"Hello," she lied.

"Hello," she lied

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JUNE 20, 2009 1:08AM

When I played Pavarotti at your grave

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Weeks after you were buried, I came alone and played Pavarotti for you. "The fat guy with the great set of pipes," you used to call him. I brought the Walkman I had given you one Father's Day, and those tinny little speakers. If anyone had been watching, they'd have seen a woman kneeling on new grass, looking furtively about, embarrassed. There was a jogger on the path. I waited. I fussed with the flowers.

When I knew we were alone, I set the speakers on your headstone and played Nessun Dorma. Softly at first, a tentative offering; then a second time, louder. A third time, and the world went soft focus: a salt-stung blur of sky and blossoms, the hum of summer insects; more than one beloved voice. The fat guy with the pipes.  

I spoke to you in whispers, as I had on the night you lay dying. "Are you here?" You must be, there is so much to tell you. While Pavarotti sang for us, I told you my secret and asked your forgiveness.

I ask again now. I ask as often as I remember. When I play Pavarotti, I sometimes find your answer in my heart. We smile.

Then we sleep. 

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... Si...

What a beautiful thing to do....
I can just see this whole scene in my head! Very touching!
Very nice choice. Beautiful elegy.
I love Pavarotti, I love Nessun Dorma, and I love this post. If you do not own a DVD of the Three Tenors singing in Paris, you must get it. It's a beautiful DVD filled with beautiful arias, including Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma. Happy Father's Day.
Peaceful and eloquent.
oh you make my hairs stand on end -- in a good way
I like this very much.
I don't care what your secret was, you're a great daughter

happy seems unappropriate under the circumstances, so Wistful Father's Day, "h",sl, thanks for sharing
Beautiful. If you have time, there is an exceptional two-part interview with Pavarotti from 60 minutes available on YouTube. Happy Father's Day. May he rest in peace.
Now we know where you get your absolute precision wit and wry sense of humor.

Thanks for taking us to that graveside concert with you, and for making our hearts sing.

Why isn't this an EP?? Thank you for playing this for us.
So lovely.

Something (not Turandot related) about the fat guy with the great set of pipes:

My sister worked for the Philadelphia Orchestra when Riccardo Muti was the Music Director. Pavarotti was a guest artist. While rehearsing music from Pagliacci , Muti noticed Pavarotti making notations on the score. It was widely rumored that Pavarotti was not adept at reading music, so Muti wondered... and went to peer over Pavarotti's shoulder: he was doodling clowns in the margins.

clowns in the margins
Clowns in the margins. Priceless. Thank you for the smile.
I am without anything witty to say, dear friend. I feel like I knew him through your stories and this one is a priceless additon to the photo album. Sadly, I think I will play something to really irritate my father at his grave, perhaps Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up".