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December 14
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JULY 24, 2011 4:06PM

35 Shots and A Few Words of Loving Memory

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I almost missed

that tiny Coptic cross


that "néne"

from the lush back pages

of the Daily dread,

the worm, casually wrapped up

in newsprint

and bird pepper.




caught it then,

even as the bridesmaid

caught the flowers...

through a plastic, deceitful

betrayal of teeth

(as the grinning groom

stood there, bony, chagrined,

his one pearly bullet,

already wasted.)




never the sputum,

the ivory tusk that broke at dawn

into soft pink caverns...

nor the wavy, obsequious, intoxicating

aroma of hair,

(that dark brown honey

scratched from the beehive

with a fingernail)

pounding on a febrile




35 Shots, and A Few Words of Loving Memory©2011 by W. Gentieu

35 Shots of Rum (dance scene) Movie ~ Claire Denis

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mmmm. Hot summer, regret, longing, memory, perfect.
blessed with coptic colores
buena 'onda, tirando flores...

That second stanza...but then sputum and septum...somethings can only be worked out on the dancefloor.
Saludos everyone ~

:fragmented... more incomplete than I would perhaps like/desire

:Claire Denis/Deleuze... constructing a narrative, possibly...

:Jean-Luc Nancy Shattered Love speaking to it... maybe. Lacan about love too... and more


Beso que rueda en la sombra
beso que viene rodando
desde el primer cementerio
hasta los últimos astros.
Astro que tiene tu boca
enmudecido y cerrado
hasta que un roce celeste
hace que vibren sus párpados.

(fragment) by Miguel Hernández

: honey scratched... with a fingernail ~ catch-22 and I.I. playing with words, ref: "Florentino and the Devil" since "25 cent dime dance"...

but also, when he undoes her hair, in the "35 Shots" video fragment, by (Claire Denis)

:a conscious, one way collaboration (on my part) with the video... But

Saludos ~
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