MARCH 2, 2012 11:24AM

"Where are the women?"

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"Where are the women?"

Hey, Guys,  

I have put my writing on the back burner.  It's too much -- they are attaking people way too close to me.

It is time ....  Please take this to heart.  Do trust Carolyn here:



I almost couldn’t believe it.

When Republicans refused to allow any women to testify on a panel about women’s health care, I knew I had to say what everyone was thinking: "Where are the women?"

But then something big happened. Nearly a half-million of you stood up and said "enough." Your voices helped us call out Republicans for their anti-women agenda. But the truth is that our words must be backed by the resources to take action.

There are just 48 hours before the February Federal Election Commission deadline, the first since Republicans denied women the right to even talk about women’s health care issues.

The fundraising totals we report will be viewed as a reflection of our will to hold Republicans accountable for their disgraceful efforts to silence women.

We cannot allow Republicans to deny us the right to talk about women’s health care. Your contributions will be put to work immediately to throw out anti-women Republicans across the country.

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why would republicans allow a woman
to testify about such an important issue?
cmon man, use yer head. get into the 21st century.

it is obviously an issue best left to level headed men.
James, what's that Greek play where the chicks shut down the men for being so bad ... now, here's an idea that our Rush Limbaugh could sell.... But that would make him ... a OH NO, I can't get those words out of my mouth ...
It is like they think women don't vote.
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