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MAY 8, 2012 12:04PM

Mother's Day

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Greetings, Urban Goddesses, Glam-mas, Glamazons, and GILFs! Mother's Day approaches. I don't think I've been doing it right, because for me Mother's Day usually involves a visit from the family-- all eleven sons, daughters-in-law, and related offspring, plus a girlfriend,  if middle son happens to be dating, a family friend, a stepson, and my honey. We all crowd into my tiny, acoustically challenged house, and talk, laugh, tell stories, hold babies, eat, eat, and eat. There may or may not be a pinata. This is my idea of heaven.
My friends look at me in goggle-eyed amazement... "Don't your kids take you out to dinner?!" Well, actually . . . no, they don't. Isn't that MY job?
On or around my family's special days, I make whatever they want to eat, feed it to them, enjoy their company, and then send them off home with whatever we haven't eaten. I think when the day comes that I don't feel like doing this any more I will know I am old.
So let me ask you . . . what should I be doing on Mother's Day? Let me know what you like to do...

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