"Hello," she lied.

"Hello," she lied

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2009 1:10PM

There is a bomb, or Gadhafi has invited us to brunch

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I'm watching Muammar Gadhafi's speech to the United Nations and it's impossible to know whether he wants everyone to duck and cover, or participate in a group hug. The simultaneous translation is being performed by Latka Gravas, who keeps correcting himself on key points:  ("You should accept...um, you should reject...accept...for the mankind.")  

The gist of the speech, so far:

 • Jet lag! Or possibly the threat of an attack on the UN building by Al Queda

• Release Noriega 

• Giving the finger to Security Council 

• Vietnam War (or Studio 54?) represented the pinnacle of disco 

• You are all asleep 

• When it's four a.m. in New York, it's eleven o'clock in Libya

• After Tito died, Hitler rebuilt this entire country brick by brick and it was dismembered for imperialism

• Against flu epidemic and rape

• A Taliban state would either be just like, or nothing like, the Vatican

• Thanking American people for accommodations  

• Darfur; irrigation. You are the ones who want, who made, this problem for a sacrifice

* Lamumba... lambada?... Kennedy and Jack Ruby

 • Ask yourselves: why was Oswald shot by an Israelite? And WTF was Tom Delay doing on Dancing With The Stars?

• Let's do this again in India or China 

 Also, Obama is like a son to him. (Yes, Fox News, there is a Santa Claus.)






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What did you expect from a man who sleeps with his camel in a tent?
well that certainly clears everything up!
I really appreciation the clarification!
OH! Now, I get it...


Nope. I don't get it...
Oh my gawd woman, you are an absolute riot! (Rubs hands together with glee)
He also refered to our prez as his son and son of Africa
Who is this guy's wardrobe coordinator?
Thank you all...I'll be here till Thursday...try the veal.
Brings a whole new meaning to Lost in Translation.
C'mon - he's just another ramblin' man!
The punchline to that old joke Mr. E. is "the other guys just ride the camel to the brothel" Muammar is a boob with too many bullets and too much money. Maybe Goldman Sachs would have given him a job.
It was an entertaining muddle. I loved how he thanked America for hosting, congratulated Obama on being the first 'son of Africa' to win election, figured H1N1 was a biological weapon gone wrong, and hey, weren't we all jetlagged? Thanks for giving that muddle a voice.
"... and then I found ten dinars!"
I like to think of him as Daddy Muammar - he's really a universal father figure.
Never trust a guy whose name has more than twelve spellings.
Helloshelied: Dear God, I can hear Glen Beck now! (Rated).
And he had a bad plastic surgeon to boot. His face looked like a badly made clay mask.
The actual speech was even less lucid. (Nice summary!)
I thought the Iranian leader would give the most demented speech at the U.N., but Gadhafi blew him away (wishful thinking).
I just have to stop by again and say how much I loved this. You nailed it. I read it again to my husband at dinner last night, and it lightened our evening. Watching Anderson Cooper trying to make heads or tails of it just added to the levity. Thanks again.
Ah, the Libyan version of Bush. Thank God somebody's still mangling.

Hilarious! R
Stopped in again for a Saturday morning laugh. This post is the gift that keeps on giving. Now, can you do one about Ahmadinejad's translator?
Surprisingly (or not, given all the other gems discovered above), the translation played backward yields, "I buried Paul."