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December 14
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MARCH 7, 2011 5:39PM

Michael Moore "America is NOT Broke"

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Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.... Oh Hillary ~

So, considered rhetorically ~ ...does this mean that US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is openly admitting that the US government (past and present) has been involved in an ongoing, covert conspiracy with corporate media, to deceive and defraud the American people; an effort or "war" which in her opinion "we" (the American government?) are now "losing"... 

and in addition to bailing out the bankers and the automakers, that the American people would now have to fork over "how many millions or billions?" to fund increased State Department propaganda, foreign and domestic, while seeing social media programs cut to zero, and net neutrality done away with?


Hillary Clinton testimony transcript/video link courtesy of Democracy Now (Amy Goodman).

SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON: We are engaged in an information war. You know, during the Cold War, we did a great job in getting America’s message out. After the Berlin Wall fell, we said, "OK, fine, enough of that. You know, we’ve done it. We’re done." And unfortunately, we are paying a big price for it. And our private media cannot fill that gap. In fact, our private media, particularly cultural programming, often works at counter purposes to what we truly are as Americans and what our values are. I remember having an Afghan general tell me that the only thing he thought about Americans is that all the men wrestled and the women walked around in bikinis, because the only TV he ever saw was Baywatch and World Wide Wrestling. So, we are in an information war, and we are losing that war. I’ll be very blunt in my assessment. Al Jazeera is winning. The Chinese have opened up a global English-language and multi-language television network. The Russians have opened up an English-language network. I’ve seen it in a few countries, and it’s quite instructive. We are cutting back. The BBC is cutting back.

So, here’s what we are trying to do. You know, in the State Department, we have pushed very hard on new media. So we have an Arabic Twitter feed, we have a Farsi Twitter feed. I have this group of young, you know, techno experts who are out there engaging on websites, and we’re putting all of our young Arabic-speaking diplomats out so that they are talking about our values. Walter is working hard with his board to try to, you know, transform the broadcasting efforts, because most people still get their news from TV and radio. So, even though we’re pushing online, we can’t forget TV and radio. And so, I look—I would look very much toward your cooperation to try to figure out how we get back in the game on this, because I hate ceding what we are most expert in to anybody else.



Worthwhile viewing and studying if you have the time. Thanks for the visit ~ I.I.

Michael Moore video: Sam Mayfield via The 

Hillary Clinton video: Youtube upload courtesy GlobalResearchTV

Hillary Clinton transcript/video link: Democracy Now 




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From the first time I heard her I disliked Hillary Clinton even more than Sarah Palin. They're both completely disingenuous and Hillary is smart and charming, so she's more dangerous. She and her husband both have the morals of alley cats. She's the snake in the grass that tells us what we want to hear.

Eventually we'll start hearing about whatever dirty deeds she's done to get so far. I'm sure she has her dirty little fingers in a lot of pies, we'll see it all soon enough. Sometimes I wonder if she has some dirt on the current President, she's one who uses knowledge to hold power over others for her own advantage. I was not surprised she was overjoyed to be Secretary of State and sneak around all over the globe. I have not forgotten what she was like as First Lady, sneaky. Don't believe her, she reminds me of Cheney, happy to be in the dark corners.

The first video is uplifting, I have a note to come finish it in the morning when I'm fresh, it will perk me up, thank you.
Linda: I think especially since the time of the neo-cons this might be a reasonable assessment, and in my generation I've felt it.

al loomis: Bienvenido, as a fellow sailor you know the beauty of the sea and that out on the sea a lie can not last for long and in fact will be the first to sink to the bottom. Unfortunately in the artificial construct of societies ashore, a lie is much easier to perpetuate. Thanks for visiting.

scanner: ~for a change and long, looonnnnggg overdue. Thank you.

skypixie0: Bienvenido and precisely. Hoping, pushing for the end of this lethargy and the awakening of outrage with action!

markij: Hello. Let's keep trying to make it not so! Resistance, her in Venezuela shame has been a very effective weapon in the resistance and revolutionary movement. Something that hasn't been tried enough in the US. Harsh words of criticism tend to embolden or entrench a trenchant adversary but ridicule, shame and the sting of derision often penetrates effectively and lastingly such an adversary's armour. We need to shame them more, much more. They have wreaked havoc in our world and stolen a generation present and one to come of peace on earth.

l'Heure Bleue: Sí Señorita. Exceptional comment. Thank you, and enjoy Mr. Moore!
Art: Hamartia I had to look that up and now that I have I say... exactly .

As they say here, "Por la boca muere el pez!" ~Thank you.

Janice: I'm glad that he went too but also glad that he delayed in going a bit. In the past couple of decades I think, sometimes, that (for want of a better term) the celebrity liberals (and plenty faux liberals) have often jumped on the band wagon too quickly and in a sense co-opted the message from the grass roots, which is where it (the message) comes from and where it gets its power. In fact, at times, I believe that by removing the message from the base, movements that may have gained momentum prematurely deflated and played into the conservative stratagem. I believe many highly compensated faux liberals were not necessarily unhappy about this.

In the present (Obama) administration, I believe we are seeing a not so sophisticated political version of this old tired pseudo liberal failing.
JME: Thanks for reminding me of something I meant to do! Y bienvenidos ~
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