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SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 1:00PM

Who Is On Your List?

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Remember that episode of Friends when they are sitting around trying to come up with the list of 5 celebrities they can sleep with without upsetting their partner?  Chandler chooses: Kim Basinger, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, Yasmine Bleeth, and Jessica Rabbit. Rachel lists:  Chris O’Donnel, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Daniel Day Lewis, Sting, and Parker Stevenson.  Ross on the other hand is having trouble completing his list: Elizabeth Hurley, Susan Sarandon, and Isabella Rossellini.

My husband, Dave, and I have had this conversation as I assume most young couples have.  Dave has yet to finalize his list, I think largely out of fear that I won't sign off on it after I caught him spending too much time with some Hawaiian Tropic models on a trip a few years back.  After one of the models was allegedly caught having sex with a Baldwin brother in an airport first-class lounge, I made it clear that I have veto power over his list.

My list on the other hand is sacrosanct and Dave has no say whatsoever.  My list is also fluid as I tend to be fickle and change my mind with some frequency.  While it is not easy to get on my list, it doesn't take much to get you knocked off.  I'm shallow and judgmental when it comes to who I'm going to sleep with.  Get caught wearing socks and sandals by the paparazzi, see ya!  Get caught banging the nanny, buh bye. Start dating Paris Hilton, don't even think about coming near me.

Now while it is not really likely that any of the men on my list are going to come calling or make a move on me without coercion, occasionally working in the entertainment industry and living in Los Angeles gives me a closer shot than most.  So the list exists, just in case,  and is frequently revised. It should also be noted that this is a selfish list, it is all about me.  So if the man on my list happens to be gay, well, damn it, if the opportunity presents itself he's just going to have to take one for the team.

Now there are some people who will never make the list.  Brad Pitt comes to mind first. I don't know what it is about him, but I just always feel like he could use a long hot shower with an abrasive loofah and a bar of Ivory soap.  Tom Cruise is another. Honestly I think he's in desperate need of medication.  As a result I don't watch his films, and cringe when women and gay men alike claim how hot he is. 

There are some that have been on the list at one time but have done something to guarantee that they will never redeem themselves enough to get back on.  David Duchovny, for example.  I know, I know sex addiction is a disorder - but really I just can't sleep with someone I know has slept with everyone in town and their gardener.  There was a short time when Hugh Grant was on the list, but after the whole hooker debacle he just didn't seem to be quite so suave.

There are others who are alternates that, when the mood strikes, knock someone else off the list for a short while, but don't necessarily have the staying power of a permanent resident.  This have included: Giovanni Ribisi, Hugh Laurie, Kenneth Branagh, David Boreanaz, Gary Oldman,  Matthew McConaughey, Orlando Bloom, and Patrick Stewart to name a few.

So, knowing who isn't on the list, I bet you're dying to know who is.  Well, at the moment the list includes:

Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello.  Elvis has been on the list since it was first created and despite the misstep in judgment I consider his marriage to Diana Krall to be, he'd have to commit a major felony or crime against humanity to get knocked off.


George Clooney.  Really, how can he not be? He is the modern day Cary Grant.  He's gorgeous, funny, well mannered, cavalier, chivalrous, sexy, rich, and he's got a villa in Italy.


John Cusack.  John's another long-timer on the list.  Although I've not really enjoyed any of his films since High Fidelity and so there is the distinct possibility that he could become an alternate in the near future.


Lee Pace.  I spent every episode of Pushing Daisies with an unsightly strand of drool hanging from my mouth.  I was heartbroken when the canceled the series and I realized we wouldn't be spending one night a week together.


Alan Rickman. While I love him in every role he's ever played, when we hook-up I'm gonna ask him to use his Professor Snape voice to talk dirty to me.

I also have a list of dead celebrities I'm looking forward to sleeping with in the after-life.  Some day I will share that with you too.  I know you like it when I share.

 So now I've show you mine, you show me yours!

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Come on, you can tell me!
totally with you about Alan Rickman- ever since I saw Truly, Madly, Deeply I've liked him.
Ani Difranco, Amy Ray, Barry Lopez, mm, one more oh god, dare I say it- Angelina Jolie
Julie - Even after that whole Billy Bob escapade?
wow...almost all your picks are on my list.

1. Elvis...I totally agree you on this one. love Elvis.
2. John Cusack - I agree with you on his movies. but NOTHING could knock him off my list.
3. Clooney...
4. Gary Oldman
5. Jude Law...mmmmmm

ok, wiping the drool off and getting (trying to) back to work!
We don't really have that list, but we do have a list of approved people each other could date (or marry) if something happens to either one of us. And, it's secret. A funny for us is that my husband's favorite 'crush' was always Goldie Hawn, and my teen idol was Kurt Russell. I share your love of John Cusack, one of my quirky favorites.
Totally yes on Alan Rickman and the dirty Snape voice. I do love Elvis Costello but not in that kind of way. I used to have the hots for the guy who plays the plumber on Desperate Housewives. I think I'll put him on my list. Ewan McGregor for sure, ever since I watched him in Long Way Round riding his motorcycle around the world and getting all dusty and messy. I'll have to keep thinking.
Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett.. need I go on?

Funny. R
NOOOOO ... john cusack ... NOOOOO ...
I don't kiss and tell.
Surly, even after Billy Bob, god knows I've had my own loser parade (which does not include either Jim or Karen, if anyone is reading this who's slept with me, and your name isn't Jim or Karen, yup, you are part of the parade, grab a party hat)
such lovely lines.."I'm shallow and judgmental when it comes to who I'm going to sleep with." Ain't it the truth! (And, I will let you know---after I figure them out---my totally revealing nude thoughts)
I'm on my own but I'd give all my places to George Clooney if that would help my chances.
oh GAWD, it is Russell Crowe. Even though he screwed big lipped drug addled Courtney Love. I can't help myself. I just can't. :::crying::
Since my sex life is pretty much already in the afterlife, the only living person I could put on that list would be Viggo Mortenson. And he'd HAVE to be Aragorn! And I would put on elf-ears and a sheer flowy elf-dress and . . . I would suddenly look just like Liv Tyler.
Okay, I'll play: Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson (especially with "wardrobe malfunction"), Ben Stiller, Lacey Schwimmer (of "Dancing With the Stars" pro fame) and always, always David Bowie. It's hard to limit the list to five, though, and I say that even though I've never been especially prone to fantasies about the famous.
I'm not telling. You strike me as a kleptomaniac.
My wife loves Sting and John Cusack. She has always thought my name should be Lloyd Dobbler after Cusack's character in "Say Anything", as Cusack is nearly my height and we have very, very similar personalities. I'm sensitive, witty and thoughtful (believe it or not) and a gentleman, but could kick an ass if/when needed. I hardly know a woman without Sting on it. Your list is admirable.

My list changes. The older I get the harder I find it to put twenty-something year old's like Scarlett Johannson on my list. I feel like a perv.
So with near my age in mind, I'll go Diane Lane, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Winslett as long as she only speaks with her native accent. Charlize Theron over Salma if Salma is one of her "moods". :-) All within my 45 years of age. I'm proud.
Scott Speedman, Jamie Oliver, Chris Isaak,Dermot Mulroney...the butcher at the carniceria Sergio. Wait, do they have to be famous? Celebrities are always so much smaller in person, it freaks me out. Another fun read of course!!
Monica Bellucci, Claudia Black, and every woman who ever appeared on an H&M poster.
Call me perverse, but I go for the older gals. (Yes, experience means something ).

Linda Hunt (hot little number)

Lena Olin

Charlotte Rampling

Renee Russo

Jane Seymour
I think we must share the very same taste in men!!!
You have a nice list there. Most women would toss in their teen heartthob and I am forced to say "Really? Sean Cassity?" Of course living far far away from any kind or real celebrity, and being unable to obtain the time of day from sane women I never came up with a list so I would have to really give it some thought. OSers don't count, do they?
Catherine Deneuve. France uses her profile for "Marianne," it's national symbol. I don't care how many years she has on me. And, Surly, if you hear of a Daisies reunion, I'll ask Ms. Stim for special Anna Friel and/or Kristin Chenoweth permission slip. I miss that show.
I was drooling while watching Pushing Daises too. Have you seen WonderFalls? You can rent it from Netflix. Brilliant!

I don't know about my five. But I know Johney Depp is at the top of the list.
Salma Hayek...that is all.

I've never been a star fantasizer. Except for Samantha from Bewitched...one of my first loves. And the Nanny from Nanny and the Professor. She was a total hottie. And Betty on Ugly Betty...and Queen Latifah. That is all. xox
James Marsters, Josh Holloway, a younger Julian Sands (when I build my time-travel machine), Johnny Depp, and...aw, hell, I dunno, but I'll bet it'll be some other guy whose first name starts with a J.

Mr. Whipple. Squeeze my Charmin,... HARDER! You bitch.
barking...Bill Moyers? how. did. that. happen? xox
Then there's Julie from the Love Boat, Diahann Carroll...I was so into her t.v. show, Julia. Remember that? She played a nurse, who was a widowed single mother. I even had the Julia doll. So, I'm sure you're jealousing now. xox

just a photo of Diahann playing Julia...she can nurse me back to health anytime...xox
No list would be complete without Grace Kelly. xox
Robin -You have great taste. I loved all those women, too.
oh my god, Truly Madly Deeply!! great great film. this is a wonderful post. i have no libido because of meds but a girl can fantasize about having one, right? and i LOVE Lee Pace. everyone you mentioned except Elvis Costello. i love the Black Irish thang so i would add Gabriel Byrne, Aidan Quinn -- im' 57, oh and i love a man with volume because i've gotten larger over the years, Brian Dennehy!! i love a man who makes me feel petite and who seems like a good dad. i'm a sucker for a good dad type. this is so much fun. thank you!! love love lvoe and gratitude
you got me thinking about russell crowe and now I'm a wreck. I've destroyed my serious post. I was earnest and serious but mental images of russell crowe and then mission with her requests for man ass gets me searching around, and here I am babbling like an idiot....thinking of man ass and blow holes and you and you sexed up empowered wimmins have turned my serious thinking to blathering. I'm not going to get any work done today, I can see that.
Hi mamoore...these women had what I call 'portable beauty'...it wasn't reliant on all kinds of lighting and stuff...they had personalities and natural beauty. xox
nofrills...Surly has you in her spell...no one can save you now...
I know people who have worked with Cusack. Let's just say, I don't want to disappoint you, but I wouldn't buy the guy a glass of water. However, they have nothing but great things to say about Clooney.

Fun post!
Okay . . . Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Sigourney Weaver, Susan Sarandon . . . I'm sure there are more. Robin's list is pretty appetizing.
Patrick Stewart!? Ewww. Sure his head might be smooth, but aren't you afraid you might end up face to...you know with some dried up peach seeds? Ugh.

Let me see. Roseanne Barr, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Carol Channing and Rosie O'Donnell.
oh robin, you are sooooooo right.

soup came out astounding. I'm going to do it again for guests. people laugh at matzo balls because they do not know or understand the succulent deliciousness of them. your trick DID the trick. theys wuz delish.

sorry to be off topic. but I'm reeling today. russell crowe. r u s s e l l c r o w e

mrs russell crowe
monkey crowe
mrs monkey crowe
oh oh, can I swap one of mine out? Kim Kardashian- Nofrillsmonkey did not do anything for my concentration level today

(yeah, yeah, I know she looks like an idiot for wearing jewelry and all that crap in the water, but that's the photo-shoot person's mistake)
nofrillys....I'm glad the soup turned out so well! yay! If I know surly's ways...you will be unable to think of anything but Russell until tomorrow at least...so might as well enjoy it...xox
Well, if anyone insists on seeing a photo of Juliet Mills half naked with Jack Lemmon in a Billy Wilder film called Avanti, I can't stop you...
Yep. And possibly Julianne Moore.
Julianne Moore...interesting...I loved her in Magnolia...xox
Rillllyyyy, JK...huh...oh...rilly now. xox
JK has been to the Ashram...where we don't know what happened, but we rillly want to find out....
You do know Elvis Costello is not Elvis Presley, right?
I don't have a list, but I'll play along...

Antonio Banderas AND Salma Hayek.
But only the "Desperado" Antonio.
And maybe the "From Dusk 'til Dawn" Salma, but before she turns into an ugly vampire.
I have already admitted that Keanu Reeves...not really, but kinda...but...when I really think about it...no.

JK...what about a woman who isn't gay, or as in the case of Queen Latifah, who we aren't supposed to know is gay. xox
I just wandered over from Monkeys post since she posted asses just because I requested them.
I do like the bodies of the Williams sisters.
Antonio Bandero. Nice clean hard bodies.
I can't mow today. I keep coming in here and reading.
I need to learn to drink i think.
Fred Rogers made me feel so special.
littlewillie has a lot of man crushes...xox
@Mission - Damn! I hadn't thought about the Williams sisters . . . that would wear me out.


evil GIRLY!
I will give this some thought...maybe a lot of thought. Thanks, Surly.
Indie Girl - great minds and what not... Jude Law had promise until that whole banging the nanny thing. That just always strikes me as creepy.

Kathy - that wouldn't work for me. I've told Dave I intend to haunt him from the beyond and make it impossible for him to be happy with any other woman. ;)

mamoore - James Denton does have nice abs in a Randolph Mantooth kind of way.

John - I could have called that from 30 paces!

Squirrel - isn't he a homeboy?

Trudge - why do I NOT believe that? :)

Lea - you're allowed to stack the deck.

nofrills - you're forgiving...and clearly obsessed.

skeltnwmn - Yeah, I'm with you. Although when it comes to Middle Earth I have to go with Orlando Bloom, whom when he is on the list my husband refers to, rather derisively I might add, as "Elf Boy."

Eva - Ben Stiller... interesting... disturbing... yet, has merit.

O'Really - Chicken!

KOB - Diane Lane now or of the Outsiders era?

MDawn - Dermot Mulroney - nice choice there.

Jdal - your taste hasn't changed in all these years.

berrycomposer - were you drooling while watching NCIS:Los Angeles last night?

Barkinglot - I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you're barking mad!

bluesurly - it's in the surly gene I think.

JK - I could have guessed you would have a Patrick Stewart fetish too.

Ocular - I've got a whole other list of guys from my youth that I would have given up my virginity for. Shaun Cassidy was on that!

Stim - Catherine is a classic beauty no matter how old she gets.

Gwendolyn - Back in the 21 Jumpstreet days Johnny was on my list... but lately he looks too much like Keith Richards for my taste.

Robin - now Salma is a good choice.

Verbal - Julian in the Boxing Helena days was HAWT!!! Mind you I'm still totally scarred from that movie.

littlewillie - you are one messed up SOB.

Theodora - Aidan Quinn - amen, yes sister, indeed! He's another that flits on and off. I will sit through endless reruns of Practical Magic and Benny and Joon just to gaze upon him.

Sheldon - Yeah, I've heard that too... but if he can take direction we're good ;)

Owl - you like women with big full hairdo's don't you?

Michael - Carol Channing? That I can see... totally.

Will Someone Feed The Cat - I have his home address... I'm just sayin'.

Scanner - We're not talking the list from life's after party - and even then I don't think I could include Presley - at least not fat Elvis.

Spotted - Antonio was on my list in the early days but after Melanie Griffith...'nuff said.

Mission - they say I'm a trouble maker, but I'm not match for the monkey.
I read through this and realized that I don't have a list. Then I saw that my missus -- little miss writer -- mentioned HER list. I'm a brooding artist, a sicilian alpha male and a semi retired punk, which therefore means that I'm a teensy bit, somewhat emotionally damaged, break things when I've been scorned and prone to quoting Hennry Rollins. Or, in lay terms, the jealous type. Can't help it, my missus is the love of my love and I'm somewhat insecure. SO. My list would also begin with Mr. depp. I'm not gay but would totally hit that if given the chance. Number two would be Janeane Garafalo, followed by Velma from Scooby Doo and MTV's Daria and Jane in a three way. Is there a rule about fictional characters??
Red Star- no rules, none whatsoever. And I can totally see you hooking up with Velma.
JK...actually, I'm not assuming he's straight...I think he's way gay...but...in my case...what does it matter?
Manwise...I really don't have any...sincerely no attraction...xox
Hmmm . . . the hair? Merely an adornment.
Josie and the Pussycats...now...there's some hotties! xox
Like you, my list if fluid. But today it looks like this:

Selma Hayek : forever and always

Susan Sarandon: forever her too

Angelina: the weirder she gets the hotter I think she is

Maria Bamford: craaaaaazy.

And last and most bizzare, the Progressive Insurance Girl. I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is, but she just does it for me.
John - You clearly like you some crazy.
George Clooney
Johnny Depp
Colin Firth
Fred Couples
Mario Lopez

I'm drooling by now! Love your list!
Antonio Banderas... 'nuff said

Chris Noth... ignore SATC, think Yale, cocky, sense of humor, family man, experienced

Clooney... jeez, ya think?

Richard Gere... sue me, I'm a sucker for manly with a side of gentle introspection

which brings me to.....

Just Pamela - Mario Lopez? You're lucky he's barely legal!

Sally - I see what ya mean about Lonnie!
Progressive Insurance Girl...total babe. xox
surly, you have destroyed nofrillies....
Thank you, Robin. And they act like I"M the crazy one!!
How could I have forgotten Randolph Mantooth?!! I haven't seen recent pics but I bet he aged well. If it had been a few years ago, I would say Paul Newman. And Aiden Quinn? I went to high school with the Quinn boys and had a huge crush on him, though his brother is closer to my age. He was the first boy I knew that dared to wear clogs.
Love, love, love that Elvis Costello is your number one!!!!

Mike Myers (I know!!)
Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge, not Star Wars)
Hugh Jackman
Zoey Deschanel
Mary-Louise Parker

The entire cast of West Wing. All at once.

Alright! I haven't seen my husband for 136 days!! Now I'm all hot & bothered. Ugh! I.....need........flesh........!!!
Hugh Jackman, period! I'm a one fantacy man, woman! Your list is good, tho! Lee Pace. Hmmm!
Mindi - Bradley Whitford would be fun.

mamoore - I am so jealous that you've been up close and teenage with Aidan... so jealous.
From oldest to youngest:

Michelle Pfeiffer
Julianna Margulies
Halle Berry
Eva Mendes
It's all about his dimples and that hot black hair; what a baby!
chingaso - you've clearly put some thought into it! Bravo.
1) Johnny Depp. Any day, any time.

2) Eicca Toppinen. Frontman from Apocalyptica.

3) Orlando Bloom. Sorry, I've got this thing for really pretty guys.

4) Colin Firth. As long as he plays Mr. Darcy, I'm all for him!

5) Kate Winslet. Too gorgeous to even explain.
Ash - I can see the Mr. Darcy thing... but no lace collars and cuffs.

Susan - Leo? Leo who? ;)
I like Perky women, so that discribes about 25% of the actresses out there. Too many to mention and faves change daily. So I don't know, Jessica Alba? Terry Hatcher? Mediteranian and girly, I suppose.
Hmmmm, I'm new here but can I play?

Ed Harris
Bruce Willis
Hugh Jackman
Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock)
Patrick Stewart

...it's hard to stop at only 5!
Invisible Man - raised on Sophia Loren fantasies I take it?

OopsieDaisies - The Rock... now there's a new one in the mix! Nicely done...
I couldn't find my name in your post. I assume it was an oversight.
hmmm, now you girls have me thinking about who i'd have on my list if i diversified my portfolio. hmmmm. Angelina, of course. i seem to go for dark haired women. Jessica Biel maybe. that body is to die for. the funny gals because it's all about laughing for me: julia louis-dreyfus, chelsea handler, wanda sykes and others i can't name right now... not sarah silverman. her humor is not mine. love love love

Surly, i'm so excited that you're an Aidan Quinn lover too. you forgot about Legends of the Fall. well, he's not a good guy in that one, is he?
Mariska Hargitay
Angie Harmon
Emily Deschanel
Ashley Judd
Kate Hudson

Just had to add my list.
"I know, I know sex addiction is a disorder - but really I just can't sleep with someone I know has slept with everyone in town and their gardener."
an ironic comment-- actually theres an interesting rumor that david duchovny's "sex addiction" was actually porn addiction. did anyone hear any more about that? did he break up with this wife? tea leoni I think.... yeah whatever it is, its gotta be a disorder if it causes you not to pay your full undivided attn to tea leoni.. in fact she might be on my list :)
anyway, love the risque post. I can feel the supercilious matriarchy on here violently frowning.
my list is made up entirely of women on OS :p
esp the ones who hunt down and delete my comments off their blogs in fits of hotheaded pique :) ..
ah geez no one mentioned megan fox yet?? :)
George Clooney for sure.
Everyone after that is a blur.
Except for Steve Blevins.
I must have a thing for doctors.
salma hayek & penelope cruz have been mentioned separately. see em together in a great movie called "bandidas"
Philip - I've always wanted Angie Harmon's hair and husky voice... nice list!

vzn - no one over the age of 13 wants Megan Fox anywhere near them I suspect.

cartouche - It's the stethoscopes I think.
Oh crap! I'm late! I'll just have to settle for everybody on Robin's list!

Oh! and I'd add Allison Martlew (but only back when she shaved her head!)
I've always found these lists interesting but never felt the need to make one of my own. If I did, Alan Rickman would most likely be included because he's wicked awesome but see, not one of the people I'd list would give me the time of day on the street let alone end up in the sack with me.

Even so, I enjoyed your list.
You know, relationships are two much trouble...I would settle for 5 good stray cats...(or dogs, or fishes) ;-p

But if they would come crawling to me, asking me to have pity on them and give them a kiss, they would be:

1 - George Clooney;
2 -Ewan MacGregor;
3 - Ralf Fiennes (even as Voldemort);
4 - Reinaldo Giannechini (a Brazilian actor);
5 - Diego Torres (an Argentinian singer).

Wow now I know I've grown older .. so many have dropped off this list but those who remain include:

Russell Crowe

Thinking .....

omg I can't believe I am going to say this but .....

Bill Clinton (though I am thinking more about snuggling and listening to him talk)

thinking ......

Liam Neeson! how could I forget Liam? ......


I can easily name those who've dropped off though .....

maybe Seal (Heidi is always so freakin glowy ... and pregnant .. one wonders ...)

Aw heck, it's Russell and Liam, and a cuddly night with Bill and his mind.

I'd say Clooney too but I hate just being a number.

nighty night
A day late and a dollar short but here goes my list:
1. Rita Hayworth (we agree that the time/space continuum is not a problem, right?) I want 1940's era Rita not dying in a bed someplace Rita. Let this rule prevail for the rest of my choices...
2. Virginia Madsen (she just seems interesting and has a great rack) Did I mention something about time/space?
3. Jenny Agutter (don't ask)
4.Eleanor of Aquitane
5.Winona Ryder (someone has to rub my belly and pull my tail after all of that, no? )
Looks like a woman's list. I'd prefer someone in a skirt...preferably a woman....
Nofrillsmonkey- My sister met Russell a few years ago- said he's better looking in person, and very much the gentleman.

I'm single, so I don't need a list but:
- Alan Rickman- just the voice makes my liver quiver, and this might change the way you feel about pumping gas forever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7A_bJFZNXE

Hugh Jackman- mmmm

Javier Bardem( preferably without the No Country for old men haircut)

and if I were to bat for the other team, I'd be terribly tempted by Maggie Gyllenhaal
Just Jon Stewart. what can I say?...he's short...he's makes me laugh.
My tastes run the gamut:

Tommy Lee Jones
John Cusack
Ed Harris
Hugh Jackman
Sam Elliot
1. Julie Taymor
2. Lucinda Williams
3. Rosemarie DeWitt
4. Judy Greer
5. Lisa Edelstein

I don't think anyone has listed any of my current top five (does that mean I get them all to myself?)

1- Clive Owen
2- Aaron Eckhart (forget the Jen Aniston movie, I could get lost in that dimple in his chin for days)
3-Nathan Fillion
4-Goran Visnjic
5-John Corbett (but only as Chris Stevens on "Northern Exposure")

and for my girl....Drew Barrymore!
I had no idea Snape looked like this :) but I liked the way he looked in all his HP movies. Thx for this picture.

Am not on your 'friends' list, so not sure if you would like to 'see' mine, but here is one name anyway. You seem to know a lot about the lives of people you mention here. I do not. Only based on the way they looked in movies I watched... - Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny. Then I liked the man who played the priest friend of the leading lady whose other childhood friend was a Jewish Rabbi. In one of his other movies that I watched, he plays a wronged church worker in the beginning, who seemed to have been abused by the priest he used to work for, but later the story takes a turn and his stutter disappears - love his work, but just can't remember his name. Also like the look of the man that plays Morpheus in Matrix. Antonio Banderas and Shrek completes the list.
Safe_Bet - copy cat ;)

Devilgrrl - that's where stalking comes in handy.

austin - when he was Voldemort? Really? That's the only time he has flat out creeped me out... he's too good being an evil snake...

Kelly - Liam... yes... yes... yes...

Darryl - I'm wondering what Virginia Madsen would think of you lumping her in with a bunch of dead women - I'm sure it would terrify her agent ;)

Ralph - if you're not discriminating I think TequilaandDonuts knows a guy in a prairie skirt ;)

Peppermint - interesting... Maggie, eh? I'm still stumped who mine would be...

ghostwriter - short guy for a short list?

Wind - Sam Elliot, yes indeed. My mother once hit him with her car. He still remembers her.

Duaneart - Boom!

Cheryl - I had a friend who dated John. Let's just say the fantasy beats the reality, hands down. Drew - now that's a good choice...

Rolling - Shrek? Shrek? Seriously? I think I'm a wee bit afraid of you ;)

Monica Bellucci
Janeane Garofalo
Kristin Wigg
Natalie Portman
Helen Hunt
Fagan- Helen Hunt - now there's a blast from the past! Nice list.
in the end Shrek's the best one to be with
Loved your post! Here's my list:

1. Ed Harris – not what most people would consider classically handsome but oh those eyes……you could just get lost in those eyes…

2. Sting – I imagine us having hot, tantric sex for hours on end pausing only now and then so that he can organize a benefit concert to save the rainforests

3. Lenny Kravitz – what can I say?....HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!...he just emits a raw sexuality-type vibe that implies that he’d just throw you against a wall at a moment’s notice and boink you senseless

4. Colin Firth – I suspect that our sex would be awkward and clunky but there’s just something about him that I find just so irresistible

5. Jimmy Jean-Louis – I only came across him recently while flipping through the cable channels late one night and I don’t know what other film he’s been in besides Phat Girlz but damn he was smokin’ hot in that movie (or at least the 5 minutes that I saw)
rice paddie - I got kinda freaked out by Sting and his tantric sex stuff when I read somewhere that he practiced maintaining his erections with a hand towel handing off of them. To what end, I have no idea, but now that is all I can see when I imagine him.
Cusack for sure. His BFF Jeremy Piven has grown on me, too!
Johnny Depp and Ed Harris. I would have put John Cusack on there but Sheldon implied he was a jerk and so he's off. I'm sure he's broken hearted about it. Daniel Day-Lewis in "The Last of the Mohicans". Oh. my. God.
Funny that John Cusack is on the list, cause I look just like him.

Oh and I'm totally with John Blumenthal: Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet and maybe pre-famous Angelina.
Carrie- Yeah, Jeremy Piven has come into his own... but I don't know if I could keep up with him - he's whirling dervish!

dcvdickens - You get a FIRST! with Daniel Day-Lewis... nice!

WalkAwayHappy - You're the first to bring up Mr. Selleck - he's only improved with age.

Cap'n - You mean Tomb Raider Angelina, doncha?
I now it's hard to believe that cute thing turned into an evil snake..but he has been Lord Voldemort since the beginning:

Christain Bale (Dark Knight)
Hugh Jackman ( X-Men)
Sean Flannery ( Boondock Saints)
Ryan Reynolds ( Blade Trinity)
Vin Diesel

First of all, David D. also fell off my list. The keepers are:

Josh Holloway (of LOST fame..yummy Sawyer).
Matthew MacFeyden (Pride & Predjudice)
Colin Firth (I know, my Jane Austen is showing)
George Clooney
Matt Damon (but he has to talk in that genius-Southie accent from Good Will Hunting and explain Darwin's Origin of Species to me)

Well, that's it. Cheers!
David Byrne of Talking Heads?
David Bowie (if Iman wouldn't mind)
and your list was good...

I notice that no one mentioned our president?! ;-)
Cridd - You have a superhero thing doncha?

Jagoneely - OMG! Sawyer! Yes, yes, yes. Strand me on an island with him any day. I don't ever want to see him clean shaven.

Yakkygirl - I'll give you that President Obama is hot, but it seems kinda like blasphemy to lust after him. And it's totally impractical to stalk him. ;)
1. John Frusciante
2. Henry Rollins
3. John Mayer
4. Ryan Gosling
5. Ewan McGregor
Natalie - You've got JK's thang for musicians doncha? :)
You should have heard my list if we were allowed to sleep with dead people.

That doesn't sound right at all.

The link to a wonderful move that was not released in the U.S. called "Snow Cake". Alan Rickman and Sigorney Weaver star in it. It was shot in Wawa, Ontario an old mining town at the top center of Lake Superior. We used to vacation near there. It's in the middle of nowhere.
I'm sure that 3 of my 5 are still breathing. I wanted 22 yr. old Virginia, seeing as I made the rules so that space/time was not an issue ;-)
George Clooney is to me what Brad Pitt is to you. Just, no. Elvis Costello, absolutely yes. Alan Rickman, okay but there are better ones ahead of him like Stephen Colbert, Girard Butler (on Kimmel he has a darling sense of humor). David Boreanaz, absolutely, looks like a real man not a trick. Daniel Craig who seems to be very humble and sweet despite being James Bond. Colin Firth from his stint on Pride and Prejudice. Who else. I'll get back to you. Oh Daniel Day Lewis from Age of Innocence or Last of the Mohicans.
latethink - You get a FIRST! too on Daniel Craig. I can just see him in that blue bathing suit getting out of the water... mmmm....
Also, I loved Al Pacino in Frankie and Johnny (nothing else though) but now I see he has fungus on his nails, yuck. Probably no one knows who Art Alexakis is, but he's the lead singer for Everclear which I love, but he is kind of like David Duchovny, so probably not. Oh JEFF BRIDGES. I did yell that.
Now I've started I cannot stop. Sam Waterston who I fell in love with in The Great Gatsby and from when he was on I'll Fly Away pre L&O. Those brown eyes.
Ok, first of all WAR because your list has part of my list.

Second of all, we have a "Cusack Clause" wherein any interaction with a Cusack does not break our bond of committment.

Third of all "my aim is true" and my cousin was his manager -although he's not on my list. He just haunts me.

Cusack, Clooney, Joe Perry from Aerosmith.(laugh not until you look at a picture of him. He's, like, 70 and looks like he's, like, 27.)

Clive Owen right this second because I am watching "Duplicity". I'll have to come back for the last two men on my list. Clive has addled me.

Ladies? Kate Winslet. It's hard because they're all married and/or mothering and I don't want to play with the kids.
I will give this all much more serious thought.

oh, I have a weird thing for Chris Noth, but only from Law and Order. Not "Mr. Big".
Hmmm...Cusak and Clooney also on my list. Lyle Lovett if I close my eyes and he just sings to me. And, currently, Bruce Springsteen. I can't believe he is 60, and I don't care.
God bless you for saying Alan Rickman. I don't care what role he is, that cold stare would make my clothes peel off on their own.
I'm straight but I think even I would have to make room on my list for Elvis Costello!

Helen Hunt, Jodie Foster (it is all about me too, so she may have to take one for the team), Lisa Bonet (the only reason I watched the Cosby show as a teenager) and Ann Coulter (but only so I would feel so gay about sleeping with Elvis!)
Like TheBarkingLot4, I also find Bill Moyers attractive. (Why does it not surprise me that we agree on this??) "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" host Peter Sagal (on public radio) is also on my list, and probably the only person not mentioned already by others here. Very smart and very funny!
"Love Actually," one of my favorite fun movies, has Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson and Gael Garcia Bernal. I think I might need to watch it this weekend...
aim- I'm totally with you on the Chris Noth of L&O days - even the 2nd round when he was a little older and even surlier ;) If you've got an in w/Mr. McManus let me know how much it will cost me to get his home address!

sweetfeet - Yes, Lyle can serenade me any day...

Jeris - Amen!

Mark - Ann Coulter? Do you have a masochistic streak?

mginmn - I love that film... that's actually a great suggestion for this weekend's entertainment! Thank you!
How can we forget:
Harrison Ford
Alec Baldwin
Benecio del Toro
Brendan Fraser.... and.... and..... and:
Steve Forbes!
John Cusack for sure. Hugh Jackman. Ewan McGreggor,Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny Depp in first place.
Paris Hilton, Floyd the Barber from "the Andy Griffith Show" and me... Noah Tall
Since we are pretending, John Cusack, Alan Rickman (he plays a lovely good guy as well as a bitchin' bad guy, so he could pay nice too,) Johnny Depp when he was shaved and freshly out of the shower, Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson as his character in Braveheart... and Russell Crowe.

I would continue, but I just realized I should probably go take care of something else...
Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, George Clooney, Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan (without a beard). I like black hair and blue eyes, and occasionally, an accent. I also like tall, charming, suave and just a bit of rough.
whos on my list? how about this..
a woman who doesnt criticize.
yeah, I know-- its a total fantasy.
I'm late to the party, but here it is
1. Johnny Depp - freshly bathed and cigarette free.
2. Redford - before he had his eyes done, ala Butch Cassidy days.
3. Mel Gibson's Braveheart character
4. Eric Shweig - a fine looking native american actor, was in Mohicans with Daniel Day, and a voice so deep, you'd do anything.
5. Eric Bana
Gerard Butler fell off the list when discovered he sleeps with pretty much anyone. Tom Cruise - just yuck, he's in such denial. And Clooney, can't go with you there....I get this feeling that he may be sitting in the closet...I just wouldn't be surprised if one day it opened and out he popped.
Emma Peel you win the "Straight From Left-Field Pick" Award - Jeff Fahey? Damn woman... just damn.
clubsixty - now that's a well rounded list indeed!

717judie - Billy Bob? You have a darkside!

noah tall - I totally get the Floyd the Barber thing... yes indeed I do.

Natalie - oooohhhh Denzel... now there's a nice addition to the mix.

bnc - Yeah, I hear you on Eric Bana and Eric Schweig - Gawd! Yes! Nicely done.
tho i must add, once the deed is done, the remainder of the time must be conversation, and for that i would add Jon Stewart & Dennis Miller.
Not a bad list. Mine would subtract Lee Pace and add Timothy Hutton and Chris Noth.