"Hello," she lied.

"Hello," she lied

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
March 01
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NOVEMBER 19, 2009 11:24PM


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Your hand grows cold in mine.

Cupped in your palm,

I find a girl. 



JLP 1926 - 2009 









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I feel this. I'm very sorry. It says it all.
Hello, dear.

Such a lovely woman. Such a lovely daughter.

I've missed you.
Beautiful, simply beautiful.
Powerful in its simplicity, this says more than 300 paragraphs.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
"Hello," she lied. Virgil.
You have been in grief.
I wrote a piece titled:`
Virgil's Life. It's grief.

It Don't Mean Nothing.
That was a war word.
It's coded. bless you.
It's real pain.
People do care.
Feel undergirded.
Pass through this.
She was lovely, thank you for sharing her with us.
Words suitable for the woman. Lovely.
You have lost and you have found. How many tears can we shed in a lifetime? I always have you in my heart.
So sorry for your loss. Seventeen syllables, but captures the essence of the moment . . . blessings, HSL.
You will always be
the girl you found cupped in hand
"Thankfully" she said.

Lovely. My condolences.
She was lovely. I have a picture of my mother on the mantel, younger than me, a beautiful girl. That is how I think her sometimes, as she was before I knew her. Funny.
i love the simplicity of this. A vigil indeed. Says it all.
Thinking of you, and sending you peace. You've given us a lovely piece of writing to remember her by.
I just was looking for red-lip photographs and wondering stuff. I am still sad sometimes when I'm wondering. I am not starving and haven't been slandered in a few hours. My blood don't always gurgle when the Fox radio pundits say` America is the riches country in the world, and we have the God given authority to bomb anybody anywhere, day and night.
We need more prosperity.
If Ya an Afghan. no lucky.
I hope You here. Hi hello.
Like Emily Dickinson's last three line letter, but a lot better.

A volume of adult understanding in three perfect lines.