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SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 1:41AM

Dwelling on Situations Beyond My Control

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Although it's not healthy to dwell on situations beyond one's control. The precarious state of my financial health is constantly brought to the fore by the constant ringing of the phone...

I find writing to be cathartic, so I've attacked this topic before. Usually attempting humor to exorcise my anger-demons and unravel the knots in my stomach.

To me the nefarious cabal is no longer amorphous, it has congealed clearly into class warfare and they wield all (95% of) the money and power.

How I arrived here, sitting on the razors-edge like Humpty-Dumpty, is still being unraveled in the media.  Saturday's mail brought me this months Vanity Fair, which features excellent writing and in-depth articles consistently.

This article titled "Good Billions After Bad" stirs the anger I try to keep bottled-up, but I find it really calming to just blow-off steam like a tea pot. Only my steam is not the high-pitched whistle, it's a stream of expletives I use to describe these financial geniuses who abused the system, ran their companies into the ground, got bailed-out and bonused themselves for a job well-done.

First, a roll-call of the major players: JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Lehman Bros., Washington Mutual, Bernie Madoff, AIG, HSBC, Congress, Justice Department, Office of the President of the United States (inclusive all Presidents), etc. 

Each of you contributed to our economic collapse in one form or another. Some of you should be investigating the others. By not doing so are, at best, complicit in the fraud committed against the people of the United States.

First, I'm looking at the "application" for TARP funds: The CEO hand-writes the name of the institution and then the number of billions they want. That's right, they have to right down their name and the number of billions they want.

Not a single-question about what they intend to do with the money or if they even need it. It's clear that WE were told they were going to free-up credit, they did no such thing.

Some bought more banks, some invested, some raised interest rates, some bolstered their bottom line (making themselves look more profitable so they could dole out bonuses they did not deserve), some remodeled their offices (getting ready for another round of fleecing).

This was hurried into action by Bush and continued under Obama, so this has been a bi-partisan fleecing

As I sit here contemplating my financial options, one of them is not writing my name on a piece of paper and filling in the amount of money I want the government to give me.

Some of my options bruise my inner child and pride. But then again I have a conscience and these companies do not.

I believe their fake success and subsequent failure is due to complete lack of conscience, replaced in their imaginary souls with megalomaniacal arrogance with the belief "they deserve everything they get."

I might agree with them, if they'd get prosecuted. If somebody in power calls them on the carpet and begins investigations into the actions that are quite probably skirting the law and would certainly be illegal, had the same heartless zombies not written the laws.

Morally these people are empty shells, padding their bottom line by issuing loans at up to 700% interest to low-income taxpayers as bridge loans until they get their  tax refund (much of which will be eaten up by the fees and interest) or another low-income area they troll: student loans.

I'm trying to stay fair and balanced, but as we step away from the fire and the smoke clears it's painfully obvious the companies that were "too big to fail" are "too arrogant to care". 

The caring person in me knows thousands of people's jobs are on the line and many of them have souls, but have bills to pay. The side that calls for justice tells me the evidence against these institutions mounts. 

If they are "too big to fail", it might be good to make them smaller. We used to have anti-trust laws, but they re-wrote them. We had regulations only in words, not in actions, they know their behaviour is unchecked in the name of their god~Free-Market!

They know they have new laws coming that will make their current actions on credit cards illegal. It's naive to ask: Why did Congress give them 18 months warning (to screw us over)?

When they're part of the of same predator, trolling the masses for money.

I would've hoped to see some justice, a smidge of scolding, ramifications, consequences... These guys destroyed our economy (gleefully) and didn't even blink, we just tossed money at the thieves... and they penalized us?

Fuck them. Would somebody please, for the love of Spam, discipline these ne'er do-wells. It's time for more than a time-out...


And please spare me the "we can't afford healthcare" part of the argument.

We tossed money at these pirates like we were afraid of them raping and pillaging.

Ahem, paying them after they have already raped and pillaged looks foolish, an admission of complicity or guilt in the financial abyss...

These are the same class of people we now trust with out heathcare. If you have healthcare. Granted the government is in bed with them and the media... They are proven liars with only their profits in mind.

We deserve better. Will the government screw it up if they get healthcare reform? 

Luckily for us the healthcare system is so pofit sided right now even a screw-up is better than what we "have". 

The healthcare corporations clammer about competitition, yet they have a monopoly today...





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Sometimes the conspiracy is hidden in plain-site, making it hard for people with souls to believe the height of arrogance it takes to perpetrate such an audacious crime...But knowing you are accountable to no one explains a lot.
I have the same problems as you do with this situation....
I know we're not alone.
Call it blowing off steam, call it a rant, call it whatever you like, this was well done and effective Jay, all the more so for the accuracy of it. I've been following this story all summer and it's enough to make anybone's blood boil.

"As I sit here contemplating my financial options, one of them is not writing my name on a piece of paper and filling in the amount of money I want the government to give me."

That's a reality that millions of citizens, unlike the bailed out banks, have to face every day. If anybody needs proof that corporations and banks (big money generally) run this country, they need look no further than who's been bailed out by the government and what sorts of guarantees were asked for when they were handing all those hundreds of billions over to the very people who created the crisis to begin with.
We can add to the frustration of knowing we're powerless.

We write in a backwater, while blowhards turn the masses on themselves (ourselves)...
For one one thousandth of a percent of the money they gave Wall Street, I could have had that breast reduction surgery I need:(
What's wrong with our banking system is the same thing that's wrong with our Military-Industrial Complex, our Prison-Industrial Complex, our Medical-Industrial Complex, our University-Industrial Complex...They're all run by psychopaths surrounded by sycophants.
Good one, Jay. Patrick had a good phrase too -- "psychopaths surrounded by sycophants". And, Drewsilla we all feel for you - esp the gentlemen here, I'm sure.
Thanks for your comments... There are many things we could reduce... Drew-Silla's breasts are the least of our worries.
"... megalomaniacal arrogance with the belief "they deserve everything they get."
So true and important because it's the only thing that NEVER changes. As far as dwelling goes this is a damn justified and important thing to dwell on. Thanks.
Thanks for your kind words... If we could only start to work together to wrench away their power and restore a more balanced society... monetarily, media, class...etc.
more on economic warfare in my blog