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Miami, Florida, USA
December 31
Meandering Through Life with a Precise Goal...the Journey Matters More Than the Destination
An odd young woman from South Carolina who joined the military after 9/11. I am an active duty service member stationed in Miami. Completed a double major in History and Political Science from Rutgers University. Trying to decide whether or not to pursue a Masters in Public Adminstration, Strategic Intelligence, or Bioscience; or even continue another undergrad program in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. BACK from a year deployed to Afghanistan. Avid Progressive Independent (LIBERAL) and Obama supporter "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -Benjamin Franklin (On the PATRIOT Act centuries before those idiots in Congress co-signed on it)


FEBRUARY 27, 2009 3:26AM

Dreams: My Philosophy In Life As Done By XKCD (NSFW?)

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The Awesomeness That is XKCD

 An oldie but a goodie from an hilarious webcomic.

Ah, the sweet echo of my thoughts.

 beautiful kisses


Kabul, Afghanistan 27 February 2009  1252pm

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Yes. This resonates a lot for me right now. My problem is that I'm afraid of the bright uncertainty ahead if I were to step out of the well-worn rut. Who's going to give me my biscuit and a pat on the head? Easier to keep a low profile and postpone the dreams until later.
Hmm, that is an issue I suppose...but either go hard or go home!

Seriously, if you don't have anything or anyone depending on you, like me, dreams are little easier to go after but it is a decision each person must make for themselves.

My method? Have a plan and then have 10 different back up plans in case I need to quickly adapt to a changing situation.
I love XKCD. My son turned me on to it a couple of years ago and I've been a fan ever since.

I also love your "(NSFW?)" up there! It sort of encapsulates the cartoon, doesn't it?

OK, I think that I am living proof that you don't have to be so damn cautious out of fear that someone will figure out who you really are and you'll never make it in life. (Unless it is someone scuzzy, like a pedophile, in which case I hope they don't make it in life!)

I am not rich, but I've made ends meet well enough and I'm now making a comfortable income. And one of the highest compliments I have gotten is that I am always just my unique self. An employer once told me, "You are always just indomitably you!" My son's principal told someone that "with Susan, what you see is what you get!" Both think I'm a bit, um, "out there" but they don't consider it a flaw.

Has it kept me from pursuing certain types of employment? Hell, yeah. And thank Heavens ;)

Thank you for letting me go on and on, my dear!
Hip. Stick to your guns, dump that journalist bitch.

Dowd writes just like 99% of the politicians speak, you know, the ones she so loves to rant about - incoherent, rambling, nothing concrete. Can't have concrete ideas if you're attempting to play like mushy Jello in order to appeal to as many as possible, diluting the message to the ramblings of a moron, full of shit, useless information and coherent to only other morons.

Time for a change
Well done! Let the naysayers drown into a soup of their own making, rinse off the muck and move on.
Great comic. Thanks for sharing.
My apologies for the delay in response

@ Meander: Right on Brother

@ Susan: I discovered it via and have loved it ever since. Yes, pardon my punning…I couldn’t resist the NSFW. I’m “out there” too so we should never be ashamed of being our fabulous selves, unless you’re someone scuzzy like a pedophile in which case YOU CAN JUST DIE.

Please continue to go on and on…I do LOL.

@ Bob: I think the appropriate response here is, “Maureen Who?” She is messy and has forgotten the basic principles of writing and sentence construction.


@ Scuffus: My pleasure. I think I doing it best by letting the comic speak for itself.