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October 22
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FEBRUARY 13, 2013 1:03PM

Thees…. ees FEEFTY… muchachos

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“Thees… ees FEEFTY… muchachos,”


I growl in my best Banderas. 


This day arrived much too fast 

Flying in from some faraway place

I’ve kept at bay   


For months


As it made its approach 

Looming closer on radar 

I was one moment peaceful,  

The next, rapt with the pangs  

Of Brevity.   




The day has come


Morning drive 

On the air waves, God intervenes 

and stings, through Stevie Nicks


Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?

Can I handle the seasons of my life?   


At last one tear makes its descent

I see it in the rear view mirror 

One tear – una  a good one,   

A little girl’s tribute to Time.   


Time makes you bolder

Even children get older

I'm getting older too 

Oh I'm getting older too  


Thirty five, forty, forty five 

All brought with them the voyage of  

Love and babies all journeying together  


But this is different; this is sole   


It’s twilight time 

Evening dinner, candlelight 

Glowing faces all around 

Starry eyed children, loving man   





“Thees… ees FEEFTY… muchachos.”


Barefaced, unadorned 

Clear eyed 

Sharp – no longer callow   


Tonight life is right-sized; quiet; worn gently 

A silken stole  


“Thees… ees FEEFTY… muchachos,”


I growl in my best Banderas. 

I say it like Puss in Boots.  

Ees the only way I can.    



Copyright © Caer Hallundbaek      






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Thees... is fabulous. Brava.
Poignant, beautiful. I love the last line!

Thank you... It is fun, after all ;)
Thank you Lunchlady 2... Always good to hear from you. May you always be lifted up... Your bio reads like a Psalm - beginning in devastation, finding one's bearing, ending in Hope. Bless you.
Feliz cumpleaños, chica. :-)
Love it! My turn comes in September - I shall begin practicing my Banderas impression now.

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