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December 14
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JANUARY 1, 2012 12:46AM

¿Patria o Pescao?

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image by will gentieu los roques venezuela

 ... if you want fatherland fish

*come with me...!


¡Feliz Año Amigas y Amigos!




images©w. gentieu 2011


comes the most beautiful realization of a wish...
a wish of three years desire

I found her again
and stood in her pilot house
which, oddly, I hadn't before and
photographed her keel and rudder flying

and Captain Fermins name scratched into the main bulwark

I saw things, felt them as I hadn't before
discovered secrets, uncovered truths

looked into the eyes of children
who were born on her
in her


give me time please anna1liese
just need a little time
the sea is still

I'm still
knocking knees



Rocinante by WGentieu 

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Just arrived, 38 hours mar picado (rough sea)... Still a little shaky, but wanted to send my greetings to all of you. Saludos Poetas!
Hola queridas amigas

extending a glass in each

hand, in opposite directions...

Kate and Candace, saludos 2012!
Hello here. Across the waters, across the world, across those things we know as life, love and friendship, Salute my poet friend Salute.
love. poetess. Rita
Careful when you eat that fish I hear the stuff BP dumped in the gulf to disperse the oil had the water boiling like right out of a science fiction movie. Happy New Year!
Welcome home, and may the new year bring you joy and a fertile muse.
happy new year to you too
Thank you friends ~ all ~ for the welcoming and New Years wishes...

wishing you all the same:
& more, healthy fish!!
a good breeze ~~
fair sea,,,,,
Yes dianaani, that's Rocinante! ...of which I will have more to tell, and show, but for now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

we caught some pargo, a toritto, and some others ones too,,,, so
I'll set the parilla to light, plenty carbono !
felix, feliz, tomato, tomate, faithful, happy!

Algis: Hello, and the same
to your goodself
and loved

Mission: That sounds like some adventure you had...
indelible, memories we dance around, and they around us again... best to you ;)
ven conmigo, we'll find out what you want along the way ~

sometimes (I guess), las revoluciones son así
como pescados, quiet, very nearly silent
still, you drop to your knees
until you are ready to stand, bandera in hand
(cuba) libres on the sand
a volcano heart drenched in lava
living to forgive, never to forget ~
"No leave gal with Don Quixote."

Art: best nor with Sancho Panza...! (you know panza means 'paunch' or 'belly' , so burp!) well ok...

Sancho did have his little donkey,
not quite the *magnificent* "Rocinante" (the name , Cervantes invented)

rocín: a nag, or work horse or
old wooden sphinx work boat of iron nails

and Orinoco hardwood.

James:decontextualized a bit no? ¿Entiendes? ... as
oddly... I had never "stood in her pilothouse before" ...

yet had opportunity... to do so,
but this time, I chose to break into (and willingly) some

little secret sacred barrier I'd auto imposed
on myself and upon my imaginary construct as

it has flowed with the very real and present Rocinante,
which btw, everyone mentions "Quijote"

but like all good and lovestruck ne'er~do~wells
that fiction never entered into my picture until later

so that that delightful additional layer of meaning actually comes
before and after my matter of fact.


Prohibido Olvidar

lema que más
ajusta a la

so many avenues
to explore...

hablando de pescao
o patrimonio

logré grabar Julian
el "Guayamate"

recitando "Rocinante..."
mi texto, justo el día

en que salí de Los Roques
para dar la vuelta


¡ digo lo original
en Castellano!

(or as close as I could get)
amigo mio, Julian Hernandez,

Pescador Roqueño
for 49 years now,

62 years old.

(Ya trabajo el video )
Saludos y qué gusto leerte una otra vez!
it hurts a little when the tears sting my eyes and it feels complicated and simple, infuriating and joyous, trapped and pourous... I know it can't be any other way.

I.I. ~ you are wonderful ~
-Throwing a big white triangle
up in the air... let's see where she goes; Thanks Scarlett~

-Igual... igual para mi catchita,
corazón espinado y lagrimas negras a veces...

Que el Sol no nos olvide nunca, nuestro cariño pa' el, aunque nos da un baño de luz o agua de limonero...

Saludos amigas poetas~
as always, wishing to know the language of poetry you and catch exchange, her first words so lovely, a poem.
i will be content to guess; after her next response...
I think it's a wave rita...
a vibe circumscribed

una buena onda
and more
I say
Vanessa: Te brindo un saludo cálido pa' ti poeta thank you. Yes, after some little discussion between the wind and the sails, and perhaps, a little resistance on the part of the sea.

So true, just out of frame of that political propaganda/graffiti on the beach in Gran Roque, is indeed, a fish vendor, scales and all (!).

Saludos a ti Poeta, que venga viento pon' arrugas a la calmachicha!
Hi anna1liese, seeing you here now... welcome. Somehow you've got woven into this...

Thanks Keiko, so few comment on my images... I appreciate it very much.

Saludos ~
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