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Hells Bells
Heart of the Heart of the Country
February 01
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SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 8:27PM

Drive in the Country (Poem)

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After rain, the windows silver--

sunset draws couples out to sit in chairs

on porches, to watch the road curving

before their houses

like a long knife.


A man waves to me from the flower beds

that edge his lawn--zinnias, marigolds.

What was it that he recognized,

or does he mean to wave me on?


Soon the yellow porch lights

will be turned on.



Photo: "Wet Road on Curve" http://www.flickr.com/photos/fauxto_dkp/3753340837/


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Just WOW.
There's so much richness of content in your few words. lovely, dearie.
And--I needed this perk-me-up. So, thank you.
I think poetry's in the air tonight. Maybe a full moon?
This is wonderful and grand. The depth of your art is beautiful.
the road curving like a knife... i like that image a LOT, and it matches well with your picture of the road which looks like a knife blade to me
Such a lovely, gentle poem full of promise.
rated with love.
Actually, the moon is a waning crescent (I googled it). But that just makes it all the more poetic, no?

Your poem pulls me in with its sense of not really belonging, of just being a spectator. And a yearning for something more welcoming.

Or is that just me?
I felt I was sitting on that porch tonight.
Country Time. I love the images you painted.
I could feel a sense of 'in between' in this .... between late afternoon and sunset ... between recognition and not ... of belonging and not.

Very intriguing! Your poem and picture also evoked in me the smell of rain on the hot raod too! I love that smell!
Lovely simple and to the point. In other words excellent poem. Thanks:D
Thank you all for visiting. Divorce Bard is right, I think, about the loneliness. This is pretty much what it feels like to be me--not bad, just on the outside looking in.
I liked this even better in the morning... :)
Skillful. I like the marigold and yellow porch lights bathing the scene in yellow/sunshine along with silver and rain.
I missed this, so sorry. I both hate and love the end of summer. Autumn beauty yet another summer gone.. captured perfectly.
I am hooked on the curve in the road. Thanks for this.