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October 22
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NOVEMBER 27, 2011 8:19PM

Shut The Fuck Up!

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Argh. I gotta tell ya, people have been gettin' on my last nerve lately. Well, sure people are always doing what they can to annoy me, and for the most part I'm all about turn the other cheek and ignoring them. Okay, well I'll admit that some days I want to do one of those fancy flyin' Ninja kicks that Dave teaches at his martial arts school and knock their teeth out of their heads, but I'm too lazy to break a sweat over them.

However in the last few weeks it's like all the crazy talk is in stereo and the reverb is giving me a migraine which really just makes me wanna say :

I open my email and there's guaranteed to be at least one crazygram in my inbox that makes me want to say:

I turn on the news and Michele Bachmann is talking nonsense and I just want to say:

To the people occupying the lawn of Los Angeles City Hall which estimates indicate is going to cost my already bankrupt city close to $400,000 to clean and repair when they are finally gone I want to say:

But, since I'm a lady of some refinement, I'm opting for:



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Does that apply to comments too?
okay. Slow Speed prohibits me from listening to annoying You Tubes. If itcomes to You.me ever in the same senilt nursing home in the same room we can yell`
You Shut Up Asap! Shut Up!
I fix you cabbage broth soup.
We can take walks to potties!
Is it me or is Open Salon etc.,!
I wee bit more extra crazy as me?
I am having USA culture shocks.
I can't figure who's crazy? Me?
Maybe I send a Red Stocking?
We sing Easter Season songs.
You are a woman after my own heart.
$400,000. Too bad OWS can't put some of their contributed funds towards helping out the tax payers in the cities they "Occupy".
Don't forget who bankrupted your city in the first place!
Someone is having too much fun with sound bites. I know...I'll say it for you, "Trudge, STFU, and good day, sir!"
I like this. You express my sentiments about a lot of things.
You are a model of civility and restraint. I am showing this to my children.
I'd have left off the gene wilder clip. No refinement here. :) $400K is no joke.
$400,000 to clean and repair a lawn? shut the fuck up!
Dammit, I'm mad! (It's a palindrome!)
"Hell is other people." I must disagree, however (stfu!) about occupy. Count the financial bailout money, that financial institutions were supposed to use for consumer and business loans, and are collecting interest on instead. Count the number of my former customers who got evicted from their houses because someone lost their job, or got sick, or had a sick kid. Count the vig that Goldman (Government) Sachs makes on selling treasury bonds to the government that issues them. We need occupy. Greedy wealth and corruption are destroying this country.
I agree sometimes it is better to STFU than make a fool of oneself.
become a charter member in STFU 4 America -


(it's mostly a picture...and a call for everyone to shut the fuck up...also has a 30 second "shut up" video that you may enjoy...I did it quite a while ago as part of a 5-part series on STFU)
Will have to find out what a crazygram is...so behind.

400K to clean up a protest? Sounds like some more budgetary overkill. Like 5,000 for the clean-up and the rest for the team that thought of it, making sure our civil rights expression now appears like a financial burden.

oh and i'm with jane smithie. post name, your name - perfect together
Michelle Bachmann.

I have long wished that I had those very words tattooed on my forehead. Think of the time I could have saved.
Ok, I officially effing love this!
did you say something about Occupy?

"rich people march on washington every day"
--i.f. stone

"We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."
--supreme court justice louis brandeis

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
--upton sinclair

"One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas."
--victor hugo

occupy party reaches critical mass/seismic effect--now what?
You're a funny lady!
OMG! This was too funny! I love your clips and can't think of how many times I want to just shout STFU out loud...darn...I still can't say it, but I appreciate you saying it for me!!! (I love that you ended with that most uncivil of Willy Wonka excerpts!!)