MARCH 7, 2012 10:44PM

When Will Men Wake Up? Look at Our History ...

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If not now ,when ?  If not us?  Who?

Please join the living, sign the petition that has already garnered true results.  We can stand as one, our fall one by one as we get out of the way ....


Will --

Some people called my tennis match against Bobby Riggs, "The Battle of the Sexes."

But the real battle is playing out in the halls of Congress right now, because Republicans are waging an epic battle against women’s health care choices.

I signed the DCCC’s petition telling Republicans to end their War on Women and ensure women’s voices are heard in discussions about women's health care. If we can get 134,691 more signatures, we'll have one million strong standing against the Republicans' assault on women’s rights.

Will you sign the "Stop the Republican War on Women" petition today?

You may know me from my tennis career, but some of my biggest victories came off the court--for fairness, equality and progress for women. That’s why I'm so appalled by what we’re seeing in Congress right now.

First, House Republicans held a hearing on women's access to birth control coverage that included a panel with five men and no women. Then they changed their own rules and refused to televise testimony from women’s rights advocate Sandra Fluke.

Republicans want to silence women but I refuse to sit on the sidelines. Help us send Republicans a clear, unmistakable, and powerful message.

Join me and immediately sign the DCCC's petition calling on Speaker Boehner, Leader Eric Cantor and House Republicans to end their War on Women and ensure women's voices are heard in discussions about women's health care.

Thanks for reading,

Billie Jean King

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Woo hoo! Uppity Wimmin unite!!! B^)

(I signed the petition, by the way.)
Just a harem to love and love them to exhaustion...
Dream on ....
I signed and hope it yields some results. Thanks for bringing to our attention.
rated with love.