OCTOBER 8, 2010 11:50PM

Inverted Roof

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inverted roof wgentieu 


mysterious woman from an obscure passage

that I found beneath an inverted roof


what door have you come to, through which window might you appear

frozen, I find you stranded in a labyrinth of white washed walls


I believe I know you but I'm seeing you as if for the first time

what are you concentrating on, what do you behold with such insistence


with your red bathing suit and your head slightly inclined

you reflect on something I have never been able to breach


such gaze like a mirror thrown into the murky water

of a subterranean tank of a rare edifice with an inverted roof


beautiful architecture of right and obtuse angles

of long members supported in blind joints


of lovely surfaces texturized by time plain and simple

of a far away island in a still remote archipelago


your body runs me ashore in a storm of thoughts

a huge wave wraps me in its glassy interior of saline humidity


mysterious woman from an obscure passage

you who possess every essential genetic marker


from afar you whisper to me your secret and indecipherable code

carried within you since forever, that in you crosses an earthly bridge


indispensable bridge, drenched in cycles of freezing glacial waters

and in sexual humidity, impenetrable as jungle forest

—thick with lush green leaves


before you I linger swallowing the minutes and with ravaged emotions

I contemplate your figure that continues through the centuries

—as if in slow motion


I make an effort so that this fleeting fragment might penetrate me

—without wounding me


I make an effort to draw you out from under the apex of your

inverted pyramidal roof.




Inverted Roof/text/image©2009-2010 w.gentieu





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Vanessa: Yes, she's very real. In fact, if I reached out, I could almost touch her.

DB: She is Yoruba, Irish and Carib, so I suppose she is my 'Mitochondrial Eve'. Though our marriage is quite legal.

The ice bridge (migration) as well as the ephemeral 'bridge' of the female body, carrying forward the temporal (or not?) 'spirit' of life.

Linda: Perceptive reader, instinctive artist.

Dave R.: Thanks for visiting and appreciate the comment.
Bienvenida FusunA: Sigues leyendo
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