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DECEMBER 17, 2011 2:30PM

RIP America- 1776-2011

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Rest in peace America- at one time you were a grand idea, a literal beacon of liberty, an experiment in democracy which almost succeeded. Despite  your flaws, and the periodic, regular attempts by the Powers  That Be to prevent any change which would result in the loss of their power, you came pretty damn close for a while. You had a good run- injustices codified in the early days were expunged, opportunities and legal protection of all sorts expanded exponentially from the  initial narrow limitations .

You had ideals, dreams, your people were brave, had vision and a sense of adventure. There was collateral damage of course- (the Native Americans and the wildlife) but for a while- America DID have a standard of living the envy of the rest of the world and opportunites which existed no where else on such a grand scale.

Well stick a fork in it- because you're done.

Somehow, America has become a nation of mean, angry, fearful, narrowminded, bigoted people,  oblivious for the most part ( at least for those in power and their supporters) to the sorry state   she's found herself in.

The rights no free nation can exist without are constantly under threat- freedom of assembly, speech, religion are all under  regular attack.

Income inequality greater than anytime since the Gilded Age, 50% of the population either living in poverty or  considered low income, homeless ness and foreclosure rates rivaling the days of the Great Depression, 25% of the nations children living in poverty and at risk for going hungry, health care options for the average person  in many cases, rival those in third world countries, a public education system failing at the most basic level, infrastructure disintergrating...

Meanwhile- stand proud and feel safe. TSA thugs have discovered elederly disabled Jewish women are the new terrorist threats and are taking steps to neutralize them...


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When Obama signed into law, a bill that will allow Americans to be arrested, detained forever and not even have a lawyer or be told what they are charged with, this country fell off the universe. We are now worse than Russia, or Iran. I guess we are in a race with North Korea to see who can violate the most human rights!
amen Ian (and scan dog)
I simply cannot believe how calmly most Americans are taking this! Do they not understand what just happened? Can they possibly be THAT stupid? Or uncaring? Or self-absorbed?

This scares the shit out of me because, if this can be done to YOU, it can be done to US here in Canada, and elsewhere!

Home of the "Free"? Land of the brave?
Well, the freedom is down the toilet. I can only hope that the brave show up soon. Gengis Khan must be amazed! Hitler must be laughing his head off. Stalin must be taking notes and muttering, "Next time, no more Mr.Nice Guy."

Yes, R.I.P. has it right......
scanner- I try to not be one for the more far fetched conspiracy theories- but it seems strange to me that this odious law is supported and signed by a DEMOCRATIC president who was supposed to be the beacon of hope and change. I think if it had come into being under Bush2- the outcry would have been great. But now- not even a whimper and almost no MSM coverage of what it really means.
Barry's puppetmaster handlers must be so proud of him...
tr ig-
I expect we'll all be joining Tink in the camp in Buttfuck, Indiana...
Rome Redeux
Hurray!! The ole women were starting to piss me off!! What? :D


The American dream is now the American nightmare- and yes- I do think most Americans are that ignorant, stupid, oblivious and self absorbed. And the ramifications for the rest of the planet are not good.
Scares the shit out of me too.
Tink- they can make chicken soup for us in the camps..
Obama sucks, and he perpetuates the demise of the American empire (if we even can still call it an empire), but I date the death of the United States of America as December 2000, when the U.S. Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush as president of the United States, despite the fact that Bush had lost not only the national popular vote, but the pivotal state of Florida (of which his brother Jeb oh-so-conveniently had been governor and of which Repugnican Katherine Harris conveniently had been secretary of state).

Americans just ALLOWED Team Bush to steal the White House.

That, to me, was The End.

Everything else that has followed is what you could have expected to follow the largest blow to American democracy of our lifetimes, if not also of the entire history of the nation.
I agree- the stolen election of 2000 was without question the beginning of the end of American democracy, individual freedom and primacy of the rule of law.The current action is the final nail in that coffin.
Although the OWS movement indicates some public reaction to the gradual leaking away of all positive democratic response to the moves towards totalitarian control of the government, the response is obviously much too weak and ineffectual at the moment for any real movement back to whatever real democracy existed previously in the country. The establishment masters in control of local government seem to have, at least temporarily, wiped away resistance to the gelding of all democratic power of the country through a few whiffs of pepper spray and a bit of outright police brutality.
That, through the various unconstitutional moves of the previous administration and the enthusiastic extension of executive powers with the standard classical totalitarian excuse of national security, the Obama presidency has conferred dictatorial powers on the first Afro-American executive can only be viewed as a masterful piece of ironic black (in all senses of the word) humor which might be relished in the distant future as comedic but to live through it is obviously not pleasant and looks to get quite a bit worse pretty quickly.
There is a bit of proclamation that this indicates the misery of dying capitalism but there seems no current apparent substitute emerging so everything looks pretty bleak. All of those pseudo-revolutionaries confident that their pocket pistols and the so-called traditions of American freedom will protect them have made little if any outcry at the locking down of the country into a totalitarian state.
the quality of the people has an effect on the quality of the politicians. a people that is willing to be ruled by a guild whose members individually can not be left alone with money or a child must not expect saints to run for office.

everyone who has written on this sly stiletto of a law decries the people who wrote it, but none has lifted a finger to get democracy.

one born and raised in subjection thinks like a slave, not a citizen.

Its rather sad- and ironic really that many of the self proclaimed pseudo (TP style) 'patriots' who scream loudest about freedom are often also in favor of authoritarian responses against those who really are advocating for liberty and against the forces of oppression.

Obama has been given a pass by far too many liberals and Democrats- when his actions have shown that he really is not on our side.

If you can come up with a plan for direct action- please share it with us.

I know all this is preaching to the choir- but with the abundance of posts, on OS and elsewhere- maybe, just maybe more people will be enlightened and they can spread the word to yet more people. Right now- information to combat apathy and ignorance is the strongest weapon we have on our side.
One must acknowledge that totalitarian control of the population has strong roots in the nature of organizational and standard business practices. I do not deny that there are many very decent business social relationships, especially where the business is small, which are exemplary and people find a delight in the association. But as businesses mature the steel hand in the velvet glove emerges to relegate individuals to mere useful machinery to be worked for maximum profit and minimum expense. The way people dress, speak, handle personal difficulties, and deal with everyday personal actions through phone and e-mail and many more interactions are all subjugated to the absolute powers of whatever the top managers consider basically necessary irrespective of the effects on individual lives and many of the constrains frequently are no more than personal whims of those in absolute control. That is why labor unions in the USA have, to a huge degree, been legislated out of any real power since they are a democratic countervailing influence. And that is where fascism begins in the training of a population to obedience.
Are we all going to those Fema camps now they are building?
Jan- the hyper religiosity in this country also plays a role- the countless millions willing to give up thinking for themselves because someone claiming an exclusive direct line to voices they don't receive says an invisible man in the sky is watching...
Conformity, willingness to just follow orders, unwillingness to question authority commonly accompanies the most fervent believers.

looks like it- I'm sure there will be special OS barracks.
Yup! I've seen the blueprints for the Special OS Barracks. We're going to get special treatment for sure, for sure! You ought'ta see the showers they've designed for us!!


I think the same original designers also did the blueprints for the camp pizza ovens...