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October 22
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APRIL 22, 2011 9:17AM

Good Friday and Earth Day: The Perfect Match

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Today is both Good Friday and Earth Day, and for weeks writers, pundits and bloggers have been feverishly working sorting out the why's and wherefore's of this timely configuration.

If you Google this topic, you will find an online warehouse of logistical and ethical questions that puzzle how we possibly can, or even should, honor both events the same day:

Good Friday is a holy day observed by a billion people worldwide as the day we nailed the Son of God to a cross and he died there. His final thoughts included forgiveness for his murderers, as we 'do not know what we do.'

Earth Day is a (mostly) American event of recent decades developed to draw attention to the Earth and the environment -- inspired in large part by our increasing awareness of how we have grossly messed it up.

I see no problem celebrating these two events together. You could say Good Friday and Earth Day are the perfect match.

As human beings have learned to live on this planet, we have mined a unique, perfect and balanced environment of nature and crucified it. We have polluted pristine waters and life therein, cut gashes of roads into the land so we can travel far from home and fill the air with carbon di- and monoxide, and learned to  manipulate and patent the very seeds of vegetation given us. We continue to cut down the remaining rainforests, the lungs of the planet, as they stand powerless, limbs outstretched, canopies reaching for the sky.

"Eli Eli lema sabachthani?"

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Jesus shouted these words from the cross around the ninth hour, in a loud voice, from the deepest part of his suffering.

We have actively engaged in crucifying the environment. And we are at the ninth hour. We are aware of it.

In our awareness, we know what we do. So there is hope.

Why have we had this destructive relationship with our resources, the sustainers of our own life?  It almost doesn't matter anymore.

The question is: will we let nature resurrect?





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These thoughts are often on my mind. In order for me to get good paying work (or any paying work) I have to drive a lot. My car isn't as fuel efficient as I would like, but it is very safe - I was saved in a previous car wreck by another model- and there is no clean energy adaptor I can put on it (I have looked). My work helps a lot of people become more aware of their own health responsibility and to reduce their consumption of toxic chemicals in their life and in their bodies, and I encourage meditation and peaceful resolution. If I get a different car, I am creating more waste. It's a tough one. The earth will not go away, just the biosphere that supports our life.

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