"Hello," she lied.

"Hello," she lied

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
March 01
Boss of Me
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JUNE 10, 2009 11:45PM

Dream for a Mad Scientist

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Beneath the Pseudobombax tree

I quasi-pledge my love to thee.

Relucantly I’ll bend the vow

That semi-binds us here and now. 




 Words I loved to say and see,

Cherubs and chalcedony

Frangipani, memory

You promised me anemones.


Whisper 'pseudobombax ellipticum' ~



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Hello - your work is often so clever, I feel too intimidated to comment! However, I'm pushing through my fears to say this:

:~) Nice!
mmmmmmmmmmm ... frangipani
you are some talent!
wonderfully smart. i loved this.
That's beautiful. So is the picture!
I take it you don't pronounce anemone "anna-moan". Drat. And I had a great joke for it, too.
I want to hear the joke. Pronounce it anyway that works.
Both of you are worthy of love; you know how I feel about your scientist, and about you. Even understanding, I am helpless to affect anything. I want to convey my support, but I have to send semaphore from a thousand miles off. How complicated we all are, and how often alone.
Simply brilliant! I love this! Rated for brilliance.
Nobody lying in that shimmering crystal piece of work.
"Hello", I love words, and your words are so excellent!!!!! I thought the 'Pseudo' and its synonyms in the first stanza were absolutely outstanding. I reread it 3 times! Rated
If this were Idol or SYTYCD, I could rate you over and over, but the damned thumb just keeps saying, "13, 12, 13, 12, 13...." and I just left it at 13. FREAKING FANTASTIC.

If only someone could come up with a poem for the lonely Gingko biloba.
I'm joining a poetry group. Could I take your poem to read?
Anemones. Perfection in verse. This one is to keep. Rated, very.
I am so far behind. Let's sit under a sassafras tree? It's just so we may sip root beer with vanilla ice cream?
I was watching a cat chase a radio announcer Ojibwa bird. I root for the cat to not eat my computer mouse. I please request a late kielbasa lunch. IF you or Ya spouse cooks low-fat kielbasa birds with soft feathers, e- mail me? We can sit in a circle and stare at each other silently. Sip coco and eat skippy peanut butter with blueberry jam.
:D made me grin like a fool, Thank you