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JULY 19, 2011 12:49AM

Religion, why you do us like that?

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Jesse wrote: "Re: must be wrong Well rest assured my friend I believe many are wrong. - As your beliefs must inevitably lead you to believe. I cannot prove my beliefs, you cannot prove yours.


. . . the post modern "truth is relative" is, by definition, self defeating . . . and you get that! KUDOS! - I wouldn't high-five me just yet. I find religious belief systems en masse to be self-defeating to humanity. Being at best complicit in war, death, destruction and impeding science, which could save lives. Instead death/pain occurs to innocents.  

Re: Willing to consider myself wrong That is like asking a man if he is willing to concede that the sun may not rise tomorrow. Sure, maybe. But I have a CLOSE personal friend who God recently healed out of a fresh wound and cast . . . we have dead men walking in our church . . . cancer victims given 2 mo's to aright their affairs who now years later and still breathing and confounding the doctors . . . my DAUGHTER born congentially blind can now tell you how many fingers I hold in front of her face . . . So, my sun rises everyday as is the reality of God in my life and the substance of truth. So with all the confidence that I have in the rising of the sun, I tell you, I know the truth and His name is Jesus Christ. - I am heartened by your personal gain. Belief is a powerful thing. The mind is a powerful thing. I am not discounting belief. Simply questioning systems that act contrary to life on Earth.

Re; Attested to by scientists Categorical fallacy. That is like saying art isnt true because a marine biologist hasnt tested the painting . . . huh? Exactly. -Here, I simply point out you answered your own question, to your own satisfaction. Belief is simply belief. I believe the Sun is good, but two Suns is not better, unless you truly want peace on Earth (which would not contain life). Further, I merely said science is in conflict with religion. The two cannot co-exist. Nothing more.

Scientifically speaking, you cant even prove you woke this morning! LOL . -  I must admit, the laughing is getting a tad annoying. The condescending tone is rather humorous, considering you can't prove a thing.

because according to the scientific method you must have a controlable atmosphere with repeatable variables by which to test data and test again and retest and when all the data remains the same one can call something "scientifically provable" by the modern scientific method . . . u cant ever wake today again so you have an unrepeatable variable. So how then do you see that you woke today? - I must apologize, this is an old psyche 101 parable. I can't prove I'm here, but I wrote this. There is evidence we exist. I caused you to write this?

 But why muddy the waters?  We're talking about the existence of a God... and your proof is that there is no proof we're here. So God's here too, based on the fact we may not be here either. Good one.

it is called circumstantial evidence (v. no evidence) . . . and the bible is RIFE with it. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has more evidence than any other event in ancient history. That is fact.(really?) I have looked at EACH and EVERY supposed "contradiction" in the Scripture . . . and EACH and EVERY one has a resoloution - There are other books. I am going to have to call you on "EACH and EVERY contradiction". It's simply not possible to resolve 100% conflicting stories.  It cannot be done.

But I really dont think that is the issue friend . .. intellectual "issues" are rarely the real issue at heart. -You believe this to be true? Without any evidence?

 Your first statement drove at a heart within you that is offended for the evils that are seen in the world . . . and you laid charge to God for those . . . I would venture to say your rejections are more emotional and spiritual underneath the veneer of intellectual reasons. :-)" - My desire for a better humanity, relies on a better humanity. I will not, and did not, factor in a God.

"I would venture to say your rejections are more emotional and spiritual underneath the veneer of intellectual reasons."

I would not venture the guess you guessed. I would then have to venture the guess you were wrong under the veneer of your unprovable beliefs.

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