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JUNE 27, 2009 1:15PM

Battle Cry for health care

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The hour is here. You know it's coming. You knew it's coming for a long time.  The talks have droned on, but the forces of the night have already amassed on the Valley of Megido.  Maybe you were too busy scraping a living to keep up- we all were. Maybe you have been justifiably cynical about the system. Maybe you've been exhausted from fighting all the other good and worthy fights. But no matter- war is upon us.   


President Obama has lit the torches and sounded the clarion call: Man the battle stations! Answer the good president's call here: 

Healthcare Stories for America

President Obama wants to hear and air our personal healthcare stories. Don't let the insurance industry speak for you. They have spoken for us for far too long.   They had been able to substitute reality with fictional fantasies unchallenged, like the Harry and Louise ads that sank Hillary Clinton's health care reform back in 1995.  But that was then. This is now. This is the Web2.0 age. We have the power to tell our own tales now.  The DLC is not going to tell our stories. The AMA is not going to tell our stories. The NYT is not going to tell our stories. It's up to us to tell our own stories. Send the link to your friends and loved ones who are struggling with healthcare nightmares -they are usually too exhausted to find these links on their own. Spread the word. Our stories will not be ignored this time.

Click here to send a message to your Congresscritter too

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ok rtd, redditted etc, the pic scary tho
I am all over the health care reform issue. See my exhaustive post at

I am dubious that anything substantive will be enacted this year. See my post for the reasons why. That doesn't mean I'll give up the fight.
Rolling: thanks for spreading the word
Bobby: you medicine blog is awesome. I read a few entries- love that story about the Dalai Lama's doctor. It's rare to see a doctor who is so open-minded about alternative medicine.
RW: Wow- I am very surprised that a staunch conservative like you supports healthcare reform! But in a way I am just as surprised that MORE conservatives don't support it. Given that most small business owners are conservative- and they are screwed by the current HMO-care. They should know what you and GM already figured out- publicly funded health care is good for business.
Please join my pride parade - just click on my picture
Don't know about yall, but I do think that there is some need for health care reform, but not government run health care. Just for starters, please name a government run agency that runs perfect. I seem to recall the one government agency called FEMA that only got chewed out by people for months. Oh yeah, that worked well. What happened to Social Security? Oh, right, Congress spent it. All I'm saying is that a government run health care is not the only answer. I'd rather not trust the government with my health. as for waiting in lines for medical service, ask people who live in countries that already have "Universal Health Care".
I am glad that you sounded the call!