Ilya Shambat

Ilya Shambat
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
November 21
Adda Enterprises
Born in Russia, family moved to America when I was 12. Got a degree from University of Virginia at 18. Worked for Oracle, translated four books of classical Russian poety, was part of San Francisco and Washington, DC poetry and music scene. Good friends with San Francisco's own Persephone's Bees and acquainted with Patch Adams. Currently married with children, residing in Australia and working on a clean energy technology implementation.


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NOVEMBER 12, 2012 7:29AM

Doing Away With Punk Way Of Life

I say with no hesitation that I hate punks, whatever their race or ethnicity. The reason is that I have known a number of women from the punk side of town, and I have known what the males on the punk side of town like to do to them. I am… Read full post »

There are any number of ways in which one can be a jerk, and some of these have been catalogued and others haven’t. The form of which I am speaking right now has not been catalogued; but it has happened in enough situations that I believe it to be commonplace.

I… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 9, 2012 11:32PM

Structure of the Universe

The structure of the Universe
Contained in human chest
The orderly and mutinous
The motion and the rest

From single singularity
That no one can explain
Creates the flying galaxies
And all that they contain.

The magnetism and gravity
The forces weak and strong
Eternity and brevity
Combine into a song

That ring… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 9, 2012 2:33AM

Suggestions for Obama's Second Term

Now that President Obama has won re-election, it becomes possible to think of what can be accomplished during a second term. These are some suggestions I have as someone who has studied and thought about these issues for a very long time.

Taxes - the irresponsible Bush tax cuts on higher… Read full post »

There can be many lessons drawn from this election; but perhaps the most important of these lessons is that it no longer pays to be a jerk.

Rick Santorum - one of the biggest jerks in the history of American politics - fell by the wayside in the Republican primary. Todd… Read full post »

In most of history, most of oppression was done by the governments. In America however that is not the case. The American government (at least under Obama and Clinton) is nowhere close to being a force of oppression. There are however entities in America that are oppressive, and they are not… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 3, 2012 11:13PM

Social Conservatism and Family Violence

When I stated my opposition to social conservatism, someone started to claim that I was against the establishment. I am not. There are people in different establishments, whether these deal with military, media, business or science, who are good enough individuals; and there are plenty of people unaf… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 3, 2012 4:37AM

Anti-Environment = Anti-Human

Some of the global warming deniers have been claiming a pro-environment stance to be "anti-human."

This mentality has to go and it has to remain gone.

It's not, nor was it ever, humanity against nature. It is humanity with nature. The person who militates against nature militates also against humani… Read full post »

The anti-environment people continue to claim that the environmentalists are enemies of technology and market economics.

This lie must be addressed now.

I am an environmentalist; but I am neither against technology nor against market economics. I've worked in technology myself, and I've also been we… Read full post »

One argument that I've heard from the practicioners of political correctness is that a beautiful woman can't also be a good human being. As far as these people are concerned, if someone is not beautiful then nobody else has the right to be beautiful, and someone being beautiful hurts other women's… Read full post »

Like liberalism, conservatism has meant different things in different ages and countries. For a long time, conservatism used to mean monarchism, and liberalism used to mean capitalism and democracy. When confronted with someone who self-identifies as conservative, the rightful question to ask is, Wha… Read full post »

Again and again we see Republican candidates shout about the federal debt. A typical statement, made by Republican Congressional candidate in California Ben Campos, reads,

Stop the deficit spending, eliminate the waste, balance the budget and restore accountability.  Why is it that we as citizen… Read full post »

OCTOBER 22, 2012 7:35AM

Legacy of Love

Sometimes life is a matter of choices and consequences; but there are times when things happen that completely defy explanation. It's not that the best things in life are free, but that they are unexpected. One can work hard all life and get very little. And then something can come into… Read full post »

OCTOBER 20, 2012 5:59AM

Law of Attraction and Common Sense

The law of attraction says that like attracts like. There are situations in which this takes place; but there are many other situations in which this law does not hold.

The free-spirited character tends to attract oppressive people who want to squash it.

The innovative character and the creative char… Read full post »

OCTOBER 19, 2012 9:00AM

Gun Ownership and Delusion

A Republican congressional candidate in California, Gregg Imus, claims that the reason for America never having been invaded by a foreign country is the 2nd Amendment Rights.

This is of course laughable. The real reason for America never having had a foreign invasion is its maintaining a co… Read full post »

OCTOBER 19, 2012 8:37AM

Republican disinformation

One tactic in disinformation is making statements that are true, then following them by making statements that are false, in order that people accept the false statements as part of them accepting the true ones. We are seeing a lot of disinformation from Republican candidates in this election.

First… Read full post »

Different situations are described by different theories and require different approaches. In the competitive situation, the point is to maximize one's own well-being regardless of what it means for the next person; and this situation is described best by classical economics. In the war situation or… Read full post »

OCTOBER 15, 2012 9:03AM

Open Letter to Eminem

Dear Mr. Mathers,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ilya Shambat. My family came from Russia to America when I was 12. I went on a full scholarship to a private school and finished University of Virginia at age 18. In my adult life, I have done everything from… Read full post »

The Spiral
The Eastern worldviews tend to describe the world in cyclical terms. Life and death, creation and destruction, summer and winter, and time itself, are conceived in circular manner in which life repeats continuously. In the West, we see a linear worldview, in which human activity build
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OCTOBER 14, 2012 5:27AM

The Political Heroes of Nevada

There are some amazing people running for Congress in Nevada in this election cycle.

One of them is Democrat Steven Horsford. This person became the effective head of his family at age 10 after his father was shot dead, while his mother was an addict and his grandmother had to be… Read full post »

OCTOBER 13, 2012 1:31AM

Republicans and Freeloading

We have been hearing a lot about "freeloading" from Republicans; but the data shows that most of the freeloading is done by the Republicans themselves.

There are states where the federal tax revenues gathered from the state are greater than federal government spending on the state; and there are stat… Read full post »

OCTOBER 11, 2012 7:50AM

A Non-Satanic "New World Order"

It has been stated that, while the conservative elites want a global economy, the liberal ones want a global government. The latter is regarded as being a threat to freedom and sovereignty. I would like to propose an arrangement that is no threat to either of these things and that not… Read full post »

OCTOBER 11, 2012 4:54AM

1950s and Taxes

Republicans and Libertarians are continuing to howl about "high taxes." I got news for them:  There has been no such thing as high taxes in America since 1981. Every broad-based tax change since 1960 has been a reduction in taxes. And in 1950s, which was a highly prosperous time and one… Read full post »

The people who push "personal growth," claiming it to lead to compassion, and prosecute "personality disorders" under the claim that these result in non-compassionate conduct, are the same people who themselves think and operate in ways that are in no way compassionate. These people think in the bar

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OCTOBER 6, 2012 7:14AM

Alexander Blok: Stranger

In evenings over the restaurants
Wild and unheedful is hot air,
And spirit of the spring entranced
Rules drunken shouts of people there.

Afar, above the drunken alleyway,
Above the bored summer estates,
With gold light luminesces the bakery,
And cries of children resonate.
And every even, beyond the… Read full post »