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Ilya Shambat
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
November 21
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Born in Russia, family moved to America when I was 12. Got a degree from University of Virginia at 18. Worked for Oracle, translated four books of classical Russian poety, was part of San Francisco and Washington, DC poetry and music scene. Good friends with San Francisco's own Persephone's Bees and acquainted with Patch Adams. Currently married with children, residing in Australia and working on a clean energy technology implementation.


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MARCH 31, 2012 6:27AM

My poetry book "Intricate Fire"

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Intricate Fire

The mind empowered with desire - 
The heart upon a dragon's back - 
From depths of hell, Intricate Fire 
Spring into life! And don't look back! 

Through caves, through shafts, and through volcanoes - 
Into the clouds in ruby plumes - 
Through things both exquisite and heinous - 
Intricate fire to burn presumes. 

What is your source? Who is your ruler? 
Upon which start and to what end? 
Reasoned from what, and in what manner? 
Through context, based on which intent? 

In forest, wildfire without pity; 
Midst people, the electric light - 
Moderate doses light a city; 
Extremes burn holes in the night - 

What will you char? What will you nourish? 
And what transfigure, into whom? 
What will in warmth you give off flourish? 
What will be in your heat consumed? 

Smashing through crust, and into air - 
And with that feat of passion done 
Springing past construct and despair - 
But what is closer to the sun? 

Crust breaks, that fire might meet the surface 
And show what is that made the earth; 
And then beyond, there is the cosmos, 
That gave both earth and fire its birth! 

And then beyond, galactic matter 
And then - more, more, and endlessly 
Simplicity complexly scattered 
From simply hewn complexity: 

Quasars, black holes, energized darkness, 
The sugar in the Milky Way 
Particle-waves, relative timespace 
Between the galilean frames - 

But do not pause yet on your journey! 
So much to see, so much to be! 
Abyss of stars appear before you 
And in them - blended - destiny: 

To meet the sky, and like a comet 
To blaze the path around the sun 
And into all that lived before it
And then, right out into the One! 

Or two! Or three! Or the forever 
Beyond the known aleph null - 
Into the endless Everywhere - 
Rise, fire, and never ever fall: 

Spring into your eternal purpose 
And only then you can be free: 
From magma's heart and into Cosmos - 
Intricate fire! Burn through me! 
Abyss Has Opened

"Abyss has opened, full of stars" - Lomonosov

Abyss has opened full of stars.
Pluto to Venus, Moon to Mars -
We see the universal force
Charting the cosmos from its source.

Abyss of stars; in stars, abyss -
From depths to heights - from ague to bliss -
The life is manifest in all -
In every part, key to the whole -

In whole, key to every part.
The mind to soul, the breath to heart -
All of life's pieces intertwined
And through the synthesis refined.

The void in me, the stars in you -
The will to be, the sight that's true -
Will intermingle and imbue
The world with light of every hue,

That will commingle into white
And frame and sanctify the night
Shining throughout the day with sun -
And in the night, when course is run,

Return again to their source
And be the parcels. And of course
Inside each star, its own piece
Of wisdom, ecstasy and bliss.

Abyss has opened, full of stars. 
Come with me darling, let us parse
The code contained within the whole
Into the knowledge of the soul.

We are the stars; we are the void -
The burning passion is employed 
To light the path, to guide the way
And let the cosmic forces play

Within the whole, as holes within
Are by the interplay worn thin
And disappear in the night
To reabsorb into the light.

Galactic wisdom knows it all;
Spacetime collapsed in a black hole
As world around it rushes by
And man asks what, and how, and why;

The incongruity within -
The passions torn, the mind worn thin -
Reflect the daylight and the night
In endless love; in endless fight.

Through all abysses in the space -
Through all that in abysses plays -
Through quasars, galaxies, red shift -
Through truth, invention and deceit -

Through spirit's longing and heart's pain -
Through reasoned words and speech insane -
Through passion, terror and delight -
Through day and twilight and the night -

In all that lives; in all that's here
In ocean, island, atmosphere
In jungle, desert, tundra, steppe
In every place on which I step -

In atom cracked, its core undone -
In colors blending into one -
In forces crumbling on themselves -
In the commingling of the selves -

In space collapsed and rearranged -
In mind extended and deranged -
In lyre of life, in drum of death -
In Keats, Neruda, Rumi, Plath -

In senses shattered to the core 
Till Present touches Evermore -
In every minute flung ajar -
I be abyss; you be the star.


Infinity is darkness continuous
With no end or hope in sight,
Infinity is timeless, delirious
Passion that burns in flight.

Infinity is expectation
Of exhaltation and fall
Infinity is explanation
Of all the things you cannot recall

Infinity is grass on a meadow
That does not have an end,
Infinity is the shadow
That you try to catch in hand

Infinity is a golden wire
Stretched to completion and in it spent,
Infinity is desire
Reaching out despite your intent,

Infinity is two mirrors
Reflecting each other and through them you,
Infinity is unclear
Infinity is sky blue

To vanish into infinity
Is to become indistinct,
To lose all affinity
For all that you feel and think,

To lose barriers and resolution
And to become not your own,
To welcome destitution
And wealth in one,

To merge with incandescent divinity
And be enough apart
To love it; yes, to achieve continuity
Of mind and heart;

To shine continuously and eternally 
And never begin to end
To love intentionally and infernally
To make home of both sea and land

To know infinity is to extinguish
To reduce man to single gasp
To love infinity is to distinguish
True eternity from death's grasp

To live infinity is to know
That there is nothing else true -
Infinity is the flow
Between I and You -

Infinity is not seeing
But being the thing that is will,
Infinity is the streaming
Of time over the hill,

Infinity is truth that is shimmering
Somewhere between night and day;
Infinity is fire that is simmering
Infinity is molding clay

Infinity is intensity
And so, say I,
Infinity is immensity
Within your eye.

Intrinsic Conflaggrations

Project the mind - it resonates with thunder;
Reject the mind - around you it burns.
Intrepid joy - impassioned restless wonder -
The heart-suffused and life-rich way to learn -

Intrinsic conflaggrations, hard to pity
Or to respect, or even yet to see -
The nature's splendor reaching into city
To render its inhabitants half-free

Until joy drops, and out appears concept
And meaning - this, if only for some!
And from beneath the axioms, a rocket
Ballasts into the space, explodes and is gone

And then - another time, another meaning,
The meaning is constructed from all sides
And forms the structure that informs the seeming
Which then becomes the vision of mankind -

And then come other meanings and perceivings
Constructed like dynamic SQL…
The culture deepens, thickens as it's dreaming
And builds to levels more removed from hell.
Lost Mind

I lost my mind today -
Oh boy -
and all the thoughts I had -
just seemed to vanish -
in the haze -
surrounding my head

It seemed so wise - 
so potent -
so infinitely dull -
complete with thought, effete with pomp
emblazoned on its skull.

An ounce of heart
a pound of spleen
a smattering of phlegm
A bit of code
a bunch of will
and a thick soup of memes:

All this was all mixed 
and cut to bits
a chewy marble blend
from which I built 
a vague relief
of life that I intend:
Where has it gone, do tell me?
Where is my upscale mind?
I look without,
I look within,
But nothing can I find.
It seems the mind has melted
and I must build anew
today's mind-melded structure
with but a quart of glue. 

Fruity Wisdom

Contained within the coconut
Is universal truth:
It's hard, but when you open it
It's filled with tasty juice -

Inside the pomegranate
Is truth still more profound:
The branches are extended
And fruit and seeds are round

Which seeds are shared function
Of themselves and the whole
And form, through interaction,
The integrative soul.

Inside a Georgia peanut
A truth still more refined:
The twin seeds are within it 
Like, in a brain, two minds,

Each one with its own center
And each having a chance
Inside the ground to enter
Or die forever hence.

The truth within a kiwi
Is truth still more complete:
The prickles are deceiving -
Inside it's nice and sweet

Contained in a banana
More lessons for the mind:
Like woman in bandana
It's lusciousness that hides

And in its fruity essence
The hardy seeds are found
That move through the intestines
To fall into the ground.

In grapes and in the apples
Some lessons can be seen:
The seed-transmission happens
When fruit is red or green,

And which attracts through sweetness
The animal and man
To overlook the seeds as
It spreads them through the land.

Strawberry and raspberry
Have even more to teach:
Inside each one is carried 
A multiplicity

And as they work together
And with each other strive
They fight the stormy weather
And make the best survive.

The fruits have much to teach us
About the world and man,
With passion they beseech us
To know and understand,

And lesson is quite simple
And maybe even cute:
I say to all the people -
I'm proud to be a fruit.

Praying Mantis

The puffy clouds were flying overhead 
And landscape was just like Atlantis. 
I watched as had descended on my hand 
A praying mantis. 

With forearms tucked below its android head 
It lands, then jumps, then softly walks, then startles. 
I do not know how I can understand 
This praying mantis. 

How can it live, and walk, and even still defend 
From all that bites, that struggles and that blunders? 
How can exist and live upon the land 
The praying mantis? 

With head in clouds and with limbs that bend - 
To live in timespace or in mind, it wonders. 
And if on God or on self to depend, 
Thinks praying mantis. 

What is the multiple, it asks the dead, 
Between the inspiration and the practice? 
And then it lifts to sky its dirt-stained head, 
This praying mantis. 

Whereto to fly, and whereupon to tread? 
And how to catch a machaon as it flutters? 
And how with life's web to interdepend? 
Thinks praying mantis. 

What chains to break, what causal links to mend? 
And is it codependence when it's shutters - 
When in my sexual act I lose my head? 
Asks praying mantis. 

It seemed so small, why did it feel so grand? 
And why was it not rhinos, bears or monkeys? 
Ah, 'twas my luck to have upon my hand 
One praying mantis. 


Cobwebs, cobwebs everywhere 
In the water in the air 
On the branches of the trees 
In the foam of the seas - 
On the skyscrapers and towers 
On the grass and on the flowers 
In the meadows, forests, lakes 
In the rain and snowflakes 
In the desert, tundra, hills, 
On the tulips, daffodils, 
In the jungle, on the ice, 
On the ears and on the eyes, 
In the clouds, in the sky, 
In the place where shadows fly - 
Cobwebs, cobwebs take each part 
And connect it to the heart, 
There to bring them into light 
And replenish it with might. 
In the intricate designs 
Live the how's, the where's and why's 
That connect each part to all 
And through pieces and the whole 
Manifests the gorgeous web 
Of the world, as spiders grab 
By their ignorance and lies 
Moths, mosquitoes, wasps and flies. 

Spider! Spider! Speak your mind –
Are you gentle? Are you kind?
Are you, like they say, a fiend?
And who – you or they – have sinned
More and harder? Are you glad
For what you have always had?
Who has made you? Did he smile
To see you to be his child?
Or did he from genome make
What he thought was a mistake
Till your perfect webs you made
And with their perfection played
In the wind and in the rain
And, as insects went insane,
Made them vanish with no trace
In your poisonous embrace?

Cobwebs! Cobwebs! Here you are - 
Be you near, be you far, 
You are hanging everywhere 
In the water in the air 
Taking substances of life 
And from them the truth derive. 
For who made the cobwebs all 
Made them grasp the mind and soul - 
From the world, like from a fly, 
To wring life and suck it dry - 
And then make it food for webs 
Or for others still, perhaps 
Or for passion, or for bliss, 
Hoping for eternal peace. 

Spider! Spider! Take what’s here
Every laughter, every tear,
Every truth and every lie
And wring, just like from a fly,
Its quintessence and its juice –
Its intention and its truth –
And then make it live again –
And no longer live in vain,
But go where they’re needed most;
Walking through walls like a ghost,
Reaching minds and reaching hearts –
Just like arrows, just like darts –
Or like bullets as they zoom:
Bring the joy, dispel the gloom
And bring all eternal youth –
Cobwebs, cobwebs made of truth!

Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
From a trillion miles afar -
Your rays penetrate the night
And avail of your delight.
Through the curvatures in space
Where the moments are erased
You forge onward in your course
To the sun and to the earth,
Both a photon and a wave --
Both a master and a slave --
Matter, energy and speed --
Both fulfilment and the need  --
Self and space-disturbing force
Charting journey from its source.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Shimmer as you fling ajar
Door between the mind and heart -
Tear the manacles apart -
Make it shatter; make it bleed -
Water flowers; cull the weed;
Burn outside and burn within
Till the mind begins to spin
And avails of Northern Pole
To attain into the soul -
There to manifgest as light
And achieve unending might
That can burn, and warm, and heal -
Universal truth reveal -
And allow it to break free
Like volcano in the sea,
There to reach into the clouds
And to exorcise the doubts
Of what's lovely - of what's good -
And what, if it only could -
If it only had the force -
Make a paradise of Earth.

Twinkle, twinkle, little soul,
Be my journey, be my goal,
Be my transcendental truth
And don't fall into misuse
But remain, all woes despite,
To give solace, courage, might -
To inspire the ones beneath
And direct them into bliss:
Burn and shine, and from my mind
Wipe false thoughts that make me blind
And replace myopic eyes
With the true, the good, the wise.
And as you reach in my bone,
Make it shatter like a stone,
Tear it, shake it, mold it, burn
From the sundown till the morn.
In the sky and in the eye
In the place where shadows fly
Disincarnate, free at last -
Free from future, free from past -
And existing anyhow
Living in eternal now:
Through the evening, through the dark,
Like a condor, like a shark,
Like a laughter, like a tear -
Through the moody atmosphere -
Little star! Twinkle and shine!
Burn me, scorn me, and be mine!


What is the truth of power? 
What can refute all lies? 
Look at a meteor shower 
In clear midnight skies. 

Between the fluffy clouds 
In Arizona sky - 
Between the fears and doubts - 
Between the "you" and "I" - 

Carrying time and matter 
From the galactic heights, 
Into the skies they scatter 
And sanctify the night. 

Meteors, stone and metal, 
Burning up in their flight - 
Look at their skill and mettle! 
Look, and gain second sight! 

Look at the sparks in heaven! 
Look, and see with your eyes - 
Six, seven, eight, eleven - 
Look, and be mesmerized! 

Hailing from worlds unknown - 
Rich with the universe - 
Ice, fire, earth and stone - 
Passion and speed and force! 

Look at the truth they carry - 
That they wish to impart - 
See how they wish to marry 
Earth with galactic heart! 

Meteors, bits of planets - 
Parcels of cosmic dust - 
Iron and gold and granite 
From an uncharted past - 

Here they come into present 
And bring inside their core 
Pieces of the Incessant 
Into Forevermore. 

How do I rise to meet you 
Before you burn in flight? 
How can the human greet you 
And understand your plight? 

How can the stars and atoms, 
Each one its own world, 
Be in their essence fathomed 
And in their truth unfurled? 

Sun lights us, and we heed him - 
Sun is the source of light - 
But how much greater wisdom 
Dwells in eternal night? 

Measure them, know them, see them - 
Numerous like the sand - 
Capture what they conceive and 
Try, try to understand 

Everything that they know 
All that they have within - 
Know them as they bestow 
Their sainthood and their sin. 

Meteors, flying toward us, 
From the unknown worlds - 
Messages that night forwards 
And with its chill enfolds - 

Mysteries wrapped in darkness - 
Catch them before they burn - 
From the unfathomed, chartless, 
Space, they to us return. 

And with your head in clouds - 
Or on a satellite - 
Meet them; yes, meet the crowds 
Of meteors in the night - 

Look at them as you tower 
And fathom as they fly 
The reverse meteor shower: 
Souls reaching for the sky.

Geese on New Year's Eve

The flock of geese above me
Upon a New Year's Eve
Say, flying, that they love me
And cherish all that lives

Flying to warmer climates
Arranged into a V
The gargling winged pilots
Heading toward victory -

Reminding man of beauty
And of eternal peace
Dispelling and refuting
Gloom, turmoil and distress -

Through gold-and-diamond sunshine
And through the velvet rain
You carry truth and passion
And exquisite refrain

Of what exists inside you -
The beauty in your hearts,
The universe beside you,
Which decomposed to parts

Rides on upon your feathers
And sends to ones beneath
Inexorable treasures
Of universal bliss.

The flock of geese above me
Arranged into a V
Carrying what is lovely
For all the world to see -

To south they fly through darkness
Under the stars and clouds
And with reflecting gargles
They speak, and speak aloud

Of all that nature knows
And all in it expressed -
In V they fly, in rows
And all below them bless.

Fly onward, my companions,
Fly onward, my dear friends,
Within your hearts contained is
Beginning and the end,

And as you are repairing
Across the Planet Earth
Bring with you peace and caring
And bless the Universe. 

Cherry Blossoms

Washington cherry blossoms
On tidal basin's shore -
Hear me: You are awesome
And I your sight adore -

Branches like stems of roses
Flowers like butterflies
Resting in lustful poses
Like Dali's model lies -
Pink, white and full of splendor -
Sensual, warm delight -
Elegant, loving, tender -
Luminous to the sight:

How I love rubbing on you
Cheek on the flowering branch -
Let me caress you, fawn you
And with you my thirst quench -

Thirst for your tender sweetness,
Thirst for the sweet and kind -
In you hide many secrets
Needed now by mankind.

Washington cherry blossoms  -
Children of clouds and rain
Tending to all the lost ones -
Making them live again -

Bringing the world around you
Into your soft caress -
Holding them as they're drowning
In your white-pinkish dress -
Filling their hearts with softness
And with your tender bliss -
Making them potent, dauntless -
Warriors for love and peace -
Warriors for what you know!
Warriors for what you are!
Rising, row upon row,
Willing to travel far -
To lands of death and darkness,
To lands of fear and doom -
To lands unfathomed, chartless
And bring those lands to bloom:

Bloom like your gorgeous branches!
Bloom in the pink and white!
Bloom, like the water quenches
Thirst, or sun dispels night!

Bringing with them your kindness
And all that's good and true -
And there they'll surely find us:
Lovers of life - and you.

Enchanted She-Spider

The glorious enchanted she-spider 
Is weaving her web again 
The lights of the street lamps are wider 
And branches are drenched with rain 

The light of the moon pours diffusely 
Through fog upon the ground, 
The headlights of cars shine profusely 
And through them the web is wound - 

Night cloudy and full of vapor: 
Night foggy that pours forth soul 
The den of enchanted she-spider 
Holds heart and then makes it whole 

Caressing, expressing, impressing - 
Delirium it will instil 
To all of the world's faults confessing 
And from it forging Will 

Which she will in her web hold 
And make it bear great fruit: 
Who knows it? Who ever told? 
And if so, who could refute? 

The glorious enchanted she-spider: 
She who makes love from pain, 
Beauty and truth beside her: 
Fog, and beyond it, rain: 

Tender still night, and silent 
And in it dwells respite: 
Indigo, yellow, violet - 
Greet this, the holy night! 

Greet she-spider, her the angel 
Of beauty and delight, 
Greet the intent and danger - 
Greet and gain second sight! 

Greet her, she's again here 
Showing what's warm and sweet, 
Greet her, and her revere: 
And in her web let's meet - 

There within her embraces! 
In her web midst the trees! 
There where she life entrances - 
And puts the mind at ease - 

While making it to blossom 
And bear the fruit that's true. 
She-spider! You are awesome! 
And I thank you for you! 

Heat Lightning

Hello my friend heat lightning!
How beautiful you are!
All of the sky alighting -
Exploding shooting star!

Illumined and transparent
Bathing the sky like milk -
Weaving the webs apparent
Of white majestic silk!

White, yellow, luminescent -
You shimmer through the clouds!
Delicate, iridescent,
And making not a sound -

Shining each place, all over,
Completely unafraid
In platinum, in silver -
Like cobwebs overhead!

And through them beams like sunshine
The electrical charge -
The unremitting passion
Of universe at large!

And then the rain starts drizzling
And thunder then erupts
Gentle, magnetic, sizzling -
Like coffee from a cup -

And as comes forth the power
Which in it was contained
The sky, on midnight hour,
Erupts like cannonnade!

Like nerves spread out and screaming,
Like bursting light-filled veins,
The lightning punctures Seeming
And augments joy and pain -

Is frame for all illusion
With its electric light -
Who can bear this intrusion?
Who can believe this sight?

The nerves of man, spilled out
And bursting in the sky!
Hate, fear, worry, doubt
In heaven - how? Why?
What makes you, and who are you?
You, madman's random trails,
You, baobabs on fire 
You, masts without sails!

You, turmoil effervescent!
You, agony and glee!
You, passion incandescent!
Are you now seeking me?

I'll see you and I'll feel you
I'll sense you in my heart
The truths you are revealing
That you wish to impart,

And with my feet on gravel
And head held out high
I'll watch the roads you've traveled,
Unraveled, in the sky.

Sunset Clouds

Clouds, do you know your purpose?
Clouds, to what place you fly?
Clouds, do you feel the force of
Love in the autumn sky?

Clouds, can you feel the distance
Resonating through Space?
Man, can you feel Existence
Touching you on the face?

Sun beams between them, screaming,
Cinging earth - and the chill
Beckons the heart that's dreaming
And through it forges Will.

Pelican cloud is flying
With long distended beak,
Look at it as it's dying 
And turns into a streak -

Dragonfly, wings extended,
Amid white tulip blooms,
Beaches made of white sand and
On their side, hotel rooms,

Columns of wind and vapor:
Infant amid them sits 
On luscious breast - a tapir
Vanishes in their mist!

Wool of a lamb uplifted
Over the sky it laves
Sands of Sahara shifting
On their side, ocean waves -

Feathery line of funnels -
Geisers that through them burst -
Streams through the sky make tunnels
And slake the heaven's thirst:

Soft cherry blossoms paling
And making pillows white,
Yacht on an ocean sailing
And vanishing from sight,

Soft feather-bedded pillows
Light like the milky way
White foam of ocean billows
And many shades of gray

Sail in the ocean sunset!
Airplane over the seas!
Mingling of fire and dust and
Wisps of the ocean breeze!

Light of eternal morning!
Back of beluga whale!
Walls of white Kremlin soaring!
Dome of the Taj Mahal!

Pyre of Sardonapaulos!
Spanish baptismal font!
Luminous orchid blossoms!
Whites of the eyes, that haunt!

Fractal designs combining
Imaginal and real!
Mind and the heart refining
All things to think and feel!

Merger of mind and soul -
Reason and sensuousness!
Universe in its whole
In its sublime caress!

Soft incandescent foam!
Fruit of the wind and sun!
There they begin, there roam,
And with next look, they're gone!

Sun goes down on the west side -
Moon rises in the east -
Full and complete, and rested
Over this Painter's feast:

Clouds are between them floating
Life's paints all merged in one
And earth upon them doting
As it lets go of Sun -

Look at clouds as they travel
Over the sky of blue
Lift your heart to their level
And be by them made True.

Snowstorm in December

Snowstorm on winter evening
Air full of light and snow 
Mind feels as though it's dreaming
As ground reclines below

Tree branches just like rivers
From their eternal source
Leading through air that shivers
Into the sea of earth

Branches overlaid with snow -
Fairy tales, like Renoir's
Paintings - together flow -
Past flakes that shine like stars!

Snow flakes here fly illumined
With light from a streetlamp
While from the sky exhuming
Winter night's cold and damp

As it falls on the ground
Under the evening sky
Makes bed of fluff and down
Where the trees' shadows lie.

Snow flakes on a December
In their chaotic flight
Make an orchestral chamber
Where music of the night

Resonates true and clear
And bursts into a song
Where passion, hope and fear
Carry the heart along -

Carry, to truths revealing!
Carry, to joys sublime!
Carry each Thought and Feeling
Into the heart of Time

And in eternal Now
In which resides true Peace 
Make Essence merge with Tao
And bring eternal Bliss.

Snow, the exalted water!
Substance of life on high!
Earth's truth and heaven's daughter!
When brought into the sky

Turns into perfect matter
Each one unique, yet all
Crystalline, and they scatter
Everywhere as they fall!

Give us the truth of heaven,
Water congealed in height!
Take us to where you've traveled
On this December night -

Give us what you have mastered -
Place where the truth of life
Turns into alabaster
Crystals! To us arrive,

Each one unique, each real -
Perfect by its own code -
Soulful, incorporeal -
From its sublime abode 

Falling upon the ground
And swirling on its course -
Carry your truths profound
And in them bathe the earth.

Water to heights exalted -
To place all poets seek -
Turns into truth embodied -
Each perfect and unique

Each beautiful and tender
And each reflecting light
Each to completeness rendered
And in it bathing Night

As snowflakes shimmer dancing
In chilly winter air
Heaven in them romances
Earth away from despair:

Snowflakes dress trees with beauty
And carpet breathing earth
Onto which is exuded
Truth of the soul's rebirth:

Water reaches the clouds
And there becomes attained,
And then falls on the ground
As snowflakes or as rain

To hide it in the cold
Or feed it in the heat
And the life's truth enfold
In rain, snow, ice and sleet.

Through every time and season
Through every night and day
Passion combined with reason -
Purpose combined with play -

Makes the accomplished matter
Which with the truth of soul -
The Noumenal unfettered
From the Phenomenal -

Brings the embodied splendor
And feeds what may exist
That on the earth is rendered
This divine painter's feast.

Total as life is total,
And unique, one and all -
Both anecdotal
And experimental -

Subjective and objective
Yin and yang, age and youth,
Passive and overactive
Make manifest the truth!

All elements combining
Makes what did not exist
Dualities refining
Where they like gene strands twist

Until they are most splendid
And then they all combine -
Finest and most candid -
Into the truth divine.

There passion turns to matter
And becomes absolute
There preconceptions shatter
And truths untruths refute

There Life strives for existence
Amid the strains of Time
There Seed strives through resistance -
There all becomes sublime!

There water reaches air:
There all is true and wise
There is true beauty - there -
There is no room for lies!

There soul becomes embodied
And then the ground it flails
As though overloaded -
Which its new task entails -

Here to become its most - and 
All of its gifts impart:
Unique and universal
In body, mind, and heart!

Upon an earth-shaped canvas
Painting sublime designs
In world we have, that has us,
Making the most of time:

That, being made of water,
And crafted out of ice,
Makes of the time's iota
What will transcend all times:

There, to complete life's substance!
In snow or in rain
And as the snow flake dances -
There, let the soul remain

To consummate the coming
And inspire yet-to-be
And, when the rain comes drumming,
Then let the winter flee!

Then let the sun come beaming!
Then let the life return!
And until then - be dreaming
During this winter storm!

Snowstorm on winter evening!
Both journey and the goal!
Both giving and receiving!
In you, the human soul! 

Structure of the Universe

The structure of the Universe
Contained in human chest
The orderly and mutinous
The motion and the rest

From single singularity
That no one can explain
Creates the flying galaxies
And all that they contain.

The magnetism and gravity
The forces weak and strong
Eternity and brevity
Combine into a song

That rings through all the galaxies
Through all of space and time
And with inspired melodies
Nurtures the human mind.

The structure of the Universe
Contained in human heart
In each stop, a continuance
In each end, a new start

And as blood passes through the lungs
With every passing breath
From every lie the truth is wrung
And birth, from every death.

The universal passion
Contained in human brain -
Recombinance and clashing
Of Galilean frames

Eternity in brevity -
They pass each other by
Reshaping with their gravity
Each other's space and time,

Consigning to oblivion
Each other's sense of self
And bringing the dominion
Of wherefrom they all delve.

The structure of the universe
Contained in human eye
The protons and the neutrons dressed
In cloud that whizzes by

That won't give you the answer
How fast they fly or where,
But like a ballet dancer
Command and fix the stare -

That soar dispelling fear
Where nobody can find
And are the see-through mirror
Into the human mind.

The structure of the Universe
Contained in human soul
The ever-present superstrings
Connecting each to all

Containing like a hologram
The whole in each part,
Incorporating all of them
In universal heart -

The ultimate affinity
Of each and every soul
Approaches infinity
And merges with the whole

That manifests through timespaces
In fractal twists and swirls
The curvatures and chaoses
Contained in people's souls.

The electromagnetic field
Within the human voice
Contains the power people wield
In mechanism of choice

That shape, create and structure
The world in which they live,
Make wholesome or else rupture
Engender or deceive

Contain the inspiration
For newer better worlds,
Or, sans implementation,
Remain just empty words.

I'll find the truth in sunshine
And tease it out of night
I'll feel it with my passion
And know it with my mind

Combining and refining,
Destroying what is wrong
Explaining and defining
And crafting a new song -

A song that rings through timespace
With message that is new,
That solves each passing crisis
And makes the dreams come true,

Through neutrons and through protons
And electronic fields
Through forces, weak and strong ones,
And through the superstrings,

Through universal whole
And through each precious part
Will manifest man’s soul
Contained within life’s heart.

Universe's Groom

I fall, completely open,
As though born anew,
Into the light - and hope 
Into the good - and true.

Drinking into my spirit
Treacle of trails - and trees,
Vanquishing every fear and
Blessing the bliss - and breeze.

Looking in strangers' faces
With an enlightened smile,
With angels trading places
To be them for awhile,

Basking in timeless sunshine -
Standing, head full of stars -
Feeling galactic passion -
From here - and to Mars;

Looking at women dancing
Seeing their spirits bloom
Evening and night romancing -
Universe! I'm your groom!

I have become a poet.
That means, I'm in love
With everything I know, and
My spirit, like a dove

Soars in the skies and clouds
There to avail of light:
Sinful and yet devout -
In there I take flight -

Telling the world: Hello,
It's like we have first met:
What you are, I don't know,
But I do not regret

Seeing you as you're now
And as you're yet to be:
Great gifts that you bestow
Which I at last can see -

Universe! In your essence
Lives all that's good and true
And after all the lessons
I've come to facing you:

You, in your daylight splendor!
You, in your gorgeous night!
And to you I surrender
That I in you take flight!

Shine on me, heaven's beauty!
Hold and enfold me, earth!
Waters, by man polluted,
Will flow, clear, from their source -

Flowers and lakes and meadows -
Seagulls and butterflies -
Forms, silhouettes, and shadows -
With newly opened eyes

I see you in your essence;
And, as if born anew,
Rich with your incandescence,
I fall in love with you.

Start the Fire

Start the fire - Higher, higher!
That's the word the dead will hear
That the World, Complete, Entire,
Is Entitled to revere -

Start the fire - let it simmer
Let it singe the wooden branches,
Let the sparks above it shimmer
And reach out to all man's natures,

As they burn - no intervention
Burning freely, bravely, truly,
Burn the darkness of convention
And inspire the living fully,

Burn, O bonfire! Burn completely
Leave no trace of loss and sorrow
Burn in love and indiscreetly
Flare the past, light up tomorrow

And keep burning into Now
Till the moment is a Fire
And all in it starts to Glow;
Fire, keep burning - Higher, Higher -

That's the word the dead will hear
That's the word known to the living
Who have vanquished all the fear
And thus overcame Deceiving:

Tell me, fire, spare not my feelings,
How do I appear beside you?
Will the truth you be revealing
If I put my arm inside you?

Will it burn or become vapor?
Will I hold or scream in pain?
Will it light up like white paper
Or be drenched in soothing rain?

I am burning, I am burning;
And through passion made by fire,
In the fire the truth discerning,
I Alight, Complete, Entire -

Blue and red and orange-yellow
Flames are reaching all around me,
Blazing fire, screaming shadows -
Do you seek now to astound me?

Do you know what you are facing?
Do I know who, what, made you?
From what unbeknownst places
Did you come - where going to?

All the things I ever wanted 
Came to me before I chose them,
And their memories are haunting,
And are cutting like a rose stem,

But the rose is worth the prickles
And the warmth is worth the pain
And though blood from my mouth trickles
I would do it all again.

I would burn like I am burning
I would yearn like I have yearned,
Staying fiery, never learning
Lessons not worth being learned:

But inspired with life's essence
Through unbridled Love's embrace
See through all of man's false lessons
And burn them without a trace

And then reach into the soul
And there feel light from the heart
And discern the timeless whole
As reflected in each part -

Which in plasma come together
Like electrons' quantum rings
In which lives key to Forever
And the truth from which it springs -

And inside it I'll be burning
With the essence of each minute:
Know what Truth is worth discerning?
Look at Fire - I am in it!

And in fire, where I am standing,
I'll send Light into the world,
That its life be never-ending
And the Living hear my Word.

Fire and Water

The fire that burns in me today 
Will also burn in me tomorrow 
In all derangement and all sorrow 
Its shadows shall the walls display.

Outside the opening of a cave 
Or out of the volcanic crater 
Is seen the truth of higher nature
And everything that it may save. 

It is in everything that's true 
And also everything apparent - 
The sky, illumined and transparent, 
Alit in pink and white and blue - 

Reflects it as though through a prism 
And into multi-colored splendor 
The universal truth is rendered, 
Like lava bursting through the schisms. 

The fire that burns in me today - 
A spark of all-consuming plasma - 
Will percolate like a miasma 
Into the place where shadows play - 

Will burn the skin of all therein 
And fill their noses full of poison 
And make the place destroyed and noisome 
Until in cave they can't remain; 

But burst into the higher mind 
From higher mind to higher senses 
And as their spirit-form advances 
They see the sun, but go not blind - 

But burn through stone, through barren rock 
And smash and tear and rise to passion 
Shaking the earth like a concussion 
And time resetting like a clock. 

Water in heights; in water, heights - 
In heights of mind exists life's essence 
And in its gentle incandescence 
At truth of universe arrives 

In water, heights; and as its waves 
Engulf, carress the restless kernel 
Etheric merges with infernal 
To cleanse the confines of the cave, 

And send its members through the core - 
Into the ever-waiting heaven - 
And then return into the cavern, 
This to repeat forevermore. 

The Colors of the Soul

When I am thinking deeply
I see the world in brown:
The colors mix completely
And in each other drown

Creating a commingling
Expressing every view
Through merger and intriguing
Revealing what is true -

When I look at the clouds
I see the world in gray:
The hopes and the doubts
In them together play

And through their interaction -
All facets merged in one -
Bring lightning and refraction
Of rays of setting sun.

When I am with my loved one
I see the world in pink
The spirit-cloud above me
Reshaping all I think

Feeling my essence nurtured
And brought into sweet love -
Her heart, like gentle orchid,
Enfolds me in a glove.

When I burn with desire
I see the world in red:
My heart becomes a pyre
Inside which burns my head

And as it turns to embers
Where all things fleshly die,
My spirit soars and clambers
And falls into the sky.

When I am being rained on
The world is orange-clad,
The conic and Ukrainian
Combine inside my head

To manifest in eros
That courses through all life
And, through the trials and errors,
At consciousness arrives.

When I am full of glamor
The world is yellow, and
It turns into a lemon
And into shifting sand

From which, with just some patience,
I make a lemonade
That feeds the respiration
And all of me pervades.

When I am feeling open
I see the world in green
In which I feel and hope and
Know goodliness and sin

And, seeing the whole landscape
From elevated view
Conquer the inner wasteland
And make it bloom anew.

When I am full of willpower
I see the world in blue
And, certain, build a tower
That seeks attainment to

The transcendental wisdom
Of sky and ocean waves
Which holds the truth and freedom
And love that goodness saves.

When I am full of soul
In indigo am I
Feeling the cosmic whole
Expressed within the sky

That reaches earth with wisdom
Of millions of stars
And nurtures me, assisting
The healing of the scars.

When I am in a prayer
I feel the violet light
Reaching my spirit, where
It casts the lies aside -

Burning into the essence
With penetrating rays
And teaching many lessons,
From gratitude to praise -

And after darkest hour
Of darkest of the night
I'm happy as a flower
To see the world in white. 


Hear me in sunshine, 
Hear me in rain, 
Hear me this time 
And then never again: 

I see before me 
The cycle of life 
And the man's striving 
That cuts like a knife 

Into earth's core 
From there, to bring forth 
What it ensnares - 
The animate force. 

Burn through the granite 
Burn through the flow 
Feel your environs 
And use them to know 

All that you are 
And what you have had. 
Then, take the next step - 
Go where no one has tread. 

Following striving 
Following fire 
Following the sun 
And then go still higher - 

Feel the earth's pain 
And then reach for the light. 
This is the man. 
This is his fight. 

Heart of Darkness

Into the heart of darkness,
Viciousness and despair -
Into the very Tartarus -
Enters the prince of Air.

Ceiling is bleak and starless.
Nobody knows your name.
Inside the heart of darkness
Flickers an open flame.

Everywhere, creeps and scoundrels
Feeding upon the souls.
Under the heart of darkness,
Broken glass and coals.

Think that I might take flight, less
I also burn to death.
But through the heart of darkness
I must create a path.

Something ignites and startles
Amid the sulfur fumes.
Inside the heart of darkness
Torment of souls resumes.

Demons and fiends and gargoyles
Crowd me on every side
As through the heart of darkness
I take a tourist ride.

Skin catches fire and sparkles
And from it pours hot blood.
Within the heart of darkness,
Boiling and ruddy flood.

"Have you lost all your marbles?"
"If I did, would I care?"
Inside the heart of darkness
I can't tell here from there.

Place is unmapped and chartless.
All roads lead to Rome -
That is, to heart of darkness -
And from it rises foam.

Nothing is seen apart; yes,
Mirrors on every wall
Reflect the heart of darkness
At everyone and all.

Evil has many partners
And many a disguise.
Look in the heart of darkness
And train your ears and eyes.

You cannot tell apart us,
Me and the souls on fire.
It burns, the heart of darkness,
Outside, inside, and higher.

Where do I stand or start? Yes,
Write with a piece of chalk
Map of the heart of darkness
Upon a lotus stalk -

Lotus that, like most marvels,
Grows in the thickest mire
And through the heart of darkness
Reaches forever higher -

There will be no more markers
Upon my path, as I
Burn through the heart of darkness
Into the open sky.


What thunder told me is that I must hurry
To be forever, and forever new;
What wonder brought me is a bit of worry
That I can't strike through time and sky of blue.

I want it all; to overcome Forever
And leave a lasting imprint of my life;
To fathom all that's beautiful and clever
And at existence's essence to arrive;

To see the souls and let them bloom in season
To water hearts with poetry and soul;
To make true understanding with my reason
And with my intuition know the whole;

To have the wisdom young enough to matter,
To know how to fulfil the people's dreams;
To cut with manacles through every fetter
And heed to every spirit's rending screams;

To add to knowledge that man has fathomed
And have new insights into life and love;
To see into the core of every atom
And of each wave to make a spirit - of

You and me to know the shared being,
To know the secret of true love's delight,
How to restore the eyes to the unseeing
And to the visionaries give the might,

How to create with all that I've been given
And from all parts to make a greater sum;
I want it all. But though I've been forgiven
I know I'll have to do with only some.


Life is my power
Fire is my flesh
In every hour
Essences clash

Burn through the darkness
Into the dream -
Hear me and mark this,
Truth will not seem

Anything pure
Nor anything dark -
Truth will for sure
Be nothing like stark -

Over the ground
And around the lake 
Truth coils around
And then stings like a snake.

There is a daylight
When things are true
And there is twilight
When all you knew

Vanishes, fades
And then blends into one -
Into the shades
And away from the sun:

Into oblivion
Into the void
Into obsidian
Chasms. Thus destroyed, 

Truth yields to lies
And then soars like a lark
When people's eyes
Are tired of the dark.

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Just wanted to thank you for sharing these poems. I've been reading them offline and love your poetry. You're a fine and deep poet. r