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September 15
I was born in California in the '50's. I have worked in a number of jobs from field worker to teacher. I currently am retired. During the sixties, I was considered to be a radical. I wrote for my college newspaper and helped organize and lead the antiwar movement on campus. Over the years I have written off and on both fiction and nonfiction. My most recent book is "Enchanted Shores," a book of short stories and poetry based on the ocean with a folk tale sort of delivery. I also have published, "Tennessee Tears," a book I worked on with a close friend that tells about his search for his family and how he was one of the last babies at the Tennessee Childres's Home Society which was selling children. I'd rather be fishing, but my conscience won't let me.


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OCTOBER 26, 2011 12:50PM

Conflict and Bomb Blast At #Occupy Salem, OR

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Around 2:30 yesterday, a bomb was thrown from a car into Wilson Park which is now occupied by several demonstrators. The bomb apparently was thrown into an area where there were no people. No one was hurt but it did cause a stir among the Occupy Salem group. At this time no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the blast and no arrests have been made. Update: According to an article in the Statesman Journal the explosive device thrown at Wilson Park was investigated by police. No evidence of an explosive device was found. Link :


(Author's note: The above link contains erroneous information. See the following link for more info:

The explosion comes at a time when the Wilson Park Supervisor has been clashing with #Occupy Salem over their permit to allow the growing occupation space at the park. The group has been working with officials to get an extension on the permit hoping to prevent situations such as have recently occurred at Occupy Oakland and Occupy Sacramento in California.


The Park Supervisor will not allow tents to be in the park after 10:00 pm and has made protestors tear down their tents each night except for the medical tent and kitchen tent. The consensus is that officials will let the current permit run out and then find a reason not to issue another. Supporters have been asked to call Governor Kitzhaber to express support for an extended permit. The number is 503-378-4582. In addition, there will be a rally in support of the occupation and continuing the permit at Wilson Park next to the Capitol building this Saturday at noon.


In other news, Governor Kitzhaber visited Wilson Park on Tuesday, Oct. 25. No details of his discussions with #Occupy Salem members have been released. A short video of a portion of the visit can be found here:,AAAACbuWTFk~,Rp6uUd8XxbCbDqp6OYIF2QhggzMIfWfa&bctid=1239376669001

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Holy Cow, Ira!!! I haven't looked at local news at all this week...
Thanks for letting us know!!
Things seem to be heating up all over. I had a feeling that the tolerance for #Occupy America was going to end in some gratuitous violence by those opposing the occupiers. Let's hope that it does not derail the movement. If they don't allow the nonviolent protests, it inevitably will lead to violence.
Thanks for this report. Obviously, it's not the Occupy folks who are violent.
Fifty miles north the mood of the City Of Portland mayor and commssioners seems to still be tolerant, but that can change.

Today's online Oregonian is reporting nefarious undercurrents involving deaths threats to an Occupy Portland finance committee member and an unauthorized registering of the URL which has allegedly led to a siphoning of donations in the range of $10,000 to $20,000 to a committee person's PayPal account.
The more things change the more they seem the same.
Most of the #Occupy people across the nation are nonviolent and deserve the respect of law enforcement. However, there are those provoking violence, among them police officers. If they need to clear an area, they should just arrest those who stand their ground instead of tear gassing, pepper spraying and beating them. On the other hand it is Constitutionally correct to stand your ground as the Constitution gives the people the right to assemble peaceably. No stinking permit is needed other than the Constitution!
There is always a thief in the mix! People are people and unfortunately some of us don't know how to act.
" is Constitutionally correct to stand your ground as the Constitution gives the people the right to assemble peaceably. No stinking permit is needed other than the Constitution!"
~excellent point~
"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
--sinclair louis

"One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas."
--victor hugo

occupy party reaches critical mass/seismic effect--now what?
Ira- I can find nothing about a recent bombing in Salem. I'd like to know exactly what this bombing was.
Ira - your interpretation of the Constitution is somewhat loose.
Where does it imply the right to assemble on public property.
I see it as the right to assemble in private without gov interference.

Why do you thing one group of people have a right to assemble on public property that belong s to everyone (city, state or federal)?
Why can one group monopolize public space for 24/7 for an indefinite amount of time, which is denying me access for the use I want? That is why permits are required.
If you have a private facility/space to use, then assemble all you want. Talk about what you want. And then you should not be interfered with.
The first report was received indirectly through Twitter. A friend of mine had heard it and communicated it to me. I then emailed my eyes on the ground at Wilson Park and he had not brrm at the park at the time of the explosion but had a tweet from a friend at the park who alerted him. The third source was the Facebook page of Occupy Salem:!/pages/Occupy-Salem-Oregon/121932234579553 .

As for the second comment about my loose interpretation of the Constitution, what you said is technically correct. However, at this point the means of registering dissent is mostly owned by people who don't let our opinions be heard. Even the votes of people has been perverted. We are left the internet and the streets. Yes, that does make #Occupy Anywhere without a permit an act of civil disobedience. That is the right they have: to march and occupy public spaces without a permit. Of course occupation takes space and time that others then cannot use. That is the point.
I'd wondered if right-wing vigilanteism would become a factor, and apparently it has. If this catches is, it could turn very, very ugly, very fast.
Occupy Denton has been peaceful and there are no reports of violence. The campus police at UNT reports the protestors have been haranged by drunks visiting bars and businesses on Fry Street.
Ira, thanks for the link to the Salem Facebook page. They did not call it a "bomb," they called it an "explosive device." It did no damage, and the Salem Occupation did not highlight it in anything but a short wall post. I take that to mean it was nothing more than a firecracker,.

Years ago, Garrison Keillor spoke about on how, when he was young, he spent summer days hoping for tornadoes. The excitement, the release, the special attention a tornado would bring would all have made his life so much richer and more meaningful.

But we're all grown up now. We've got all-too-real problems to tackle. Our democracy is broken, our politicians clueless and are going in the wrong direction. The young movement that stands a chance of putting our nation back on track is at a very critical stage of its development.

We do not need to get each other all worked up about ghosties and goblins and firecrackers.

Ira, please make sure you get your facts straight; the future of our nation may hinge on whether we can keep our heads on straight during these high-tension times.
What a sad state of affairs. I hadn't heard about this. Thanks for letting us know. R.
I need to start watching the news. You would never know I marched in the 60's.