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JUNE 28, 2012 7:40PM

Is Sanity Optional for Arizona Politicians?

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Not content with wagging her finger at the President in public and filling her face book wall with posts proclaiming how the nasty Muslim, Kenyan, socialist antichrist, userping traitor in White House the hates Arizona,  this paragon of Republican virtues and values is also raving that his evil master plan includes letting- nay- encouraging illegals to vote, and that the latest jobs creation bill is desgned to benefit illegals only. 
evil Barry
Great graphics Jany- Ooh- look how dark and threatening and malevolent he is. Just in case anyone's forgotten- he's not one of us- he's BLACK. Send money... 
Do you think Mexico would take Arizona, along with Texas, back?   

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Why is it every time I see Jan Brewer speak I throw up inside my mouth a little? Sadly, the fact that she's governor says more about the citizenry of Arizona than it does about her.

That the citizenry of Arizona have also elected Arpaio, McCain, Kyl and a host of other ultra right wing Republicans at all levels of government- including a state treasurer who threatened to keep the President off the ballot and played birther games, makes it appear that logical thinking, sanity, tolerance, rationality are not qualities to be found in abundance there. Maybe the heat fries their brains- if they had any to start with.
Yes. Sanity IS optional for Arizona politicians - it's optional for ALL politicians everywhere, unlike truthfulness which is strictly forbidden....

sky- some politicians just seem to be crazier and more venal and dangerous than others. I think Arizona's- along with all the other teabaggers -fall into that category
Arizona is just a gigantic embarrassment. BUT, I just read an encouraging post fro Crane Station about a terrific Arizona candidate. Let's see if they run him out of town...

onislandtime- Somehow Gabby Giffords managed to get elected from there- so I guess there's always hope another sane person slips in..
Jan is the face of evil now.
Linda- I think she shares that title with the Congressional Republican leadership
Optional? No. Verboten? Yes.
Is this a surprise? When I was growing up, Senator Barry Goldwater was the representative and Presidential candidate for right-wing crazy. The fear of him was captured in the famous political ad from Lyndon Johnson's campaign, the "Flower Girl." (Look it up if you never heard of it.) It only aired once, but it said the obvious so baldly that it repeated inside people's imaginations.

Oddly, Goldwater after the 1960's was conservative, but not crazy-conservative. But his supporters then are the Teabaggers of today. Back then they were "little old ladies in tennis shoes" who were fearful and paranoid, even without a Rush Limbaugh. Now they're well-off retireees in Reboks and tricorner hats - just as crazy but willing to carry guns on the street, making them more dangerous. Need I say that there's a lot of them in Arizona?
Drew- all crazy, all the time
neutron- Goldwater came out for gay rights, supported gays serving openly in the military- that alone would have gotten him expelled from the current version of the Rethuglicans- national as well as crazy Arizona version..
These people and their supporters are from another planet- and I wish they'd all go back there.
Actually, Ian Curtis, although Goldwater did "rally the troops" in a radical way during the 1964 convention with his anti-Communism ranting, you're right. In the end Goldwater was from the generation that realized you had to work out your differences with your political opponents, because you both loved and cared about your country and the people in it.

The current generation has been taught never to compromise with anything, but to demand that everyone else submit to them. They've been taught a set of absolute values - and yes, they're derived from conservative religious sects. (I'm making it generic; the right-wing Christian evangelicals are identical in temperament to the Islamic fundamentalists. You could switch them without too much noticeable difference.)
Crazy fundies are basically the same, regardless of theology- self righteous, narrow minded, 100% sure that only they have the answer and speak for their god- and very dangerous.