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APRIL 18, 2010 7:09PM

All Good Dogs Go To Heaven

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Today we made the hard choice.  Today we said goodbye.  Today we grieve.

Bruno, one of our beloved beasts, took ill earlier this week with something that the vets could not diagnose.  They took x-rays and drew blood.  "Maybe it is an infection" had turned into "Maybe it is meningitis or maybe it is a brain tumor" in a matter of hours.  I have come to understand that veterinarian medicine is a science of maybes.  We will not ever know what killed our boy, but seeing him laying in a metal cage, tubes of fluids and medications being pumped into his veins while his tongue hung, dry to the touch, from his mouth, a look that would normally have elicited a smile from my face, this morning gave  me only grief.  It made us say, "Yes, please put him to sleep."

The vet and the techs were all very nice and kind.  They gave us time with him to say our goodbyes.  They cast his paw in clay to give us a memento.  The thoughtful tech cut a lock from his hair and gave it to me.  Dave and I both looked at each other wondering what we were to do with a lock of his hair, especially when every surface of our house is covered in a light layer of Bruno's constantly shedding fur.  As I type the housekeeper is sweeping up the last remnants of Bruno's fur from every corner of the house.  He has gone, and we have but memories, a grimy collar, and a clay pawrint to remind us that he was here.


I first met Bruno nearly nine years ago on my first date with Dave.  The first thing Bruno did was punch me with his paw.  Bruno, and his brother Bat, were the guardians at the gate for my relationship with Dave.  Had I not been a dog person, had I not immediately adored both of them, I would have been out on my ear with no invitation for a second date. Bat, who had a penchant for chewing on my underwear, passed away shortly after Dave and I moved in together.


Bruno, an enormous beast weighing nearly 120lbs and the size of a Shetland pony, was to be the cornerstone of our ever-growing family of beasts, and yet he was never to rise to the ranks of alpha dog. He was to outlive, but never out rank Miska, the brilliant shepherd that died suddenly when she was three; nor Angel Bear, the spoiled trust fund bearing golden retriever I inherited from my grandmother.  He was to serve as straight man to the antics of our two labretards, Jack and Sally, occasionally trying to bully them to see him as their lord and master, only to discover that they take no one, including him seriously.

Angel Bear

 Bruno was Dave's "best boy," the mascot for his band, and his favourite, even though parents are not supposed to have favourites amongst their children. Moreover, while I will grieve the loss of one of my children, Dave will grieve for him the most.  It is Dave who will wake in the middle of the night and step gingerly around the phantom dog sleeping on the floor next to his side of the bed. It is Dave who has truly lost his best friend today.



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((((((HUGS)))))) That sucks. I'm so sorry.
Today we said goodbye to one of the world's best dogs, Bruno Magli. In his honor we ask that you scratch your beasties behind the ears and rub their bellies a few extra times, and give them many extra treats and snacks. Bruno would want it that way.
I am not a dog person, honestly. But I have to say -- these are DARLING puppies... I can tell you are a good doggy momma. That sounded very strange... but you get the idea. You have a sweet unsurley side under all the surle. Anyway -- so sorry for the loss. Bruno surely is in heaven now. And I hear they have lovely doggie treats and games up there at the big ole dog park in the sky. xoxoxo
I am so sorry! Losing a member of the family is never easy. My thoughts are with you today...
Safe passing Bruno Magli...chewer of expensive footwear, or maybe the three figure peep toe designer shoe of canines. Soft pets do mark the chapters of our lives, and so one closes for you. I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry. I will definitely give my dogs -and my kitties too- extra scratches behind the ears for Bruno. I'd do it anyway, but I'll be thinking of him now.
So sorry, Surly. My beasty is out feasting on moles (and will stay out till the mole breath abates), but I'll appreciate her more tonight because of your post.
Sorry my humorous post landed right after yours. Sounds like your dog had a great human family
All good dogs go to heaven for sure. I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, it is hard because we grow so attached to them. I will make sure my dogs and cats get a bit extra love tonight. Wish there was more I could say to help..
Ah, damn. So sorry to hear of Bruno's passing.

I don't own pets anymore, but I've always loved dogs and cats. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
I've been down this road and I know this devastation. I'm so sorry but I wish I could/say or do more. As one dear person said to me after losing my baby, "Casey's somewhere being Casey".
I am so sorry for yours and Dave's loss.
Goodbye to your sloppy handsome puppy boy. I have a couple over there wherever they are hiding, waiting to play.
As someone who lost his beloved cat a couple of months ago, I know the pain you must be feeling at losing such an important part of the family. You've given Bruno a loving tribute.
I've been there, and felt the pain. It's so hard to say farewell to beloved dogs and cats.

But you both did the most loving and responsible thing for Bruno. When the farewell is all there is left, it definitely matters that we end the pain of a sick or injured animal.
I say that all dogs go to heaven, and that people are allowed in only because dogs want them there. Rest in peace, Bruno.
I'm so sorry. I know how terrible this is. I'm just so sorry.
Oh Surly . . . honey I'm so sorry. Big hugs to you and Dave. Feel, Love and take care of each other.

-pawed for your sweet boy-
I'm so sorry. I am crying ON one of my dogs right now...he doesn't know why, but it's for Bruno. well, and his parents.
Second attempt to comment.

My condolences to Dave, your other beasties and you.

aww, crap. i just can't handle it when they die. i'm so sorry, surly, for you and the other beasts and especially dave.
It is heartbreaking, so sorry.
You have no idea how this touches me...deeply, making my way around the phantom dearest one who slept there for as long as I can remember. I am sorry for the loss of a deeply held friendship. I'm honored to have a glimpse into the history of the great ones who have come in and out of your lives. They seem to always have enough happiness when we come home, bodies moving from the tourque of the tail wagging furiously.

I'm so glad you are a dog person. We're both so fortunate to have memories of the greatest ones, both the long lived, the ones who were taken too soon, and the hope of those not-yet-born....
I'm sorry, very sorry.
I am so sorry that Bruno is gone. In Bruno's honor, scratching my Louie behind his ears, with snacks to follow.
I threw many frisbees in Bruno's honor...
Blubberstick caught them all....is was so good...
So, so sorry. I wrote about my loss 2 weeks ago. An emptiness settles over the house but you will still find those hairs months from now.
I've witnessed a dog be put to sleep once in my life and it was very sad. It wasn't even my dog, but I knew him well. I currently have a great dog (my best friend as Bruno was to your husband) who is nine - he's in good health (still spry), but I hate thinking about when I may have to make that decision. Here's to Bruno!
smoooooooooooooooch. xoxo
This is always a tough thing to do. I'm so sorry.
My condolences . . . I know how bad, how hard, that scene is . . . (((surly))).
Hey, surly. There goes a very lucky boy.

I was twelve when Laddie died, and I'm still not over it.

Blessings and thanks.
So sad. It happened to our Molly Muffin last fall, and she was my spouse's "best dog" so I know where you're coming from. Love the paw casting - mine of my Eva Bear is in our front garden...I will complain less vociferously, and think of you, when I take our goofball dogs out one last time tonight.
Good doggie, there's a good doggie.
Very sorry for your loss. Scratching Chessie's ears now. Rated.
I'm so sorry to read these words about your dog Bruno. They are the most wondrous creatures that give us so much. Much love to you and Dave.
:-( **hugs** to you and your family.
I am so sad for you and your poor dog. How beautiful they all were. That was so nice and thoughtful of the tech to give you a paw print. Dogs just stay with you, that's the thing about them. I had a german shephard until I was 8, and he died of liver cancer. The memory of my feeling when I knew he would not be coming back from the vet is one I will never forget. My dog now is a very young 6. She is my only dog that I have had as an adult, and she is heaven. I am sorry for you. You sure have had your share of loss.
I am so sorry, surly. You were a good mom to Bruno...I don't know what to say...xox
I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sending hugs to you and Dave.
I am so sorry for your and Dave's loss Surly :( they are irreplaceable

giving extra love to Lu, Micah, Aiden and Savannah on behalf of Bruno tonight
My heart goes out to you. When furry breathren leave, they keep a piece of use with them always, and left a peice of themselves with us. I still tear up at the thought of animimals that left decades ago. After a while, a long while, I can be grateful. rated with the purest love there is.
Hugs and condolences at the loss of your little buddy! So sad.
So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story with us.

I like to think of my dog Abra hanging out with my dad, sneaking pieces of salami from him, under the table at heaven's deli.
Oh, Damn. I'm so sorry. What a world of hurt you and the rest of Bruno's human family must be feeling right now. He looks like a sweetie. Lots of hugs to you.
I wish there were words to make it better. Non pet lovers will never understand this kind of loss. It really hurts. I'm so sorry.
Sweet photos, dogs just look at you with such love & trust... I'm sorry you had to say goodbye. I hate that part. I'll give Lula the Lab an extra biscuit tonight in honor of Bruno. She'll like that. A lot.
What an adorable face. I am so sorry for your loss.
extra snacks and rubs provided...and am sorry still...
Aw - I'm so sorry. I know how you feel. If it's any consolation, you did a really nice job writing about it.
Big licks to you and Dave from Frosty.
So sorry, surly. Giving Leo extra love and a special spot beside the bed. Hugs.
When we had to say farewell to our beloved Jo Cocker (Spaniel), and too soon after to Max, the streetwise rescue minpin who often slept on my chest, The Redhead said to me "It's like a colour has gone out of our lives". The truth of that ran over me like a freight train. It still does. My best to Dave and to you.
You and hubby made one of the toughest decisions in life. People who don't love dogs don't understand how hard it is to put down one of your dogs.
off to the pearly dog house to see saint bernard
This was sad and hard to read, but thank you.
A lovely tribute for your beloved Bruno. I will definitely pass the love on to my sweeties.
Dogs are great animals. When people don't get another it's usually because of the memory of losing the last.