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October 22
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JANUARY 10, 2013 1:02PM

Impasse at the Gas Pump

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I stepped out of the convenience store where I had gassed up and while returning to my car was met by the firm and irritated voice of a stranger: 

“You know, the next time you pump gas here, could you move your car? I’ve been stuck here the whole time you’ve been in the store.” 

The brown-haired woman stood next to her red pick-up truck, dusty with winter’s debris. 

I withheld the New York-style comeback that was welling up within my gut, and instead replied, “I apologize. I’ve been blocked in many times here. I didn’t see you.” 

Her tone changed completely. She was very pleased by my apology and smiled as she prepared to pull forward.  

As I pulled out of the gas station parking lot, I could see that the woman simply could have pulled around to the other side of the pump. The way was clear.  She was never stuck.


What role does anger play in our self-imposed limitations? 

Explore how your pathways may be freer than you realize;  

how many options you actually have, in situations in which you feel “stuck”; 

and the ways in which anger toward another may be blocking life’s progression, in large and small ways, daily. 

And may the road rise with you…     




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Ah, the life lessons from driving... right?
Caer, thanks for this brief vignette of the kind of challenges we encounter every day. How DOES anger keep us stuck in ways that are not real? Many I'm sure.
I really liked this thought-provoking piece
Good point- and accurate.

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