"Hello," she lied.

"Hello," she lied

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MAY 28, 2009 10:22PM

Erotica for Rabbits: a Dirty Thursday Quickie

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 rabbit chick


 PART ONE ~ “Tender Was the Mesclun” ~


Clarice sauntered past the male rabbits with a dismissive glance. They were strangers to the garden, and in a lean season she might have objected to the intrusion. But not today. There were more than enough cabbages for everyone, row after row of tender, bittersweet rosettes. There was endive, too, and wine-dark Swiss chard.

Branches rustled in the hedgerow. Clarice felt a vaguely unsettling sense of something amiss. Had there been a veiled threat in the way the grey jackrabbit had looked at her? The thought vanished before it was fully formed, as Clarice caught a new scent in the air: carrots! The earth was bursting with them, no more than a row or two away.

She stood up, every sense on alert, and inhaled the mingled perfumes of musky compost and sweet root vegetables. She could picture them: long, thick, short, fat, their ruddy skins dusted with rich loam. One by one, she would seduce them to the surface. Scratching, clawing, she would pluck them from the ground. She woud pluck them all!

Clarice abandoned caution then, and a half-eaten cabbage. She cleared the adjacent row in a graceful bound, and hopped purposefully toward the east, guided by her sensitive, pink-velvet nose and compelled by her lust for crisp-sweet taproots.

The big jack was on her before she knew he was there.

 "Cut it out," she cried, and twisted in his grasp. But the selfish creep had already finished. 


~ ~ ~ 







Photo: "Pretty Bunny" by lisegagne at istockphoto



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"She woud pluck them all!"
Those rabbits are quick. BTW, the girl in the picture wasn't she Miss November 1999?
Cigarette? I watch jackrabbits. They romp in threes.
They seen to know sumtin' the human species don't?
Ya's bunny? Ya eat Nasturtium flowers 'de post-sex!
Watership Dooooowwwwwnnnnn!;)
Clarice, Clarice, how many times I gotta tell you, don't saunter like that! Jesus! Okay, Bigwig, take the jack for a ride. Aiyiyi...
Quid pro quo, Clarice . . .

Just had to say it.

Loved this.
Now that was quite the furry tail - oh sorry, tale. Laughing loudly.
A romp indeed! What a perfect graphic! Rated for the rabbits.
Pretty Bunny, indeed.
Perverts, the lot of you.
Holy smoke! "Compelled by her lust of crisp sweet taproots"! Heading East...She will pluck em all, and I imagine enjoy every succulent moment of it. Then the Big Jack in the Box distracts her from her project.

Hope she doesn't let it hinder her . Sluff it off...
Jim. p.s. Is that you in the photo? It's kind of how i pictured you in my mind...
J, only the ears are mine. The rest is photoshopped.
*sigh* I love a happy ending!
Rated for making me laugh ... now I need therapy though, 'cause it also kinda turned me on. Does that mean I am a bunny-lover?
It means you eat your veggies. That's good.
The moral of the story....Ladies, look for your love interest in the vegetable aisle!
Love this! The title alone is worth the rating and Digging.
This was a good laugh! Thanks!
I empathize with Clarice, being typically more aroused by food than big jacks.

How about one from the buck's perspective? They're the truly horny ones.