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hyblaean- Julie
Chicagoish, Illinois, USA
September 30
42; army brat; bisexual... open relationship with my female partner of 11 years; perpetually confused, which makes me look like i'm doing a ditzy act, but actually it's not put on; middle class in cash if not culture (freaking finally); INFP/INFJ; SSRI, lithium, nicotine lozenge and caffeine dependent. Driven to laziness, odd fits of needing to 'fix' things, subthreshold hypomanic moments of productiveness (rarely) and random weirdness (often). --------------------------- If you have regular suicidal thoughts, please try lithium. It's worth a shot and has worked wonders for me.


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JUNE 2, 2012 3:55AM


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they circled and circled in joy
in frenzy, in lack of anything better to do
drunk revelers at a orgy of words
a glut of projections and possibilities

and we are all stuck here, in the sussing out
in the finding

that we are not alone at all

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My god, I think we need to be walking along the beach under this moon, Julie.
Why does this poem make me think of OS? Sorry to put such a prosaic interpretation on it. Probably been thinking a lot about connections through words to people you have no physical contact with. It's truly amazing, when you think of it. Millions of years of human development, and only in the last few can we be social animals though connections in the ether.

I like the idea of maenads, drunk on words. It's both joyful and dangerous. It evokes the intensity of how we connect here, the obsession, the occasional euphoria. If I weren't already a mermaid, I think I might consider being a maenad. Perhaps we're related, which is why I like this image so well.
Kim, we'd have to do it at your place, because a moon like this needs lots and lots of water (with apologies to the locals, Lake Michigan does not count)

Sirenita, mermaids are just maenads with fins and a different god...and this is totally about OS ;) I wanted to write a comment to someone who seemed confused by our ...eh...mental flexibility?....but couldn't find the words.
... walking along the beach ... under this moon ...
lovely lovely thought ...
especially ... just now ...
in the sussing ... out ...
Thinking of you, Julie ...
Thinking of us all ...
beautiful Anna :) yours is one of the loudest voices banishing the gray
My gawd Jules.
You summed up this place so well.
that is all we got.
Walking the beach sounds like a great idea Kim.
That may be a great way to spend some of my time today.
thinking of words. sussing away.
My first thought was OS... nicely done, Julie. ~r

you know I have to say this..having casually skipped over from kim's place, I sometimes come here thinking it will be a quick peek but it's like stumbling into a cave and finding a great bounty of treasure glowing at me.

writing like yours makes it very tough to leave.
We, who joined each other here in the joy of writing, are indeed becoming mythical...I am so grateful we are not alone.
I thought of OS too. My involvement here waxes and wanes, like tides, like moon. When I can fully participate, it is like swimming with friends, splashy, playful, a little revealing, a little dangerous.

This week, I spent a lovely afternoon with a fellow OSer, will post about it soon. What struck me was that after the first ten seconds of learning his face, it was like spending time with an old friend.
lovely sussing, my dear.:-)
That's what I like about OS. Finding like minds.

I think what makes it a grand place is that we meet in the mind. Nothing else matters. Something we all want but can't get in real life.
"in the finding

that we are not alone at all"

A perfect conclusion to a great poem!
i am hoping this is true, it has been for me, many nights here.
Thanks for this Jules.
"We are all stuck here" and that's not a bad thing! I love to see things thru someone else's eyes. /R
We are not alone, we have always been connected even when we feel we are not.
Rated for the classical reference. :-)
Our moon was hidden by storm fury last night. Had I known this then it would have been light aplenty when the power went out. I'll hang onto it for the next blackout.
Your brief poem, to start my reading-day, is a gift. r.
An orgy of words. Love to be there.
Alone and lonely are not the same thing.
Fabulous, Julie. Thanks for this.
I'm confused.

You capture OS quite well.
I have a post title with not much body yet called "Children of Dionysus"...
"maenad" is so much more...
smarty-pants : )
Very evocative, kind of a kindred OS.
So you hadda make go and make me look up " Maenad" on Wikipedia! What a description of wild women! Sorta like OS too! Rated!
Last night's moon ?
I thought there was a moon here on your post I was missing -- never mind.

" I wanted to write a comment to someone who seemed confused by our ...eh...mental flexibility?....but couldn't find the words."
I'm so curious!
Perfectly written. Rated with a Jali Smile and moon beams to light your way. :-)
"In the finding
That we are not alone at all"

Its an inevitable truth isn't it, and yet sometimes it takes so bloody long to realize. I've long suspected it of course but cannot seem to convince myself of it. If I could shuffle off the last tiny glimmer of hope, I'd gladly do the same with this mortal coil..
Strange, how well this piece describes OS at certain times, and one thing we definitely aren't here is alone, at least if we choose not to be. The maenads were followers of Dionysus and the word means literally "the raving ones." When inspired into an ecstatic state by wine and dancing they would race through the forest, catching and tearing to pieces animals (and sometimes humans) and devouring the raw flesh. That's of course metaphorical in the case of OS... or is it? ;-)
we suss on. short for "suspect", i read.......


yikes scary shit. I hope one
grabs me out of the crowd some day.
to tear me to pieces!
Happy to be stuck with you and the rest of the OS crowd.
Very cool and very true as the comments on My Week off from OS clearly demonstrate. Thanks, this helps keep the Black Dogs at bay.
So true. I think the hard part is that the times we need to know "that we are not alone at all" are the times we are least likely to believe it. Ah, I should take ownership for that statement and stop generalizing.

Your poetry is always thought-provoking.☯
I love this too much for words.
Brilliant. Guess that's a word. It finally just popped into me head.
Who doesn't love a Maenad? R.
────────────────▄████▄ we are one and there for never alone.
How did I miss this little gem the past 11 days?
Ugh...inexcusable on my part.

I got the keg, you got the words--let's roll