"Hello," she lied.

"Hello," she lied

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March 01
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JULY 30, 2009 1:30AM

My Safe Words

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"Choose your safe words," you said.

I won't need any. You won't go too far.

And you didn't. You took us where we needed to go, to the edge and plummeting over it, but never too far. Genius body. Beloved heart. I had no need for safe words. 

Only now, when we're so long apart, do I know what we risked. It's too late to say my safe words and you'll never hear them, but I choose them now:

Untie us. 








   ~ ~ ~ 



  Photo: "Adultery" by Elena Ray at bigstockphoto.com



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This is simply great. Concise & beautiful.
i loved the beautiful simplicity of this piece and i THINK i get it...but if i do then those two words are an appeal for something sinister

but it's more likely that i don't get it

is it ok that i love it anyway?

very hot and poignant
Whycan't I ever meet this kind of man?
If only it were that simple....
Beautifully done.
The remains. Intense.
I *think* I get it, but then again, I can be obtuse at times.
I absolutely dig the way you use italics. I want my writing to grow up to be like yours. Love.
Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing this
"Choose your safe words." I want to know more. Why was this said? What does it mean? Did you choose your safe words then...or now...now that you're so long apart?

I have many words I hold inside of me and know someday I will find I am "so long apart..." and it will be too late.

Risk. Powerful word.
Beautiful. Painful. Wonderful.
Cute? CUTE? Littlewillie, how dare you make me laugh at my weekly anguish! You will pay for that.
Like any good writing, the words have an innate meaning, but then they also mean what I as a reader interpret. Like any good writer you give me that choice. Not going to get into the definition of a poem because there is no such thing. This is poetry.
I can only second Tenacity and Lefty.
why doesn't anybody ever second me?

c'mon..throw me a bone
beauty within brevity. rAted!
Snaps for the "poetry" of this posting and "hugs" for the heartbreak.
I guess with so many kudos you have little need for more, but I must. Terrific stuff.
Without a doubt, what Lefty said. And to make him feel good, what Angus said, too. Cut to the bone writing.
What Lefty said. Whew!!!
"us" instead of "me" makes it poetry.

And the picture--put them together and you'd have this weird card with no place in the rack to put it. Adult reconciliation? Thinking of you in a weird way? Nephew's birthday?

Nice composition, rated.
Sometimes risk is the best gift we can give another. Thanks for sharing this with us.
I like the openness of this. I feel I could take it whatever way I choose. (Which will be kinky and hot, if you don't mind.0
@Beth Mann - I'd be disappointed if you took it any other way.
Wow. I so get this. Powerful. Very powerful.
Completely breathtaking. Thank you for finding me so I could find you.