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April 02
I'll tell you about my journey while I'm telling myself, rereading and saying aha! yes! and that is what it was like! Words have magic feet. I like to see them dance. The rest is to be kept quiet because it is sacred. How I watch people and love them never wondering if we'll agree. I love them because they are. I believe in words but they aren't everything. I'll take harsh speech and good deeds over eloquence and little helpful action in the world. There's shades of gray through everything which is one of many reasons I pray, "Thy Will not mine be done," trying not to cross my fingers but keep my eyes and heart open.


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NOVEMBER 26, 2012 10:11PM

Love Story: A Walking Meditation

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I folded my hands, closed my eyes and whispered, “Mom, I know poetry isn't your thing, or at least the non-rhyming stuff I write, but if you're able, can you help me with a title?”

Less than a minute into the silence that followed, the words, “Love Story, Love Story, Love Story” echoed in my head with static edges, amplified and very much unlike any other thought I've ever had.

This communing with spirits for guidance is not a new thing, and many of my poems are written after asking any kind soul in the great beyond to lend assistance in helping me create, but to be talking to my mom in this way... surreal and yet somehow ordinary, a continuing conversation carried on now from two sides of the same reality, similar to and yet nothing like hanging out in the living room together tossing around ideas. In any case, regardless of an intense sadness that visits often, I am thankful for her continued presence in my life.

Before bed I wrote those two words, Love Story, to myself in an email. Next evening, quiet again, knowing the title was not yet complete, I allowed myself to meditate and ask no one in particular what the rest of the title ought to be. “A Walking Meditation” came gently but as a sure offer. I accepted.

Poetry Book Cover - Revision-005

Love Story: A Walking Meditation is a collection of poems I've written over the last two years as we've cleared most of our belongings, moved into an RV and cared for my mom through illness and finally her passing in July. The idea was born when, at the end of summer, my husband (who also doesn't get the non-rhyming poetry, and maybe not the rhyming kind either), prayed one day and felt strongly that I should gather and publish many of my poems as a book. That's a lot of help from the outskirts! I guess it was meant to be.

Two months later, as October was winding up, "Love Story: A Walking Meditation" became a reality, an

ebook with a beautiful cover and the truth of my journey gently framed in verse.

Love Story is available for purchase for Kindle and Nook.


We're in the process of making physical copies available in the states.

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I love this account of inspiration, so full of the beauty, love, and spiritual openness that always eminates from your writing. I can't wait to read your book - and I wish you all the best with it.