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hyblaean- Julie
Chicagoish, Illinois, USA
September 30
42; army brat; bisexual... open relationship with my female partner of 11 years; perpetually confused, which makes me look like i'm doing a ditzy act, but actually it's not put on; middle class in cash if not culture (freaking finally); INFP/INFJ; SSRI, lithium, nicotine lozenge and caffeine dependent. Driven to laziness, odd fits of needing to 'fix' things, subthreshold hypomanic moments of productiveness (rarely) and random weirdness (often). --------------------------- If you have regular suicidal thoughts, please try lithium. It's worth a shot and has worked wonders for me.


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JULY 24, 2011 3:11PM

Alysa's Open Call- new favorite things

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there is a bliss to ordinary
especially in the eyes of those of us who have stood outside and craved
the warmth of being normal
of fitting in

i see them playing
jealousy is tempered with love
desire to step through the screen
and the song rolls through me
her voice exactly right
so few things are exactly right

found this video online today, searching for this song. Just liked the family portrayed. *shrug* it's weird how absolute strangers can make your day by just being themselves


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Darling family and great song, Julie. I know exactly what you mean.
Darling family and great song, Julie. I know exactly what you mean.
Darling family and great song, Julie. I know exactly what you mean.
Thanks for doing the OC...a very, very interesting take on it.
I mean that in a good way!
Laugh, glad you liked it Alysa! Thanks for coming up with the OC topic :) I enjoyed participating.
Beautiful thoughts, beautiful family memories-whoever they are,
"If I knew what I know today, 10 years ago."
If only
rated with love
I am hard at work inventing the new "normal"
and it consists of people alot like you, h-julie.
in the new normal,
you can just sit there or stand there and not say a word.
Or you can babble til you giggle, or laugh til you cry,
or just sigh and lie down for a nap.
Joy is most joyous when it appears unexpectedly, like your post, Julie and this lovely video. Thanks.
Sweet......in the cool hip way :)
What a great song! I absolutely love it.
The video was very endearing, it made me smile too....
and want to get out on the canoe!
Happy Sunday, Julie!
Great song and video. The bliss of the ordinary...indeed!
Giving thanks for the joy!
the poem and choice of video are as beautiful as you are, julie-pal.
I know just what you mean. ~r
Chicken Maan said it right! So nice when things are exactly right.
I love when I see a Jules post. I never think of you in any way but one of my favorite people to see post or comment. Best comments on OS.
So I had to step back and see this how you set it up.
Really cool Jules.
This is the nicest thing yet to read this evening. Thanks for getting it out for us to enjoy and reflect upon.
Loved the song and the little guy riding around Julie.
I am happy I am here on this site and you are part of it dear....
Glad you are here with us....
Just people lovin' each other. Good thing, that!
Yes few things are exactly right when compared to this...
Your fun is my fun and I am glad to know how the simple things in life rule..
Your words flow so beautifully
Sometimes I wish I could be part of those normal people's lives. Life would be simpler not having to swim against the current as often as I do. But in the end t memories I've gathered watching t
the normal instead of being one of them will be what defines a pretty great life.
Just lovely. I especially like the found video. It's amazing the dynamics you see simply in images. Oh yeah....I guess someone said something about a picture and a thousand words. Your opening stanza really hit me. I get that feeling completely.