"Hello," she lied.

"Hello," she lied

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MAY 14, 2009 12:27PM

Haiku Lobby Stung By 'Sanctity of Rhymes' Decision

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May 14 '09. In a stunning setback for Haiku Thursdays, the Supreme Court overturned Ryusui v. Young Man from Nantucket, which had successfully challenged the so-called Sanctity of Rhymes Act. Writing for the majority, Justice Thomas said, "Poetry is five-line rhyming verse. What else you got?"


 ~  ~  ~



 Adrift with young Pi from the zoo

And having dispensed with the crew

A tiger who's empty

Can't help but be tempted

To have his Pi, and eat him too.


~   ~   ~ 




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pi, pie, life of pi

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Now THAT is poetry! (And clever intro to boot :~)
Fuck Clarence Thomas
And the horse he rode in on.
That's right: fuck that horse.

Dirty Haiku Thursdays forever!
Cap'n digs smart chicks. Just sayin'...

While the idea that haiku is a seventeen-syllable poem has some use for the purpose of introducing haiku to children, it glosses over the fact that content and treatment of subject matter are what definitely distinguishes haiku from other kinds of poetry ....

Humor is an important element in haiku,
but ironic moments are more generally
more appropriate to senryu styles poems.

Haiku is similar to haiku in form
Senryu is very different in effect
Ya captured something to ponder
Haiku relates nature to human nature,
Senryu is concerned with human nature,
pure and
so simple.

--Lee Gurga
(in 2003 say.)

Cor van den Heuvel (in 1999) wrote:`
What distinguishes a haiku concision,
perceptions and awareness--not a set
of a certain number of exact syllables.
(it's still fun:`Haiku Thursday, IMHO)

Thomas Paine said:`Speak to real folk!
If a good common people can't figures,
what language are Ya (me) Wall Street?

huh. pig-Latins gibber-gibbers mumbo?
I'm just saying that to hacks & snoopers!
O. I love the Zaftig women with bosoms?
This is coded. It's not a angelos message.
It's not intended to confuse:`Hello," tho
The politico's who LIE need a psychiatrist!

They need to get a grip. Gripes. Goons. Oy!
Maybe they can sit on a potty and grip a toy?
The creep can squeeze a yellow rubber duck!

politico views
exotic trollops
pi r square
corbread r round
pi was lunch

that's all I got.....sheeeez
A great limerick, and the prologue sets it up perfectly!
I loved this, she lied. Maybe there should be limmerick Monday or something.
I need to find a way to forward this to Yann Martel!
You are too clever! And what's with Clarence Thomas??? Didn't know he knew any poetry!!
This is so perverty on so many levels. Loved it!
You got an Arthur James comment! Lucky!
I think you should stay.
ha! :D

Arthur- people, writing poetry of their own free will, reading it, of their own free will- life is good, the rules are unnecessary
I want you to start writing copy for me, you slattern.
Very nice. Like something the Onion would say.
Wow, if the tiger was supposed to be God all along, dayum. osculo santo -

Thanks all. Esp. for 'perverty.'
*groan*, but a good one.

I missed this when it came out.