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JULY 2, 2011 2:09PM

Amy ~ Žižek & Assange ~ New Link that will work (I hope!)

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Saludos friends, please use the link to go to this tremendous discussion between Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek, moderated by Amy Goodman that just recently terminated at the Frontline in London. In which, among other things Assange makes the claim that the New York Times had 1000 pages of the Pentagon Papers before Daniel Ellsberg gave them over to them (the NYTs). Link: New Link Here  (new link direct to Now Channel)

OK: Back again... we now have our electric power (here in the east of Venz. cut for two hours every day, then comes the regularly scheduled torrential downpour with attendant outcomes and responsibilities, so... anyway, I think I've found a way to make it work. The new link above should take you there. Alternatively: go direct to the " website, enter Democracy Now in the "search channels" box, once on the DN channel click appropriate video on "latest videos" (should be the first one in line there). Good luck! It's two hours long and well worth it when you have the time.

NB: Seems the "livestream" link plays very erratically sometimes, so I am embedding video of the event as it becomes available.

Aside from the above claim made by Assange regarding Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, Julian Assange also makes two other very newsworthy assertions:

1. That according to a Wikileaks report from Panama, the U.S. has effectively asserted the "right" to board at least a third of the world's maritime shipping without prior consent.

2. That Wikileaks has yet to release all of the "Bank of America" leaks because, according to Assange (though, in answering, he did not specify how, nor who) quote, "we are under a type of blackmail in relation to these documents...".




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whoa... Jamison M é
nimmst du die beine unter die arme
in my midst certainly

Slavoj's nose would seem
to be slobbering less
tho' still,
not... not less Laconic

he-than J. M émile
Catholic kicked from the Psychoanalytic
(for fondling in the rectory?)
Lacan ian anti-anti

-social ethic
not for ascetics verklempt

Zizek might die
denying denying having ever not tried
but... pas-tout,
he’s still got a party card

up his sleevo

Saludos ~
There's a good chance nana, I'd say... a good chance. At the very least, one could think of less illuminating ways to spend an hour.

Saludos ~
Friends ~ sharing your frustrations; the "livestream" seems to have gone hopelessly erratic. Some embeddable video is becoming available. One begins to wonder... anyway, perseverance ~

Saludos ~ todas y todos
Thanks for your patience everyone, I hope I've got it pinned down this time. Straight to the source. Follow instructions above. It's 2 hours long. You will leave knowing more than when you started. I really hope that it works for you, wherever you are...

Saludos ~ from rainy, wet, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela!
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