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DECEMBER 14, 2009 3:03AM

Thirst News: True Blood Updates

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by Irma Arkus

The show that must go on…goes on.

The latest in Thirst News is that while Emmy Awards decided to entirely circumvent the mention of most excellent writing and acting of True Blood productions, the AFI’s list definitely included the series as impressive, relevant and worthy of lavish praises as well as of tiny, shiny figurines.

Indeed, True Blood appears on THE LIST.

In other news, True Blood casting announced some new faces for the upcoming third season. Theo Alexander, a relative newcomer is joining the cast as “that gorgeous vampire named Talbot.”

Denis O’Hare is also joining the cast, appearing as another vampire lording over a district, possibly dating Talbot.

And Grant Bowler, the man better known for his thick New Zealand accent in Ugly Betty, will get a recurring role on the show, which will lead to some major growls and scowls - you see, Bowler will be a werewolf.

There will be werewolves!

Also, Sam is getting a brother. Marshall Allman has been announced as the new kid on the block that will become a “permanent fixture.” Allman has scored a big, recurring role of Sam’s younger, presumed-lost sibling who comes to find him.

Much more is on the horizon for the show that starts taping in mere days from now, and we will be reporting on the up and coming True Blood news. Stay Thirsty!

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