes. (RealPolitics.com)

What a loser. :-)
"She is running for president with a substantial backing within the Republican Party."

I actually don't think she's going to run in 2012. The chances of Barack Obama being a one-shot wonder are way to slim. Maybe in 2016, but that's a lifetime in politics. A lot can change in 8 years, as we've seen.
Interesting post. I need things to be pointed out to me sometimes to view them with new eyes.

I'm not sure I believe Olbermann is a misogynist. I'm just not sure about that. I tend to agree, with Stellaa, that he's a refugee from ESPN who wants to do hard news, hardball style. And sometimes succeeds beautifully. He's entertained me many times with his end-of-show Three-Ring pronouncements and lists.

Alas, like Maureen Down, his credibility is being usurped by his ego and need for attention. His outrage seems packaged somehow. Then I see him on someone Else's show, like Letterman, and he seems more human, and I like him again.

re: The Governor of Alaska - she's dead to me. I don't want to view, read about, hear of or hear her. Ever. If ever there was a misogynist on the trail or the airwaves in the past six months, it was she.
There is misogyny running rampant though Western culture. Hillary Clinton losing in the primaries is not part of it. There may have been Thousands or tens of thousands of misogynists who did not and would not vote for her, but that is not why she lost. And that is certainly not the doing of her opponents.

And if you want some good coverage, watch Gwen Ifill on PBS. The networks all have a sensation bias, and they promote reporters based upon looks rather than ability. The News Hour and Washington Week use real reporters, with real experience for their stories. You will only get shreds and shards on network and cable news. They are entertainment divisions that must make a profit. Pure garbage.
Heather, I LOVE Hillary. I just wanted to make that point clear...
This is about Palin. She's everything I loathe about the right.
I say expose, expose, expose her ass before 2010 when she starts her two run bid for Presidency. Give her enough rope, goad her into making comments and she will hang herself. She's proven that.
Go Keith!!!!! I say change the name to Palindown!
"What a loser. :-) " -- Heather

And a poor one at that. ;)
"Olbermann's behavior smacked of the prince attempting to usurp the king" ----

I think that Keith is basically the "franchise" over at MSNBC, at least by ratings. Last time I checked, Chris was running third behind Rachel. A lot of us feel the Hard Ball has become a slider. But it's all fun.
"Give her enough rope, goad her into making comments and she will hang herself." -- Greg Thomas

I would donate the rope!
like some who've weighed in on this post, it's not his (possible) misogyny (I think it reads as more accurately Palinophobia) that's caused me to lose interest, its his smug and strident tone--I loved him when I first started following Countdown, but it aggravated me that as clever as I found him, he truly was becoming a Bill-o on the Left (which sounds like an old novel title). He would make compelling arguments that would only preach to the choir, because any wavering on issue would be turned off by his style...by the way, I would 'rate' this but as a newbie here I'm not sure you you do that.
I think you're being too sensitive. As others have pointed out, Palin asked for the pit bull comparison by making that original (really stupid) joke. So I don't see coded language at all--the language correlates exactly to a clear reference to something Palin said herself, and a commentary on the fact that this is a public person who really needs to shut up. Every time she speaks she says something asinine and deceitful. As we've seen with Shrub, if you lie enough and do your charm thing on enough idiots, people start to believe. We desperately need the few liberal commentators out there to shine a spotlight on the Palins of the world, especially, as others have also pointed out, given that she holds hope of staying in public life. Why is it sexist to call bullshit on this woman and to do it in snarky language? Sexism isn't dead, but I don't see it in this case.
just figured out how to rate a post (duh!), and I just rated this...between learning that and reading dcvdickens' thong post, I really feel I've learned a lot today
I think Matthews is much worse than Olbermann in this respect. Half the time, he doesn't even bother to code his language and flubs it right out there. Both clueless and sexist.
First off, rated for an entry that raises an important issue in a way that invites reasoned discussion and not a pie fight.

I also have to disagree in this particular case. Palin brings this on herself, and Keith's remarks here are not misogynistic. As for her being a "typical politician," most of the losing vice presidential candidates in my living memory went back to being active in a political office--I'm thinking specifically of Ferraro, Lloyd Bentsen, Jack Kemp and John Edwards and just got back to work. I do not recall any of them courting the media with a tenth of Palin's ferocity, even Edwards, who would go on to run for president again.

Perhaps Olbermann could have expressed himself better but I saw his remarks as calling Palin out on her self-serving finger-pointing and "poor me" attitude. Having lived with a sibling who shared Palin's view that everything that happens to her is not her fault, I find that especially tiresome.

Right now, I just want her to go away and never be heard from again, and I would feel that way if she were male, neuter or a polka-dotted hermaphrodite.
Palin's image for me is forever linked to that interview with the turkey slaughter house in the background. That was after the election. My guess is that it was a deliberate over-the-top setting to be sure of getting attention. She got attention, most of it negative, and she deserves it.
As close as Olbermann and Maddow are, and as respectful as Olbermann is toward her, how could anyone think he is misogynistic? To pull for a female politician (Palin) just because she's a female is purely wrong. Even to defend her is wrong if you don't agree with her stances. Should Barack Obama been elected President for being black? NO. Nor was he. He was voted in because he was the best candidate. I still believe that and I will until he proves otherwise. The man hasn't even been sworn in and I've heard people second guessing him. He's showing the respect for the process of American Politics by repeatedly saying "one President at a time" and some people call it pandering to the right. It's the PROCESS!

Olbermann is for the most part, an entertainer anyway. It's tongue in cheek and were he on one of the three major networks, he would hold his tongue. He's not, he's on cable. That's what cable is all about, it's not free it's paid for.
Isn't part of the continued fascination with Palin due to the fact that apparently half of the Republican party regards her as their "future"? When people did the "how will she take care of her kids?" shtick, yeah, that was sexist. But the rest of it? She's awful, and would be awful regardless of gender. At least she's being mocked for relevant things (lack of knowledge, firing librarians, rape kits, insane religious people praying that she not be harmed by witches), as opposed to Hillary, which was all about her voice, her laugh, her allegedly fake tears, and her husband. And while Chris Matthews engaged in that to a ludicrous degree, Olbermann did not. (Though he was too hard on her about the Robert Kennedy thing.)

Sarah Palin is just another woman who's held up by a sexist power elite so they can claim not to be sexist while dismantling reproductive rights and deciding we don't deserve equal pay. While she doesn't deserve slurs about her personal life, she has earned some level of derision for what she has done and said as a politician.
I think it's safe to say that if you were to perform a scientific study of misogyny in America...Palin wouldn't be in the control group.

There are plenty of very smart women, but Palin is no vagenius...
No, it's a fair and good crack at someone who is making a big media push this week. She compared herself to a pitbull in the first place, so it's not as if he was trying to put lipstick on a pig.
Olbermann and Maddow make mistakes but so does every body else.
We're lucky to have them on the airwaves.
I cut Olbermann slack because for a year or so he was the ONLY one to cover certain stories on a primetime news show. Never mind whatever slant he might have put on them, the fact that they were covered at all was a plus. (I also like that he consistently refers to Rush Limbaugh as "Comedian Rush Limbagh."

I was taken aback at the Hilary Clinton coverage. Olbermann is the top dog of the program and probably sets the tone, and contributors to the program seemed to getting out of control in their putdowns of Clinton. Definitely not their finest moments. I was also puzzled at all the backbiting and chaos in their coverage of the conventions.

Palin is another story. The problem is that I totally agree with Olbermann. Palin's best bet is to stay in Alaska and be a governor. She already has her base, and they will stay loyal. Right now, I don't think her interviews are getting her any new fans.

However I think Olbermann needs to take his own advice and just ignore her. I know he thinks that bashing her is going to get him some ratings points, but in the long run it might make him look a little too obsessed.
Yeah, sometimes Keith can be a little too much into himself -- Dick Cavett used to be the same way -- Maybe it comes from being in front of a camera every night or living in New York and having people admire you obsessively. And I used to hate the smarmy jokes about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, because they were young and stupid and I've been young and stupid (but never rich).
And he did seem to dislike Hillary and I like Hillary very much so I also had some moments of discomfort, especially towards the end of the Primary. I didn't get a feeling of sexism so much, as just him not liking Hillary.

Still, I really like Keith, and I owe him big because without him I probably would've stroked-out by now or had to start taking blood pressure meds or, at the very least, burned out my vocal chords screaming at the screen. Because during the last few years of Bush nobody else on the news was paying any attention! Keith (as someone else has mentioned) pointed out the naked emperor. He did practically an entire show on the dismantling of the Constitution! Instead of ME ranting because nobody seemed to notice what was going on, HE ranted for me, and much more eloquently, and JUST as angrily. He actually let the people he interviewed get in entire paragraphs! He showed more than soundbites! He ran roughshod over the pompousness and paid-offness of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. My husband and I watched together with a sense of relief because it seemed like somebody was finally paying attention! We got a lot more politically involved this year, and I think much of it was Keith's cheerleading, as recognizing you're not alone seemed to push us into action, as opposed to the hopelessness I felt watching Bush atrocities glossed over by the evening news.

I see Keith kind of like the brother who maybe broke your bike or painted mustaches on your dolls and then he gets a little older and humiliates you at a Pep Rally and makes fun of your flat chest, and then he grows up and drinks too much sometimes and nearly burns your house down, but he also fixes the transmission on your car and takes your kids to Sea World and once beat the shit out of some asshole who wrote your name and phone number in the boys locker room. (Although I realize that, seeing Keith as sexist would make HIM the boy writing down the numbers in the locker room.)

Anyway, you've made some excellent points. I'll have to think about this one some more. Maybe with Bush gone Keith will have time to GET a little therapy. But just a little, just enough to maybe help him find a nice tolerant companion who loves cartoons, and goofy squirrels on You Tube, and Arrested Development. (I almost said a "nice girl" but now I'M all paranoid about being sexist! But it's good to be paranoid about being sexist because it means you're aware of sexism...I think...and I've only had one glass of wine.) Thanks again for a thought-provoking post!
this is fine writing and you make your case with facts and passion.

Let me politely, somewhat obliquely, disagree?

Sarah Palin is a Dominionist and proud of it. They want America to "return" to being a Theocracy. If she had her way we would all be force-fed Christianity by our public institutions.

Oblique, this, because Keith certainly has a sports jocks failings when it comes to women, a bit of a temporary tin ear when a Good One reverberates in his mind for the show.

But any and (almost) all public complaints about Sarah Palin are welcomed by me. I take Dominionism very seriously. Its adherents do, and they have no scruples about how they do it, will wait forever to win, and will be most effective during times of national crises.

I do agree: KO needs to be ko'd by a sister or aunt or mama, on general principle, to make him the Better Man he could be.
Great post and discussion. I stopped watching KO/MSNBC
during the primaries, they were too blatantly proBama.
Ben Affleck did an hilarious send up of KO a few months ago
on SNL. According to SNL, Keith has a white Persian cat named
"Miss Precious Perfect".
I actually like Palin, tho' not her politics, but also believe
she really needs to get a clue. On the other hand,the hysterical reaction to her by some on the left is a puzzlement. My
niece, who is an ardent Democrat, is now willing to forgive
Bush and lectures me on how forgiveness is divine. Ok. Then
I mention Sarah Palin to her and she becomes Linda Blair in
The Exorcist". I'm waiting for the next opportunity to point
this out to her.

No sane person should ever compare Sara Palin to Hillary Clinton. They do not belong in the same sentence. Olbermann may have disagreed with Hillary on some issues, but that was it. He never attacked Hillary personally.

Please, do not insult American women by implying that Palin represents women.

Blake Mitchell correctly explaind Sara Palin's appeal in his comment. I will explain her. She is so ignorant and so stupid and she must go away, and so must the great symbol of ignorance, O'Reilly. They and FOX News are embarrassing this country.

Keith Olbermann told the truth to power when no one else dared to do so. He may be "lightweight," but is he honest and honorable.

Olbermann did not compare Palin to a dog, he merely implied that a dog is much smarter than Palin.
Here, here! It seems no matter which way you cut it (or her, as Olbermann might prefer), women are best seen looking fabulous and keeping that pie hole shut tight.