Ilya Shambat

Ilya Shambat
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
November 21
Adda Enterprises
Born in Russia, family moved to America when I was 12. Got a degree from University of Virginia at 18. Worked for Oracle, translated four books of classical Russian poety, was part of San Francisco and Washington, DC poetry and music scene. Good friends with San Francisco's own Persephone's Bees and acquainted with Patch Adams. Currently married with children, residing in Australia and working on a clean energy technology implementation.


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MAY 5, 2013 10:12PM

Narcissism: The New Norm

In recent studies, two out of three people in the United States have been found to score high on the narcissistic personality disorder.

The real-life meaning of this is that this disorder is, for all intents and purposes, meaningless.

If the majority of the population has a disorder, then it is no long… Read full post »
MAY 5, 2013 12:04AM

Refuting Political Correctness

Many people detest political correctness, but there have not been enough credible arguments made against it. I have given thought to the matter and came up with rational refutations of some of their central claims. I do so as someone who fully supports women's rights - both to safety at home… Read full post »
Andrea Dworkin claimed that sex industry encourages men to see women as sexual objects and as such leads to rape.

She was very profoundly wrong.

In reality, sex industry reduces rape. It allows men who otherwise would not be having sex a way to have sexual experience. And this… Read full post »
Perhaps you need me not this minute,
Night: from sea foams of the world -
A shell without a pearl within it -
Upon your shores I have been hurled.

With mists the ocean you embellish
And wordlessly you sing as well;
But you will love, and you will… Read full post »
APRIL 26, 2013 3:02AM

Society vs Checks and Balances

Whenever one hears such statements as "the family is the foundation of society," what one hears is an attempt at tyranny.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that everyone must be married. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that everyone must have a nuclear family. Instead, the people… Read full post »
APRIL 25, 2013 12:40AM

Homosexuality and Manliness

A lot of people equate homosexuality with effeminacy or not being a real man. Quite simply, they must not have known too many homosexuals.

Clearly there are people among the homosexual community who are in fact effeminate, or who feel closer to women than they do to men. However there… Read full post »
APRIL 24, 2013 3:29AM

Republican Guilt-trips

A lot of Republicans like to use guilt trips to glorify the actions of their constituents, and in most cases these guilt-trips are misplaced. At the same time they like to discount accomplishments made by the Democrats and either deny their existence or give credit for these accomplishments to thems
Read full post »
APRIL 16, 2013 9:46PM

Beauty and Spirituality

There are some people who claim beauty and spirituality to be incompatible with one another. Quite simply, these people have not seen enough good art.

Art is about both beauty and spirituality. Some of the most spiritual people I've known were beautiful women - and yes, you guessed it, they… Read full post »
APRIL 12, 2013 5:59AM

Cross-Influence: The West and Islam

When different cultures interact, they influence one another in all sorts of ways. The ongoing contact between the Western liberal cultures and the Muslim cultures has done a lot to reduce the influence of Western feminism. Western men start asking such questions as, "Why do Muslim men, who are worse… Read full post »
APRIL 10, 2013 5:57AM

Youth, Old Age and Wisdom

Many older people tend to have wisdom, but they are not in a position to do much about it. They are out of energy and out of opportunity. Whereas young people tend to have more energy and opportunity but much less wisdom.

For younger people to hang around older people is a… Read full post »
APRIL 6, 2013 12:14AM

Misogyny and Confusion

I had a friend named Jeff who got raped as a child by his stepfather and hated his mother for allowing it to happen, which hatred he generalized on all women. He said that having a penis gave him the power, and that he would treat his woman like trash.
APRIL 1, 2013 12:18AM

Humanitarianism and Misanthropy

Whenever I hear sentiments such as "I hate people," what I see is in most cases is a crisis of faith.

Christianity and Islam believe that people are evil, and people who follow these creeds are not surprised to see human ugliness. Whereas someone who believes in people's goodness finds… Read full post »
MARCH 30, 2013 3:30AM

Divorce and Murder

In 1950s, the number of men killed by their wives in America was comparable to the number of women killed by their husbands. Since then, the number of men killed by their wives declined precipitously, while the number of women killed by their husbands remained approximately the same.

MARCH 28, 2013 10:37PM

Bigotry and Patriotism

The issue I speak of now is not an easy one to approach. It is the issue of bigotry and culturally held beliefs. Prejudice and bigotry refer to preconceived notions - notions that are preconceived to education. What needs to be understood in confronting them is why are they there in… Read full post »
MARCH 28, 2013 3:05AM

Fatherhood and Character

A constant refrain by conservatives is that the institution of family, and especially the authority of the father, has been undermined. 

I am a man and a father, and I say without hesitation that I do not need these institutions on my side. My daughter knows that I love her,… Read full post »
MARCH 24, 2013 5:33AM

White Racism and Black Racism

The relationship between white Americans and black Americans has been a difficult one; and the reasons for that can be found in both sides. A lot of white Americans believe that the white people are better than the black people, and a lot of black Americans believe that white people are… Read full post »
Pedophilia is easier to prosecute than incest, even though incest has been shown to be more damaging than pedophilia. Everyone is expected to hate someone who rapes other people's children; whereas fathers, uncles and brothers who commit incest are protected by the family and frequently the community… Read full post »
MARCH 16, 2013 4:41AM

Eminem vs. Feminism

Eminem has been one of the most influential Hollywood figure in decades; and most of his influence was not a good one. He has influenced many young men to become abusive and violent to their girlfriends and their wives. In all cases that someone exercises influence, there is one or another… Read full post »
There is much talk on the American Right about the so-called liberal elites. My question to these people is, "Have you ever known anyone who was a part of these liberal elites?"

Because I have, and they were the best people I've ever known. They are kind, generous and compassionate.… Read full post »
MARCH 14, 2013 9:35PM

Addressing Anti-Jewish Beliefs

After Mel Gibson's film Passion, many people became anti-Jewish who had previously not been anti-Jewish. We are seeing a lot of hateful rants against Jews on places such as the Internet, and the neo-Nazis have been capitalizing on the anti-Jewish sentiment to spread their ideological poison. With pol… Read full post »
MARCH 14, 2013 5:39AM


Song by Vladimir Vysotsky

Rather than be a vandal and bandit,
I'd like to apply to be antisemite,
On their side, though laws are missing,
Is support and fervor of millions of people.

I've chosen, and that means to beat up somebody,
But I need to know who… Read full post »
MARCH 14, 2013 1:13AM

Better Business Practices

I have worked for a number of companies and nonprofit organizations; and in some of them I have found interesting and unusual practices. Some of these practices carry hope for improvement of business practices all across the board.

I worked for Oracle, which is a vast corporation. One constant criti… Read full post »
Much attention has been paid to recent shootings in America; but the worst shooting in recent history has not taken place in America. Anders Brevik, a Norwegian conservative, opened fire on a youth political camp, killing over 90 people, most of them children. He did this out of the consideration tha… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 28, 2013 3:59AM

Clean Energy and System Purism

Much of the 20th century revolved around a conflict between capitalism and socialism. On both sides there were many people willing to die for either system. My response is that a system - any system - is a tool and nothing more than a tool; and the point is not to… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 26, 2013 6:51AM


How am I to know you, sambuddhassa?
How can I apply your truths in life?
How to take your wisdom to the highest
And from it true brilliance derive?

Bearing burden of ancestral sadness -
Whole lifestyles, whole tribes destroyed -
To the point that it looks just like madness… Read full post »