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"Where there is a will, there is a way" English, proverb

hugs, me

hugs, me
January 23
Trying to be the best I can be. But I'm not super Mom and I won't pretend. I'm not perfect and I won't try. I'm just me and for those that accept me as I am, I'm worth it and for those who can't , I really hope you find what you need.


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SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 11:31AM

Fall Rain

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Like a flower searching for the sun

She leans into the icy rain

Skin stinging from tiny points of pain


Sighs and stretches tall

Memories of a ballerina

Twirling atop a tiny jewelry box


If only, if only…


The façade is washed away

Puddles hold the remnants

Reflections skewed

Like that


Of a heart unbroken



**photo from Photobucket


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Rain is the shower for my soul.
I love this but will miss the summer sun. -R-
Love the visual and suggestive aspects of this poem.
Very descriptive and feeling..
Christine;thx , i do miss the sun.
Sarah; i'm so glad you came by
linda; right back at ya doll
my editor friend had me change the first line i think i'll hire him :)
hugs, this is a gorgeous poem. Some very poignant images.

You brought back memories to me of a bright-eyed little girl with her own little jewelry box; the tinkle of music; and, a tiny ballerina twirling round and round on her mirrored floor.
Love everything about Autumn. The smell of the rain serves to punctuate the colors and flavors of fall. Lovely poem.
So beautiful, I missed this one, so happy you stopped by so I could find it.
rated with love
I had a sudden poignant memory of a ballerina on a jewelry box that I had when I was young. You brought back that memory and others with this beautiful poem. R
Kate; thanks you are always so kind
Cathy; I love it too even the rain
Rp; you are so kind
Rita; I wish I could remember the song mine played... thx
Rain and ice in the same poem. And flowers happen! Rated with a list of L, learn, leverage, leaf, lasso, limit, lake, levitate and love.
Delicate and lovely - tears of nature.
Short and lovely. You say so much with so few words.
mhold; I love your mind, thx
fusuna; oh wow that was cool, "tears of nature"
Fay; I'm so glad your back...:)
So enjoy ALL of your poetry!