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JUNE 10, 2010 4:42PM

A Brief History of Timeless Stupidity

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This is a follow-up to my post on mindless partisan rhetoric.

Granted, this is like skipping stones over the ocean of facts that have come to pass over the past 50 years.

However, even this cursory glance at recent American history provides a more in-depth view than the voracious vapidity of current op. ed. news channels...

"Obama has quadrupled the deficit!" Seriously? Obama quadrupled the deficit all on his own? Dullards.

Obama did, however, add the cost of the wars to the ledger, which is what some people might call "living in reality."

I would like to mention Eisenhower's warning about the "military/industrial complex" taking over America... seems pretty prescient.

I'm skipping JFK and LBJ because I was scarred as child watching, literally watching, the Vietnam War. JFK does not get a free pass in the road to Vietnam (see Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States).  

Walter Cronkite was a calming voice of sanity... yes, they showed the war during dinner.

Nixon allowed "for profit" healthcare. Hence, today's problems with healthcare.

Carter has proven himself a great humanitarian, yet was chewed up and spit out by the Washington elite.

Reagan deregulated the free market and let it run naked through the streets fucking everyone in sight (and you thought the 60's and 70's were an orgy).

Why did Uncle Ronnie do this?

Is the answer as stupefyingly simple and self-evident as many answers of today? Endless money/absolute power corrupts absolutely and Presidents are just puppets of the moneyed elite? The evidence of actions appears to support that statement.

His successor George, "The Elder" Bush, actually fucked himself for the good of America. He raised taxes and lost re-election.

This lead to a balancing of the budget, along with a growing economy that we now know was a bubble (fake prosperity) economy.

His successor Bill Clinton has laid claim to balancing the budget, as he has laid claim to many things. "It's the economy stupid."

Bill Clinton, a democrat, then repealed Glass-Steagall, which opened the final flood-gates to a few more years of an unsustainable economic fairy tale.

This is an over-simplified view of how we have been duped into pandering to big money and why Americans aren't making a living wage. We have the wealthy trying to get more wealthy which means they can't pay us.

The disparity of wealth will continue to grow until those at the bottom are so numerous and so destitute they have nothing to lose. Historically this would compel the masses to rip your dick "trickling" down us and shove it up your bung hole, while redistributing your ill-gotten gains more proportionately.

Then we have GW Bush, I man who bitch-slaps the goodwill of the world and decides to invade Iraq during a low tide in GW's approval rating... why? Because he now a reason to do so in 9/11.

Who is making the money off this war and the lives of the soldiers? His cronies.

There's nothing wrong with nepotism and helping friends as long as the machine he created (the Iraq war) is in the best interest of America.

The Iraq war appears to be nothing more than a wealth redistribution system to his cronies and a fuck you to America.

Trillions and trillions are unaccounted for... yet the partisan rhetoric is:

We're Broke and it's Obama's fault!

Liars lying again or ignorance run amok?

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"Reagan deregulated the free market and let it run naked through the streets fucking everyone in sight (and you thought the 60's and 70's were an orgy)."

About the most apt description of his reign I've ever seen.

This entire thing was so damn well written I have nothing to say in counter to any of your statements.

I can but nod and agree and give you the thumbs up.
Thanks Doug. Thanks for stopping by.
Whew. Points well taken, also we now have more "soldiers for hire" professionals in the two ongoing wars than we have U.S. American soldiers. It's all messed up.
To answer your final question Jay, yes and yes. Both. Not either or.
Going back to Eisenhower, his daughter Susan clarified what was in his original statement, which sadly doesnt get enough play for its presciense - it was "Military-Congressional-Industrial Complex" But then Ike was smart enough apparently to recognized the short American attention span and dropped one word. Too bad.
Sadly joy, there is so much evidence it could fill volumes. I just picked out a few points from the past, currently haunting us.

Yes Tim, "congress", the people pretending to represent us, while fulfilling the wishes of their gilded masters... I didn't know that was in there. It makes Ike look even mo' prescient.
It might be that ignorant liars are running amok, mainly because they're racists who hate having a Black president.
You are wise and honest! 'We the people' have been stolen from and lied to-to make Dick Cheney scads of money and to keep the rich getting richer and bleeding the middle class dry! R
We only hear the screams about socialist wealth redistribution when it's not being redistributed to the already wealthy beyond the people's nightmares... thanks lib

I certainly believe there's an element of racism involved, it would be fantasy to believe racism has been wiped-out. However, in the examples given this is all rich white guys bending us over... thanks xeno.
Yay, Jay! Tell it like it was, bro. I too loved this: Reagan deregulated the free market and let it run naked through the streets fucking everyone in sight

take 2 aspirins with a glass of warm whiskey. lie down, next to a very close friend. then take a walk in the park. the world will still be going to hell, but you will feel better.

it's not the fault of the uppers, they see a world of bent-over people and bugger them cuz it's fun and profitable. the american people could make politicians extinct, by establishing democracy. but the lowers are too dumb, too ignorant, too lazy, too beaten..

it's nature at work, still red in fang and claw.

some people are working to get democracy in america, but i'm afraid they haven't got a ho chi minh among them, much less a mao tse tung. i'm betting on a main-sequence slide into dictatorship, 'with american characteristics.'
Thanks for enjoying L.

Al, I see totalitarianism by corporatism. We sheep scare so easily, all you need to scream is: Socialism!

Ans we start running around like castrated chickens, while those in control simply laugh.
Stop depressing me.

Rated so you'll just stop.
Sorry Myriad, I really am sorry.

But there is more to come... but I try to add some flourishes of humor through the tears.
I really liked this!!!!
Thank you nola... It's simple stuff that could be found easily. Or people could just type: It's Obama's fault.