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Little Angeleno
Hollywood, California,
September 13
I enjoy smiling at strangers and experimenting with strange vegetables. I fall in love easily and frequently. Formerly known as Hollywood Assistant but have left Tinseltown behind. I'm on a quest to better the world somehow, though I'm not sure what that means yet. I can neither confirm nor deny that these stories are, in fact the truth. You'll just have to go with it.


MARCH 18, 2010 1:20AM

Switched Idiom

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In times of desperation, I tend to make sense out of things that are coincidental or random. It's like finding miracles in potato chips, I only really see the Virgin of Guadalupe in a chip if I'm looking for a miracle. Otherwise, I'd just eat the chip.

I went to coffee with a friend of mine yesterday, T. We both agreed that I needed to get out of the house.  We went to one of the charming little cafes in Los Feliz and staked out a big table so that we could spread out our books and computers and write without any interuption. T bought me a cup of coffee and herself a turkey club sandwich. In between bites, T spotted a friend of hers walking into the cafe. It was Natasha Bedingfield.

I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of Natasha's, but I can see her appeal. She's like the embodiment of her song, Pocket Full of Sunshine. She's sweet, has a nice smile, sings well, and a million times the artist that Ke$ha will ever be (seriously, girl, check yourself into rehab).

So Natasha and T are shooting the breeze, and T is telling Natasha about all of the small projects she's working on to build up her reel. And Natasha says, "That's what it's all about, right? Keep throwing shit at the fan until something sticks."

Now... I know she and I were both aware that she mispoke. She had switched up two common sayings: "Keep Throwing Shit At The Wall Till Something Sticks," and "When the Shit Hits The Fan." But she was on her way to her table where her coffee was getting cold, so she didn't correct herself. So I was left with an image of one throwing shit at a fan to see if it'll stick. But that's impossible. The shit will just fly back at you.

So this morning... I discovered my car had been towed because I was blocking a driveway. This driveway was so tiny that when I parked in front of it last night, I didn't even realize there was a driveway there to begin with. I'm not making excuses for myself, I'm just saying that I wouldn't knowingly park in front of a driveway just to be an asshole. Plus. I'm broke. I'm broke broke broke broke broke. Getting the thing out of the impound just set me back in paying my bills another week. I was actually on my way to a job interview when I discovered my car missing and a driveway where my car was supposed to be. So that's double the income I've lost multiplied by me feeling like a giant idiot.

I feel like I've taken that switched up metaphor and applied it to my life. I'm throwing shit at a fan and it keeps flying back at me. Hopefully, I'll get it right next time and that fan will turn into a wall and something will finally, finally stick.

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Needless to say, St. Patricks Day was horrifically unlucky for me. Didn't wear enough green, I suppose.
may the sun smile upon you, lassie...
Sounds like you could mash up that mixed metaphor with the lyrics from that old Rolling Stones song "When the Whip Comes Down."

Stay strong Little Angeleno.
natasha is an interesting figure. not sure what to make of her. her songs are very heartfelt. like her videos. like her in the lotus position at the end of that one. spiritual...? saw her in a yahoo inverview talking about "breaking into the US market". media savvy. hope to see more of her. that comment is pretty amusing. almost like something paris hilton would say.
maybe in a down economy, throwing sh-- at the fan and hoping it sticks is the best you can ask for =)
Keep chugging away. When you're stuck, just keep wiggling. At first it seems futile but then, by some miracle, you find yourself making progress and it seems inevitable that you will get out. And you will! Keep throwing shit at the fan, sister.
Angeleno! Maybe I'm just saying this because I'm Indian, but don't give up something you're good at and start all over again with a new career! What if you went back to the working for the movies? Believe me, I work for the industry as well so I know it's not always a walk in the park, but it's a steady job.
@sanaa: I don't ever want to work as an assistant in the film industry ever again. It's not so steady of a job, I've worked for five different companies in the last 4 years and none of them have enabled me to get ahead. It's hard to explain, but as frustrated and scared as I am, I'm much happier being out. The way I see the future of film & TV, it's not a place for me.
Back @Little Angeleno - I understand. I was always told that you should be able to find the right fit as an assistant somewhere and then you'd climb through the ranks. But I've just about started out and my situation is so unique (I work for Indian folks making a movie in LA, but it's not in an office), so I actually have not been a full-on assistant in Hollywood in an office setting myself. Maybe you just weren't in the right company though?

However, if this is where you're happiest, I'm glad. It's just that I get sad reading about how difficult it is!