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JULY 2, 2012 3:55PM

No Health Care for Peasants- Let Them Eat Cake...

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Now that SCOTUS has ruled in favor of insurance companies getting richer, with a few pathetic but still useful and needed bones tossed to us peasants, the Rethugs and their allies are back to their political jihad and disinformation campaigns.

The reality is that  so called Obamacare was never very revolutionary- its not even a mini band-aid over a sucking chest wound. It  does nothing for those who are too poor to afford insurance- or for that matter- those who   already have insurance but with a deductble so high that they can't afford to seek medical care. It does nothing to guaranty acccess to AFFORDABLE health care, unlike a single payer plan- such as Medicare, which the teabaggers are always screaming for the government to  leave alone....

Congress members and their families have an absolutely wonderful health plan.  But its government run- so it always amazes me that the rightwingnuts- basically almost every Republican there - haven't run screaming into the thorn bushes to escape the dasdardly socialistic, evil plan. I'm waiting for one of those government hating hypocrritical bastards- how about you Ron Paul-`to say I personally  don't want anything to do with government run health care programs and I reject and renounce it and refuse to participate. 

Now if members of Congress have guaranteed acccess to government provided health care, but fight to the death for ordinary Americans to have access to a bare fraction of what they are eligible to receive- why does this not register?

Congress members have something they are not likely to give up- and I'm sure they and their families have even received medical services. So why are they so adament about ordinary people not being entitled to something so elemental and humane? No one is asking for free medical care- like Congress  receives- just access to basic affordable medical care- like the people who live in the rest of the first world enjoy.

  I don't get it. Romney, Boehner and the rest of the 1% Rethugs rant about the evils of Obamacare- and how it must be overturned before it destroys  Amerikkka,  and ordinary people who lack medical care  or who utilize governent run Medicare and Medicaid continue to support them, ignoring the glaring disconnects.

Why do people vote against their self interest- even when its a matter of life and death? And is there a way to get them to open their eyes and minds, see reality,  and think logically for a change?



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Excellent points and I have been wondering this myself. It all goes back to our own illusion of power. We have been over the barrel by the wealthy and their companies for years.

If you think about this for a moment, a completely different topic, but a product of the same power. Who ever worried about someone stealing their "credit" 45 years ago, or 35 years ago? Big companies looking to sponge off fodder (us) along with the banking industry routinely decide to solicit people for new credit. Some people get literally hundreds of these solicitations in any given year. Is it no wonder that some of them have their credit "stolen". They don't want to be solicited, just like most of us don't want to telephone or cell phone solicited.

It is like we are all some jelly, pliable fodder that gets randomly or strategically attacked by big brutes that we can't even call off and say "uncle". Every person in this country should be in revolt about this kind of behavior by money making entities. The line was crossed long ago and we have been manipulated right out of rights as free citizens. Since when do free citizens have to run from solicitations, constant in your face kind of stuff 24/7?

We do have capitalism in this country and other countries do too, the thing is, ours on such a broad and monstrous scale has run amok and other countries which have some socialist components are doing much better with their economic models than we are. They are not top heavy on wealth and no middle class.

The thing is their top percent of wealth in the rest of the world is getting some pretty screwy ideas from our little 200 plus year experiment here and it doesn't bode well for them either. Greed, the utter bane of man's existence.

Health care is a right not a privilege and until we get that concept down with the non critical thinkers, we are going to get priced right out of existence in this country by the people who can pull those strings, the insurance companies and the 1% who employ it on many other levels. Disgusting.
Sheila- absolutely!
Its inexplicable to me how the sheeple have somehow been brain washed into believing that access to health care is a privilege- not a right. And that those without out it will defend to their own deaths the right not to have it...insane
u ask, in seeming sincerity,
"Now if members of Congress
have guaranteed acccess to government provided health care,
but fight to the death
for ordinary Americans to have access
to a bare fraction of what they are eligible to receive-
why does this not register?"

i suppose it must have something to do with our attention spans,
we americans.
that would be my guess.

luckily my attention span is stuck in the 19th century.

giants roamed the earth then.

like, uh, jefferson:

''I regret that I am now to die in the belief,
that the useless sacrifice of themselves by the generation of 1776,
to acquire self- government and happiness to their country,

is to be thrown away by the unwise and unworthy passions of their sons,

and that my only consolation is to be, that I live not to weep over it.

If they would but dispassionately weigh the blessings they will throw away,"

hey aint there a new twist on "the dating game" tonight,
or a reality series regarding the doings of
that faded star, mr. whatshisname,
who is sexually hyperactive
and in therapy?
I will never see free health care in the US here in my lifetime. Greed aka the insurance companies will never allow it.. neither will those that refuse to ship in for others.
Hey James- great to see you. Thanks for stopping by.
The 19th century is where the Rethugs want to drag us- you'll have lots of company there if they get their way.
Linda- Free healthcare isn't even what's considered or what I would be happy with. Universal access, single payer, affordable costs- but that's also a dream.
You ask "Why do people vote against their self interest"? The answer is very simple, they vote for their long term best interest for them and their children. The are not part of the "I want it all right now" me, me, me, liberal mindset.

You see it as voting against their own best interest. I see it as voting for the long term best interest of everybody. That is unless you think you should live under a central control of some rule maker who you didn't vote for and can do nothing about or even know their names. Do you?
"I see it as voting for the long term best interest of everybody. That is unless you think you should live under a central control of some rule maker who you didn't vote for and can do nothing about or even know their names. Do you?"

I already do live under a central control of some rule maker I didn't vote for--it's called my health insurance company--and they can go straight to Hell.
Well cat- last time I checked I did live under a rule maker who I didn't vote for and wasn't even legitimately elected- does the name George W Bush sound familiar?
I didn't vote for the Repubs who have stonewalled every proposal which might benefit those who aren't in the 1%, and like Pensive said- I sure didn't vote for my insurance company.

Over the past 12 years, the Republicans have repeatedly said they would institute policies which would be detrimental to the ordinary, working person- and then proceeded to do just that. And yet, those ordinary working people who were getting screwed by those same legislators and their policies continued to vote for them.

Maybe in your bizarro world version of reality that makes sense- it doesn't in mine- or in that of millions of thinking, logical, rational people.
Pensive- amen, brother

If you don't like your health insurance company then change it! You are not bound to them, yet.

I know I've never had a problem with mine. About 7 years ago, under Bush BTW, my hospital surgical bill topped several hundred thousands of dollars. Never heard a word from them about it. So what has your insurance company done to you? You not happy with your monthly premium? Don't like the co-pay you agreed to? What is it? Why haven't you changed companies?
cat- if you have issues with Pensive- take it up on his blog or PM him.
Not here.
I think politicians and corporate CEOs know that the party's nearly over and they want to make off with as much booty as possible while they still have the chance.
Both you and Dr. Bramhall have nailed it.
Dr Stuart- fin de siecle? I don't think the 1% need to worry about their heads yet. For the time being, the sheeple masses are so brainwashed or apathetic or ignorant- or any combination thereof- that they seem willing to disconnect from reality and happily accept the unacceptable.
Thanks sky. But what's really necessary is for the sheeple who are victimized by government policy to realize it and DO something- like vote the bastards out for a start. Unfortunately, inexplicably- that doesn't seem likely.
What I'm referring to, Ian, is the whole house of cards collapsing. An increasing number of economic analysts, including Lloyd's of London, are predicting a major economic crisis once oil gets back to $140 a barrel - i.e. the kind where transactions, trade, and the energy and telecommunications grid shut down. When the grocery shelves are empty, it doesn't really matter how much money you have.