hyblaean- Julie

hyblaean- Julie
Chicagoish, Illinois, USA
September 30
42; army brat; bisexual... open relationship with my female partner of 11 years; perpetually confused, which makes me look like i'm doing a ditzy act, but actually it's not put on; middle class in cash if not culture (freaking finally); INFP/INFJ; SSRI, lithium, nicotine lozenge and caffeine dependent. Driven to laziness, odd fits of needing to 'fix' things, subthreshold hypomanic moments of productiveness (rarely) and random weirdness (often). --------------------------- If you have regular suicidal thoughts, please try lithium. It's worth a shot and has worked wonders for me.


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JUNE 28, 2011 3:39PM


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rough and scratchy
my face is dry as my voice
shh, some peace in here, please!
turn that damn thing off, would you?

the smell is never clean here, but never doggy
the combination makes my stomach roil
but I have a smile
for this hour at least

the paperwork has not snowed me in
the phone has not pissed me off with it's constant demand for attention
the people have not lavished and bled me
I am still here
for now

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Appreciating each moment by moment - that's all we can do, Julie. Sending good thoughts your way.
Hey Julie girl. You made me look up ROIL. I know what it means but in a poem a word can be very specific, so I thought roiling stomach. oily rolling stirring up sediment. nice. I mean, of course, not nice. but wonderful juxtiposition.

the smell is never clean here, but never doggy
the combination makes my stomach roil
but I have a smile
for this hour at least

keep smiling kiddo. it gets better.
oh yeah..this line:.lavished and bled me.

really, really good.
"For now" is sometimes all we can handle and to know that, I hope, helps you get through each day to the next..
Every moment you're around is a victory.
Good stuff HJ. I always feel stupid trying to describe what I like about poetry, but here it goes anyway. I wanna say, there's a refreshing earthiness about your style...if that makes any sense..
Nice to read. I'm now officially enjoying this moment. I have my cat on my lap while I type. I just finished some work, which he helped with by purring loudly and giving the occasional encouraging meow. He doesn't feel sick yet, but he's got inoperable bone cancer and only has a couple of months to live. I said to my sister, "He's dying and he doesn't know it." She said, "What would he do differently if he knew? Live in the moment?" Nobody in the world is happier than my cat at this moment, purring in my arms, dying of cancer. We're seizing the moment.
Goodness Julie. I feel I want to offer a prayer of peace for you right now. Consider it done. Pax, my friend.
Thinking of you, Julie, and grateful for your smile.
Don't normally read the poetry posts, my mind is too linear for verse unless it's set to music. Made an exception for yours, 'cuz I've always enjoyed your comments. Very glad I did. Please keep writing, my linear brain needs the cool elegance of your thoughts.
I'm glad you're still here. Like the "doggy" line best.
good heavens! avoid:
the people have (who might) lavish and bleed u...

I am still here
for now

no other place to be,, alas.
i learned that one the hard way
Valuable piece, kind of how I feel sometimes...
Hang in Jules. the nine to five can suck can't it?
I'm glad you can still find a smile in amongst days like this, Julie. I'm also glad you still find time for us.

Love and best wishes.
glad to hear it -- not the rough and scratchy and dry --
but that you're still here. cheers julie
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the people have not lavished and bled me....god, I know that feeling!
I think just plain old olive oil is a great toner for the skin as for the other things, we are all in a similar boat we just have to keep paddling towards the calmer waters to actually get there and then build a harbor to stay safe and clear from immediate frustrations. Happy 4th of July and more.
A beautiful offering, more punctuating your life right now, not just the day....right? There is a "caged bird" energy here... beautiful and sad...