Cur lassitudine tuum animo? Quoniam id est

inaequales aeternam inceptis? -Q Horatius Flaccus
DECEMBER 2, 2011 2:07PM

Fall Comes So Soon

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A child's many paths knowing no set course
Four legs crawl and three slowly shuffle
Many birthed trails lie before a man's source

Kinder memories, light foot lad's verse
Silly song of youth, a nursery jumble
A child's many paths owned before setting course

Summer Sphinx in sand, you cannot immerse
Frolicking above dunes; loving to tumble
Racing trails in youth consume a man's source

Brown Fall leaves the seasons force
Down. Looking back, seeing my way, humble
A child picked this path, this man's present course

Not so bad really, worn but not worse
I kick brown leaves with legs less nimble
Fewer the trails going back to this man's source

Full throated devotion makes passion hoarse
Rose lipped maidens are never humble
As a child I had many paths, set only one course
How many trails are still left in this man's source?


With apologies to sticklers and Dylan Thomas

Inspired by
The Riddle of the Sphinx,
A.E. Housman,
And a morning walk listening to a silly song I refuse to disclose.
Can you guess which it is? I betcha can't. double dog dare.

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