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MAY 26, 2009 12:41PM

Pretty Pussy

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I don't shave it. I don't wax it. It's 56 years old.

Three LARGE babies used it to get into this world.

Some of the hairs there are grey.

He looked at it on Sunday night like he'd wandered into the little room in the British Museum where they keep Van Gogh's Sunflowers, sighed, and said, "so-o-o-o pretty."

(And he turned out to be the Miles Davis of oral sex.)

Some women, young ones, too, are having plastic surgery on their vaginas to make them (somehow) more appealing to men. Lots of women, young and old, shave or wax off all their pubic hair (since when did we start assuming all men are pedophiles?)  In the pantheon of bad women's body image issues, the pussy is the latest arrival. Way to make us feel even worse about our bodies. Know how it feels when we kick you in the nuts? Well, letting us know you can't stand the sight of our "mysterious lady parts" is like that.

When you find a man who likes yours "on the natch," he's a keeper.




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Awesome. Make mine "natch" and soapy fresh.
Married 22 years. Me likey. Hers is hers, mine is mine, and we both share abundantly. If you find yourself who questions what you possess, move on quickly. Change partners, not parts.
Deborah, thanks!

Harp; glad to hear it!

Kind of Blue; somehow I knew you'd say that!

We men came outta there kickin' and screamin'...and then we spend most of our time tryin' to get back in.

Makes ya wonder!
Agreed, from both sides of the issue!
I have always loved getting my beard in her beard and then I savor the aroma and flavor all day
agree with Harp- as long as it's fresh washed and loved, who the heck cares what it looks like?
Frank, good point!

Owl; thank you!

Walter; yes, from my point of view, there's nothing quite like my own scent on a man's face.

Thanks, all.
I wax -- maintaining a "landing strip" -- but I do it for me, not for my lover. The Lady T prefers it all jungly, but I do not like the look on me. I like to be highly ladyscaped. Just as I try to look "put together" in my clothing and makeup, I prefer my secret garden to be carefully landscaped as well.

But good for you! Rated.
Dana; full disclosure: when I was married to the redoubtable John O, I also had the landing strip, but that was because of the four piercings we thought it would be fun for me to get one night when we were both particularly drunk and frisky! Ouch.

And good for you, too, lovely one!
And what's up with cosmetic surgery thereabouts, I wonder?
The man in my life prefers it bare. I prefer the landscaped landing strip, for many reasons not the least of which is a certain amount of chafing when there is no hair there at all. Trust me on this, riding a lot of horses and a freshly shaved pussy can be a recipe for disaster.

As for the plastic surgery thing I have seen pictures where the lips are so elongated that wearing some types of clothing is uncomfortable, even downright painful. Personally if "those" lips were hanging down like that I would get them altered too.

Thankfully I'm quite happy with what I've got.
I never met the Miles Davis, but I have been called the Charlie Parker of oral sex.

And I know my way around a horn.

Yes, Duaneart, but how's your embrouchure?

Seriously...when will back to natural come back in style? Thank God for sweet husband. Not kidding. I feel bad for all the single girls out there now a days. At least back in the dark ages when I was single it was okay to...well...be yourself.
:) Agreed, and thanks for saying it, Havlin!
Carry on! What a spunky cuss.
fingerlakes (apt name for this post, no?), gracielou, and leslie, thanks! You know, back in the 60s, I thought everything would turn out differently than it has. But I thought natural beauty would really win out. What did I know, I was only seven when the 60s started!

Thanks, ladies!
I'm so frickin' over it! I'm not waxing, shaving nor coloring! And frankly, I've never met a man that turned it down!
You've got balls! Seriously....you are a brave woman. Even talking about "it" makes me feel uncomfortable. Good for you....I wish I was more comfortable with my body.
middleaged, I hear you talking. Good on you!

patricia, thanks for your kind words. It probably helps that my readerse seem to be the kindest and most encouraging people on OS.

Thanks for commenting!
If you meant my embouchure, I think you would find it to be expertly formed and well-practiced.

Now, what tune would you like to hear?
Duaneart; I stand corrected! And how about "All Night Long"?

Jane, thanks! Isn't Dana clever? I like that name, too.
Miles Davis huh... a concert you'll remember it sounds like.

Just me but I prefer shaved or low profile. Does that make me a pedophile? I don't think so since I haven't seen a woman under 30 naked in years (several years)
All natural but trimmed as though I'm always wearing a bathing suit works for me. Hubby likes it, period.

I think the whole shaved bare craze is an offshoot of porn -- I call it the pornification of culture. I've met young people who didn't seem to know that shaved bare wasn't natural! That's how I know they're either watching too much porn, or have caved in to what they bfs want, and that they are watching too much porn.
Natch, snatch, gimme some thatch! Not too fond of the nekkied beaver. Long live the pelted pussies!
Trig, your honesty, as always, is refreshing.

Emma, I couldn't agree with you more. PS, when I was young, I had to decide between Emma Peel and Ann-Margret to model myself after. Being a redhead, I picked the gorgeous Swede, and have had no complaints (I actually got to meet her last year, too!)

But the beautiful Emma Peel ran her a close second. Good choice.

And Michael; what can I say about your inimitable prose stylings?

I don't think any of you guys were reading me last summer when I posted my piece about circumcision. Maybe I should repost it now. In the interests of fairness.

Big love to you all.
Excellent. As a childbirth educator of the early 70s, we fought for the right to give birth without having our pubes shaved. The idea that women would shave it voluntarily would have seemed preposterous.
Redstocking; that's an excellent point! With my first son I had it shaved, so the itching when it grew back was an extra added joy to deal with in the aftermath of delivering a nine-pound, two-ounce baby for my first child. Like the stitches from the episiotomy weren't enough.

For the second two, they gave me what they called the "mini-prep:" shaved between the legs, with a thatch on top. When the baby's heads were born, they looked like they were wearing coonskin caps! Maybe that's what started Rod Blagojevich on his "look!" Thanks! I wish I could rate comments!
My preference is for shaved too. But that said, I don't turn it down however its presented-- its the woman, not the pussy that matters.
Rich: Awwww. Don't jealous. Me love you, too.
Theo and JK, as always, thanks. Your words are always kind and thoughtful.
" In the pantheon of bad women's body image issues, the pussy is the latest arrival."

Word! Great post!
yes...makes me think of the last one, who told me my scent was like, "a garden of earthly delights..." miss that one. andyes, godyes...this shaving thingy is soooooo entirely.....welll.....sick.